Zodiac Signs You Can Trust To Keep Their Promises, Ranked From Most To Least Reliable

Your reputation depends on your ability to follow through.

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Whether you’re signing a legal contract, shaking hands on a deal, or just reassuring a friend, your word should count for something. And for the zodiac signs that keep their promises, it's important.

Zodiac signs you can trust to keep their promises, ranked

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1. Scorpio

As devious as Scorpio can be, they have a strong core of personal pride. Getting them to actually make a promise might be like pulling teeth, but once the words are out of their mouth, they’ll do everything they can to make it happen. Scorpio is associated with laws and contracts. They know the value of their word and don’t take it lightly. (And if you break a promise to Scorpio, be prepared for some harsh retribution.)

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2. Virgo

Neurotic, anxiety-ridden Virgo is always analyzing every situation, trying to prepare for the worst. If they make a promise, chances are that they’ve already evaluated every other contingency and this seems like the best decision anyway. Virgo promises what they’ve already been planning to do, which gives them a great track record for living up to their word.


3. Capricorn

Capricorn’s practical sense of responsibility won’t allow them to promise anything they can’t be reasonably sure of delivering. They idolize their friends and family and stick to their word no matter what. Breaking a promise does not come easy for them. Their own goals are always foremost in their mind, so unless you both share the same concerns about an issue, their promise might go on the back-burner for a while. But rest assured that Capricorn will get around to it as soon as they can.

4. Leo

Leo’s self-image depends on how other people see them. They’ll do just about anything to protect their reputation, so they can usually be counted on to live up to their word when they say they’ll do something. Sometimes, though, they’re so eager to make a good impression that they promise way more than they can deliver. When Leo promises you something, just make sure that they understand everything that’s involved.

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These Zodiac Signs Keep Their Promises

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5. Cancer

Cancer isn’t likely to make many promises concerning anything outside of their comfort zone, but they will move mountains for any issue relating to family obligations and a peaceful home life. They take a certain passive-aggressive pride in keeping their word. If you break a promise to Cancer, you’ll hear about it for the rest of your life. They don’t want to give anyone any ammunition to do the same to them.


6. Taurus

Honest and up-front, but always seeking to increase their own net worth and get the advantage, Taurus knows they have nothing to gain from breaking promises. However, they won’t hesitate to “renegotiate a deal” if they feel like they can do better. Taurus isn’t likely to screw you over on purpose, but sometimes their own greed gets the better of them. And if you try to call them out, they'll get super defensive. Stubbornness is in their nature.

7. Aries

For all their impulsiveness and fire, Aries doesn’t take promises lightly. On the other hand, they tend to speak before they think. When they start swearing oaths and declaring allegiance, give them a day or two to cool off before you bring it up again. They might appreciate an opportunity to back out or tone it down a little. But if you insist on holding them to it, they’ll do their best to stick to their word.

8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius will promise you the moon and the stars... and the thing is, they really think they can deliver (bless their honest but over-ambitious little hearts). As the most persistent of all the zodiac signs, no one is more surprised than Sag when it turns out that they can’t actually perform miracles. When Sagittarius makes a promise, ask yourself if they’re being realistic. That’ll give you a good indication of whether you can expect them to stick to it. Don’t call them out on it, though — sometimes they really do pull off a miracle. Let them try.

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9. Pisces

Like Sagittarius, Pisces’ imagination tends to run wild, but then their emotions take over, and their mood changes, and, okay, maybe they said they were going to do the thing, but they didn’t really mean it like that. Oh, shoot, you wanted that this week? If your Pisces needs a push, give them a little guilt trip. If they think that they’re hurting someone they love, they’ll suddenly be a lot more motivated to turn their daydreams and stories into real-world action.

10. Libra

Charming, chatty Libra wants to please everyone. They can’t stand to see anyone unhappy. They’ll promise anything to smooth things over for the moment, but when it comes time to walk the walk, they soon realize that they’re in over their heads. This is a hard lesson that many Libras have to learn: their negotiating skills will help people agree to make each other happy, but Libra just can’t do everything for everyone.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is great at keeping the promises they make to themselves. The promises they make to others? Well, that depends. Aquarius can’t stand feeling trapped or limited in any way. Even if they intend to fulfill their promise, the more you push, the longer it’ll take. Remember, too, that Uranus, the planet of chaos, rules them — what they say, what they mean, and what you think they mean aren’t necessarily the same things.


12. Gemini

People-pleasers extraordinaire! Gemini’s gift of gab allows them to say anything with the utmost sincerity to earn your trust... and then forget it immediately when you’re gone. If Gemini makes a promise to you, they’ll always come through if you’re standing right there watching. The minute you turn your back, they’re impressing someone else with different promises. 

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