Your Zodiac Sign's Perfect Car Scent, According To The Febreze CARstrology Collection

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Everyone is a little happier behind the wheel with a clean car and scent that they love. Now it's easier than ever to get the perfect scent all thanks to Febreze. They have looked to the stars to find everyone their perfect matched scent for their car.

That's right — they have partnered with Astrologist Aliza Kelly to launch their Febreze CARstrology Collection where they have crafted a signature scent for each zodiac sign. 

Aliza Kelly explains, “The Febreze CARstrology pairings specifically reflect the core essence of each astrological archetype and what that sign needs most when on the road. After all, the journey is the destination, so why not have a fabulous driving experience?”

Everyone knows their Sun sign, and how awesome would it be to tell your friends that your car matches your astrological essence? Every drive will feel like you with your perfectly matched car scent.

You can get your Febreze CAR scent now, which are sold in retail stores across the nation and start as low as $3.49. And not only have they launched this super awesome collection, but they are offering a giveaway, too! 

That's right! Febreze will be giving away a limited amount of the CARstrology Collection in keepsake zodiac-themed boxes. The giveaway is open from May 3, 2022, at 9:00 AM ET through May 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET. 

If you are interested in entering, head to FebrezeCARstrology.com. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified around June 1, 2022.

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Scent: Febreze CAR Ember

Photo: Febreze

Bold, brave, and iconically competitive, Aries are attracted to anything that sets their world ablaze. Febreze CAR Ember is the perfect addition to Aries’ fast-and-furious lifestyle: An invigorating blend of mandarin and amber melds with the surprising scent of lava.


Scent: Febreze AUTO Lush

Photo: Febreze

These iconic celestial bulls are known for their sophisticated palates, and have deep reverence for the finer things in life. The sweet vanilla scent of Febreze AUTO Lush — with perfectly paired notes of melon, apple, and musk — is guaranteed to offer Taurus a burst of floral freshness during every ride.


Scent: Febreze CAR Unstopables Fresh

Photo: Febreze

Gemini is the fast-paced, high-intensity, ultra-spontaneous social butterfly of the zodiac. This air sign brakes for no one, so cruising in style is absolutely essential. Febreze Unstopables CAR Fresh is guaranteed to be Gemini’s next obsession.


Scent: Febreze CAR Gain Moonlight Breeze

Photo: Febreze

Cancers value tranquil environments that evoke a sense of calm, making the ethereal scent of a Febreze CAR Gain® Moonlight Breeze the perfect match for this mystical water sign.


Scent: Febreze CAR Unstopables Paradise

Photo: Febreze

There’s nothing Leo loves more than velvet ropes, VIP passes, and exclusive trips to exotic destinations. Febreze Unstopables CAR Paradise is warm, inviting, and very luxe, which means Leos will be enveloped in their signature aroma, best described as “fame and fortune.”


Scent: Febreze CAR Linen & Sky

Photo: Febreze

Minimalists at heart, Virgos appreciate anything that helps streamline, organize, and structure — which means they love new twists on old favorites. Febreze CAR Linen & Sky effortlessly captures Virgo’s timeless essence and brings the crisp, clean fresh-off-the-clothesline scent on the road.

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Scent: Febreze AUTO Leather

Photo: Febreze

Libras love to surround themselves with objects of beauty, curating well-appointed environments that reflect their sophisticated style. The luxurious tonka, wood, and amber scent of Febreze AUTO Leather (which also boasts notes of hearth, pepper, and bourbon) lets Libras easily upgrade their rides from drab to fab.


Scent: Febreze AUTO Midnight

Photo: Febreze

Scorpios are renowned for their spellbinding allure, and when the clock strikes 12, this sultry sign comes out to play. Thanks to Febreze CAR Midnight Storm, every ride can turn into a vibe! 


Scent: Febreze AUTO Wilderness

Photo: Febreze

Sagittarians are defined by their expansive enthusiasm and infectious optimism. Although it’s hard to keep up with this fire sign, you can catch a whiff of Febreze AUTO Wilderness as Sagittarius comes cruising by with the earthy, citrus, and floral scent of Wilderness.


Scent: Febreze AUTO Evening Woods

Photo: Febreze

Capricorns are willing to climb the highest mountains to reach their ambitious, long-term goals. So when the long day comes to a close, Capricorns can turn to Febreze AUTO Evening Woods to tap into their earthy sensibilities and go on a long, meditative drive.


Scent: Febreze CAR Platinum Ice

Photo: Febreze

Free-thinking, independent, and totally unique, Aquarians will drive on with the cashmere-smooth, patchouli scent of Febreze CAR Platinum Ice.


Scent: Febreze CAR Ocean

Photo: Febreze

Pisces is constantly swimming between fantasy and reality, a skill that translates directly into Pisces’ artistry. With the edgy-fresh vibes of Febreze CAR Ocean enhanced by notes of ginger, waterlily, and hinoki, Pisces will be sure to ride the waves... of the highway.

Don't miss your chance to win your very own Carstrology car vent clip, so enter today! Or, head down to your local Target or Walmart and get your car smelling fabulously you!

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-Sponsored by Febreze

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