Cindy Crawford's Man Sued For Sexual Harassment

cindy crawford

Two former female employees claim Rande Gerber groped them.

Poor Cindy Crawford. Despite fame, a fat bank account, and drop-dead gorgeous looks, it seems she is still lacking one thing that many of us normal people take for granted — a marriage that is immune to high-profile rumors and accusations. 

Rande Gerber, the supermodel's husband of eleven years and the father of her two children (Presley and Kaia), has been accused of sexual harassment. A former model himself, Gerber is the business mogul behind several successful nightlife establishments, including one (the Moonstone Lounge, located in San Diego's Hard Rock Cafe) with two very unhappy former employees.

In a lawsuit filed with the San Diego County Superior Court in March, the two former waitresses say they were fired for refusing to give in to advances made by Gerber and the other managers they worked with. The advances, according to TMZ, included overt efforts by Gerber to kiss one of the women three times and "put his hand up [her] dress in between her legs in an attempt to fondle her crotch." John Edwards' Affair Caused Elizabeth To Throw Up

Gerber's reps have told TMZ that: "These allegations were formerly investigated and proved to be baseless," adding, "This lawsuit has no merit."

Do you believe that Cindy Crawford's husband tried to put his paws somewhere they didn't belong? Or are the women who filed the lawsuit just out for a piece of the family's pie?

Photo: Splash News