Hayden Panettiere Dating Champ Wladimir Klitschko?

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You know how it's hilarious when a huge person is dating a tiny person? Like when Shaq dates a woman not named Lisa Leslie, all you can do is think, "Wow. How do they… you know…?" Well feast your peepers on this news: the 6'6" Wladimir Klitschko is likely dating the supposedly 5'1" Hayden Panettiere. That's at least 17 inches of hilarious.

According to Hollyscoop, the star of NBC's Heroes (that's Panettiere) was seen hanging out with the holder of the IBF, WBO and IBO belts (that's Klitschko) at some fancy pants new year's eve party at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Florida's Miami (Lady Gaga was involved). In addition to the new year fete, the oddly mismatched pair has been seen cavorting around previously. Back when Hayden Panettiere split with her Heroes costar Milo Ventimiglia, she was soon after seen in the company, and the lap, of the 33-year-old hard-punching Ukrainian (possibly Kazakh). Read: Heroes No More: Hayden P and Milo V Breakup

One may ask, "What the narwhal is a pint-sized lover of marine mammals doing with some Bond villain-looking palooka?" Good question, but the fighter is also a PhD, an avid chess player (duh, he's from the former Soviet Union) and a humanitarian. Along with his brother, WBC champion Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir has spearheaded projects in South America and Africa and for UNESCO. So the fighter is also a lover… of humanity. Read: Science: Opposites Only Sort Of Attract

Height disparity and love of all of God's creatures aside, the real question about this couple is: who has a job that we're going lose 100% interest in first? Right now heavyweight boxing is largely a snooze festival and Heroes isn't far behind. The good news is that Hayden and Wladimir will have each other.

For her part, Hayden is trying to save Heroes with lesbian scenes per the Daily Record. And Wladimir is set to box decidedly unsexy contender Eddie Chambers in March of 2010.

What are you going stop watching first: heavyweight boxing, Heroes or hilarious pairings of grossly mismatched (in terms of height) celebrities?

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