Who Knew Pro Golfers Had Groupies?


The Tiger Woods saga has not only revealed another admired, seemingly squeaky clean celebrity to be a prolific philanderer, but has turned the spotlight back on to that notorious subculture of female fans: the groupie.

We've long been familiar with rock star, movie star, and even political groupies. But paunchy, plaid pants-wearing golf pros as obsession-inspiring sex gods? The Daily Beast recently investigated the world of the "PGA" or Party Groupie Association as they're known on the tour, and the scene comes across just as wild (and male-controlled) as the rocker world portrayed in Almost Famous. Advice: I'm Dating A Man Twice My Age

Studies abound on the tendency for powerful men to attract women willing to sleep with, wait on and follow them all over the earth. It seems that life in the "PGA" is just as fanatical and rife with risk as any other groupie's lifestyle (just with way, way worse clothes). Adulterer Tiger Woods: Not A Fan Of Condoms

From Robert Pattinson to The Beatles to the favors-wielding damsels of medieval times, it appears groupies have existed as long as big, powerful men have. While it's natural to be drawn to a man of success, power and influence, we can't help but question the desire of grown women to base their lives on following the good old boys on the pro golf circuit. 7 Book Characters Hotter Than Edward Cullen

And where are the male groupies by the way?! History and genetics tell us men are more prone to the gropey than groupie lifestyle as many of us have experienced first hand, unfortunately. Frankly, we'd have more fun following Lady Gaga on tour than some middle-aged party boy any day!

What do you think, is there a celebrity you'd hook up with no matter your relationship status? If you had to choose one industry to be a groupie of what would it be?

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