Is Technology Ruining Your Relationship?

Woman at computer on couch
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Text, email, Facebook and Twitter make it harder to follow dating rules.

Remember when dating simply meant a guy asking out a girl? Maybe he would call her up, maybe he'd do it face to face. Either way, the options were limited, and the results easy to decipher.

Now with email, instant message, texting, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and their brethren at our disposal, we have found plenty of new ways to communicate and even more ways to mess it up. Where there's a new technology, there's a potential relationship dissolving because of its (mis)use. Watch: Facebook Manners And You

"Each form of communication has its own followers and rules, which means dating today is a law of inverse proportions: As ways to communicate increase, the chances you will date someone who speaks your technological language decrease," reported The Washington Post in a recent article on how technology makes dating more difficult. Read: New Relationship Rules: Texting & IMing

Some people love to text, others refuse. Everyone's on Facebook now, but what if you meet someone who's not? Does it matter? Maybe you think Twittering is creepy, but the guy you're sharing a smooch with in the back of a cab tweets all day long. Many of these issues are dealbreakers for those who feel passionately about their technology.

For the right person, none of this should matter. But how will you know? If a guy returns every voicemail with a text, is he not that into you or does he just hate the phone? If you don't take the time to find out what his aversion to voice on voice action is, the potential "right guy," could slip away.

So if you're still in the dating game, the answer may be to become fluent and open to all new technologies. Don't discriminate. Who knows, maybe you'll get a Tweet asking you out on a virtual date. You won't even have to leave your house to fall in love. LOL.