4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The Full Moon In Leo On January 25, 2024

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The full moon in Leo on January 25th will be a reflection and celebration of our accomplishments and who we are. The transit will be felt for the next several weeks and those with heavy fixed placements in their chart will feel this the most.



The energy will allow us to feel unabashed about what we create or how we present ourselves to the world, providing a period to step into the spotlight and feel more empowered with who we are.

Zodiac signs most affected by the full moon in Leo on January 25, 2024


The full moon is in your sign, sparking more creativity and comfort. Since the Saturn in Aquarius transit, you have learned a lot about who you are and with Pluto now re-entering Aquarius, you are repeating some of the same story. However, the transit now will allow you to see the incredible side that you are not showing to the world.

Saturn’s lessons may have been more focused on your relationships and how you give your power to others, but now you are embracing your independent side and being more connected to your value system. The full moon in your sign shows others your magnetism, strength, and the successes you have achieved in the last year. You will be more comfortable taking control of your destiny.

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A very powerful transit as the moon shines a light on your career prospects and the goals you have initiated in the last six months. You can commend and praise yourself for your successes as this transit reflects on your victories and achievements.

The full moon will also be a very transformative transit because it will spark some changes, especially with Pluto now in the sign of Aquarius, creating an opposition to the moon. Creating that balance between work and home will take more patience and effort. Nevertheless, you will be more diligent with the work you create and can feel a lot of inspiration from others since this transit can make you have a more pleasant social experience. The full moon initiates a period of fruitful collaborations and opportunities to get your career goals to become a reality.



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January has been a period of new chapters with Pluto entering your sign and giving you yet another opportunity to continue a new story that may have been unfinished when Saturn was in your sign. With these transits, you can feel more liberated with your self-expression and see the transformation within your communications.

Creating stronger bonds with friends or romantic partners may also be a result of this transit. The moon in Leo makes you more emotionally intelligent and willing to give your all to others. Allowing yourself to step out and show your authentic self to the world may have been a challenge the last six months, but now you feel more open to letting others see a new side to you.


Celebrations will stem from a place of privacy and reflection as the full moon has you feeling more reserved and pensive. However, at the same time, you are witnessing your own evolution in the last year. The full moon will be a period where you can close a chapter and start a new one now that Pluto has entered Aquarius once more, helping your confidence grow as you become more mindful of your needs. Imagination is sparked from the comfort of your home as you trust your ingenuity and the projects you have been building.

The transit will also allow you to have more of an appreciation to learn new things and to get out of your comfort zone. Tapping into your adventurer side comes easier now, as you are more willing to explore the world around you.

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