Why Nice Guys Suck

Why Nice Guys Suck

Ah, the proverbial “nice guy” – the one that always gets dumped by the heartless bitch who would rather be beaten up by Chris Brown. No, no, no, you have it all wrong.

“Nice guy” is a misnomer because it’s not that a guy is too nice, it’s all these other reasons why women end up dumping these so-called nice guys and going after the more mysterious and thrilling men.

Nice guys are insecure

No one wants to hang out with an insecure person, especially when that insecure person is a man who claims to love his woman. With a desperate need to be loved or even liked by another person, it’s painful to watch a man who needs constant attention.

Insecurity in a man is akin to a woman who scratches her crotch – no one wants to be around that. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that she wants a strong man who she feels is her protector. She does not want a man she has to reassure every 4 minutes.

Nice guys smother women

I enjoy spending a lot of time with my boyfriend of the moment, but I also like spending time away from him. How else would I ever miss him? Nice guys unfortunately want to spend every waking moment with their girl and do not give her room to breathe. Is anyone else feeling claustrophobic?

The nice guy just doesn’t know when to back off and would even move into his girl’s place if she made even the slightest joke about it. He wants to hold her hand; he wants to snuggle; he wants to be by her side and kiss her even when she has morning breath. It’s almost creepy.

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