Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner's Dream Romance

Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift

Are Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner meant to be, or do we just love their fairy-tale romance?

What is it about two beautiful people together? More often than not in Hollywood, when a man and woman are seen together, a union is assumed. Now imagine they are super-shiny, young "A"-listers... With the same first name... Can you say media sensation?

In her twenties, this Celeb Lover dated a man named Kelly. When we were in a public place and someone called our name, we would both turn around, as we were never sure which one of us they were speaking to. Imagine this issue multiplied by one million screaming, flashing paparazzi when considering the two most beautiful Taylors on the world: maybe-couple Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. New Couple Alert: Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner

While it's true that no one knows for sure if these two are exclusive, the rampant speculation has gossip hounds chomping at the bit and going forward as if the union is fact.

Extra.com says:

Lautner has been cozying up to Taylor Swift, and he tells "Extra" that it's kind of funny dating somebody with the same name.

"It gets confusing definitely," Lautner, 17, told "Extra's" Mario Lopez at the "New Moon" (out Nov. 20) junket Friday. "And it's weird calling somebody your name."

Who in turn said about Swift:

In an interview that aired last week on CMT Radio, Swift said she thinks Lautner is "an amazing guy."

"We're really close... and ah.... yep... and we're in a movie together and I am really excited about seeing it," she continued. Their romantic comedy, "Valentine's Day," hits theaters in February.

Come on, it's not only the media that want this romance to be true—everyone in the country is hoping this works out well. It seems that so much is going perfectly in Taylor Swift's life these days (sold out tour, platinum album, sweeping the CMAs and charming everyone in the country after the Kanye fiasco), why not date the gorgeous co-star of your new (probably blockbuster) film VALENTINE'S DAY! And have him propose at the premiere with a 10-carat diamond ring. And then watch as they fly away together on a winged unicorn.

You know we all want it to happen.

Photo courtesy Bauer-Griffin.