Love Bytes: Fake Condoms And The Cuddle Code

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Decode his drink, but don't call 911 for free phone sex.

10 must-click love and relationship links.

Knockoff no-no: Four factory employees were arrested in China for producing and selling condoms that provide almost no protection against pregnancy or disease. Read on to find out what these fake condoms were lubricated with. [TresSugar]

Don't put your wedding ring in a disposable cup. Garbage men sifted through 10 tons of garbage to locate a ring that a woman's husband accidentally threw away. [Asylum]

Earlier this week, Congress passed an amendment that could compromise women's reproductive rights. Em & Lo summarize what you need to know about it. [Em & Lo]

Busted: A man got dialed 911 and attempted to engage in phone sex with the operator because the call was "for free." [Buzzfeed]

Studies show that doing housework makes you more likely to have sex with your spouse. [DivineCaroline]

Mini-spoiler: Levi Johnston's "fantastic" Playgirl photoshoot involves a hockey stick. [HuffPo]

Who says the guy should always bring home the bacon? This writer's husband is happy that she earns more money than him. [DoubleX]

If snuggles could talk, what would they say? Cosmo explains what you can learn about a man's thoughts and desires from the way he cuddles. [Cosmopolitan]

Do you pay attention to a guy's drink order? Glamour has some theories on what a pitcher or a martini might say about his intentions. [Glamour]

7 things to put on your Christmas list (or, if you're feeling generous, to buy for someone else!) [Fox News iMag]