4 Zodiac Signs Predestined To Achieve Great Wealth In Their Lifetime, According To An Astrologer

In the realm of monetary gains, some zodiac signs have an astrological advantage.

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Depending on your chart ruler and aspects in your natal chart, some things can flow much easier than others. According to astrologer Carol Starr, this includes money flow. According to Starr, certain zodiac signs are "almost predestined for wealth" since they have "the traits that will help them accumulate wealth and get it."

In the realm of monetary gains, the signs Starr mentions in a TikTok video are known to have an advantage — but it is crucial to consider the condition of the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant ruler. However, many other aspects and conditions can also reflect whether we will achieve great wealth in this lifetime. 


It's also important to note we all have each zodiac sign somewhere in our chart, so looking to see where these four signs are in your chart can show you which area of life you can more easily achieve wealth.

Having these placements does not guarantee great wealth, but they can allow you to work hard and succeed at most things you set your mind and heart to.

4 zodiac signs predestined to achieve great wealth in their lifetime

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1. Taurus

"Taurus just knows what to do. They love beautiful things. They're determined but very quietly. They seem to plan ahead and make things happen," Starr said of Taurus' propensity to achieve wealth.


Having Venus as your ruler can be a great advantage for the native with Taurus placements. Venus is connected with finances and abundance and can symbolize wealth because Taurus wants luxury and only the best. 

But Venus can make someone lazy and lose focus, so discipline is necessary here. It is essential to note that hard work must also be in the formula. Things will not magically appear for the natives, but they must put in the work, time, and planning and learn to be highly patient on their journey. 

Taurus can be a sign that works hard when they have a mission and a goal that makes them feel the fire to keep going and to win. When Taurus placements find their desired direction, they build, focus on structure, and push themselves to the next level.

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2. Leo

Leo is "so charismatic and so outgoing," Starr explained. "They always get to talk to all the right people, tell them where to put their money, and always make things happen in that respect."

The ego is important, so it is not surprising that Leo makes the list. If you want to dream and trust in it, you need to believe in who you are because confidence can take you places and open up your world. When we put ourselves out there, meet new people, and build fruitful friendships, we can expand our network, and things can only get better from there.

Because of their strong personalities, Leos know how to get themselves into the most exclusive places, befriend the most important people, and climb the chain of command in business. People are naturally inspired and drawn to Leo. This sun-ruled sign rivals Venusian Libra in this domain because the native exudes an aura that reflects the potency of the Sun.

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3. Capricorn

"Capricorns are just financially savvy.," Starr said. "They have a plan, they follow the plan, and they make the plan happen. And there's determination with the plan."

A sign that understands patience and hard work, two vital ingredients needed to make things happen, it's not surprising to see Capricorns on the list. Although hope and dreaming are good, the Capricorn's practicality gives them an edge. While others might be overwhelmed at the prospect of failure, Capricorn sees it as an opportunity to grow and continue learning more. They know how to plan and build. 

Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat for a reason — they will climb mountains and weather any storm when they set their sights on winning. Nothing can stop this sign when they are connected to their Saturnian principles. A Capricorn will be unmovable and will not rush through the climb. They know how to be patient. They learn from mistakes and seek any opportunity to give it their all and show others who is the boss.

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4. Scorpio

On the opposite axis of Taurus, Scorpio resides channeling the darker parts of the fellow sister sign. Mars also rules Scorpio, and as Starr notes, they are willing to fight because of their "innate determination." 

"They are the nonquitters of the zodiac," Starr explained." It's their intenseness; it could be a Scorpio who doesn't care. But when they care about the wealth, they will make it happen. They're going to figure out why and how to make it."

Scorpio is not afraid of a challenge. When they want the best for those they love, their motivation can even border obsession. Scorpios are both admirable and formidable simply because they will channel all of the qualities of these other signs when they are pushed by their ambition with minimal effort. 


The Scorpio Rising's chart shows the Sun at the highest point, making it captivating and magnetic. We see Venus in their partnership house and Saturn at home. Scorpio Sun and Moon work by the same principle — they are here to succeed and do not need to let others know their game plan. They will get where they want by going at their pace, utilizing their intelligence without needing anyone's validation.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.