Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape Experience

jimi hendrix sex tape

Well, the Marilyn Monroe sex tape (or 'French-type film,' as the FBI referred to it) proved that the sex tape is not the exclusive domain of the modern starlet (or celebutards, whatever). And now Jimi Hendrix is proving that the threesome sex tape was not invented by modern rockers (or more accurately, 80’s hair bands). According to Fox News, Vivid Entertainment (a famous porn house) has a silent tape of the iconic lefty in a ménage-a-trois. Vivid claims that they’ve done their homework and the tape is the genuine article. People that knew Jimi Hendrix claim that he would never consent to such a thing. Our guess is that some kind of lawsuit by his estate will probably prevent this from ever seeing the light of day.

Any similarities between Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe? They were icons of their era that died early of presumed drug overdoses. They also made still-can’t be repeated individual performances; Hendrix with his acid-infused "Star Spangled Banner" and Monroe with her dripping-with-sex happy birthday to JFK. Which means that we'll probably see a John Belushi sex tape in the next few months. And possibly a Chris Farley sex tape in the next few years (think of his Chippendales sketch with the Swayze). Gross? Sure. Hilarious? Uh, yayer.

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