4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The New Moon In Pisces On March 10, 2024

Those with rising, sun or moon placements in these zodiac signs will experience palpable effects from this new moon — here's why.

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The new moon in Pisces on March 10th, 2024, will bring more structure with its loose conjunction to Saturn. Mutable placements will be impacted the most because this will be a mid-term assessment of the Saturn in Pisces transit.



This is a great time to initiate something new and meaningful that is tied to something you love. You will have the focus now with Saturn making a sextile to Jupiter, showing us that patience is a virtue if you expect to get closer to your dreams.


This is a transit during which we can all initiate a new plan or goal because we will learn how to overcome any challenges as long as we stick to something and don't give up.

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4 zodiac signs most affected by the new moon in Pisces on March 10, 2024

See how the transit impacts your rising, sun, and moon sign.

1. Pisces

The value of your hard work will be felt now with the transit energizing you and helping to bring more optimism. With the sun and Saturn in the same sign, things can feel a bit gloomy — but the connection to Jupiter can help you find that dose of optimism you desire.


For the next six months, you can connect with your values, who you are, and the dreams you hope to achieve. These were the goals you may have conjured during Saturn’s stay in Aquarius and now you can take action. The transit now will help you to develop a stronger sense of purpose and ease navigating challenges. You are solution-oriented and you are here to succeed. If there have been doubts in your mind, the era can feel quite like the beginning of a new chapter that will be about your continued metamorphosis and empowerment.

2. Gemini

The moon will be at the highest point in your chart, shining a light on your career prospects and educational or vocational goals. For the next six months, you may feel a lot more inclined to learn more to help your growth to the next level. As a sign that enjoys learning and exploring, you can see yourself becoming more confident with the direction you want to pursue. Saturn can feel heavy, but you can see this as a catalyst to help you reach new heights.

You are experiencing a period of confidence-building with Mars making an aspect to your sign, allowing you to pursue relentlessly what brings you joy and happiness. The new moon in Pisces is a reminder that you are continuing to shine and this is just the beginning.


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3. Virgo

Neptune and Saturn bring different perspectives to your relationship house. Strengthening your relationship’s foundation is possible even with Neptune’s smoke and mirrors. Mercury in Aries is making everyone a lot more bold and this can make your communication style more intentional. It will be easier now to express yourself and have those honest conversations because you will be a lot more transparent and willing to dig through to uncover any missing pieces of information.

Jupiter making a sextile to the Sun and Saturn also helps you to make a promise to yourself, to trust the directions you want to take, and to tone down on the criticism. As a mutable sign, you experienced your growth and expansion during the last year. Now, you are preparing yourself to be more patient. The transit allows you to connect more with your emotions and to understand your heart.


4. Sagittarius

Learning not to shy away from who you are and learning how to reconnect with yourself through all of these changes can be a theme of this transit. You will also see the benefit of creating a balance between home and the career sector. Sometimes, spending time with the people you love and anchoring yourself at home can help you build your path to success since you will be surrounded by people who may root for you.

There is familiarity, but subtle differences compared to Saturn’s stay in your sign. Whatever insecurities you may have experienced before, the new moon may magnify them. However, because your ruler is making a positive aspect to Saturn, this can feel like a bit of a revelation. If you have felt more reserved, this new moon can be a time when you feel more courageous, liberated, and true to yourself.

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