The 6 Best Superhero TV Husbands


Just because a guy has super powers doesn't make him a super husband.

Good Men? Sure. Great Men? You bet. Super Men? A few. But good husbands superheroes rarely make. Between the secrets, the long disappearances, the costumes in constant need of washing and mending and the occasional ambiguous "sidekick," there is some serous limitations to how effective of a spouse a superhero can really be.

But some of these guys can save the world and still have enough left in the tank for romance and taking out the trash (both the domestic chore and defeating undesirables). Here are six superhero TV husbands* who get the job done:

-Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man / The Bionic Woman, Lee Majors): While his legs, arm and eye are robotic, his heart is all man, buddy. Though his romantic life takes a turn for the worse when his fiancée Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) gets spun off into her own show. But the two secret, bionic heroes reunite and tie the hitch on one of the seemingly dozen made-for-TV follow-up movies featuring the semi-robotic couple. You'd think that night visions and an arm with a Geiger counter would be valuable for something...

-Matt Parkman (Heroes, Greg Grunberg): Just because Parkman divorced his wife doesn't make him a bad husband. His telepathy makes him impossible to lie to, though (like a certain fang-banging Southern belle). In addition to being able to read minds, the more-to-love cop is also a diehard romantic. He may yet end up back with his baby's mama after he handles a little business. Having a husband that literally always knows what you mean could be pretty sweet... or an instant divorce. Read: Hayden Wants Milo Off Heroes

-Superman / Clark Kent (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, Dean Cain): While applauding Dean Cain's portrayal of Superman is tough, his Clark Kent is outstanding. Lois & Clark focuses more on the human side of the Man Of Steel and Clark Kent, though regularly challenged with Kryptonite, total honesty and strong, independent women, is an excellent husband to Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher). Flight, X-Ray vision, super-strength, heat vision and cold breath will make any project around the house pretty easy, be sure to have a bedroom with plenty of exposure to that yellow sun of ours.

- Ralph Hinkley (The Greatest American Hero , William Katt): Though the show would never rival the popularity of its theme song, The Greatest American Hero's Ralph Hinkley was a pretty good husband. Though his superheroics left MUCH to be desired, the awkward paragon had a good, gentle heart and finally won him the love and the hand of lawyer Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca). His clumsy powers are probably better not employed in any husbandly duties. "… believe it or not it's just me."

-Richard Tyler (The 4400, Ali Mahershalalhashbaz): There's a good chance that you've never seen The 4400 (if you like superhero TV drama, check it out, it may be better than Heroes). The telekinetic (able to move things with his mind) hero has loved his wife since before she was born as he once dated her grandmother (not creepy, superhero time-travel at work). Richard is galvanized by his wife's death to do great things. The widower carries Lily in his heart wherever he goes. His powers will likely make housework a snap. (Seriously, NetFlix the first DVD.)

-Jonathan Kent (Smallville, John Schneider): While many fathers and husbands on primetime TV are inept from get "Gogo Yubari," Jonathan Kent is the model of decent and good. Sure, he only has actual superpowers for a handful of episodes, his relationship with Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) forms the basis by which Clark Kent will become a truly super man and eventually a pretty excellent husband to Lois Lane. Wholesomeness and the inability to do wrong (without a really good reason) is what great husbands are made of. Read: How I Fell Madly In Lust With My Husband

Anyone who I left off of the list? Any super powers you look for in a husband? Please chime in.

*Superhero TV is any show about characters with super powers who use those abilities to fight evil and injustice and maybe they wear fun costumes.