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The Perfume Power Scent For Your Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

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I love scents. From candles, creams and lotions, to perfumes or colognes. I think the only reason why I shower as much as I do is so that I have an excuse to put on perfume.

Wearing perfume is a costly habit that started when I was a little girl. My mother loves creams, real flowers, and perfumes. So, we were always getting new perfumes, whether it was from my dad or during a girls’ trip.

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I can’t tell you about every single fashion trend out there. But I can tell you who has a perfume line out. I can also tell you that my preferences have expanded over the years. 

For example, I used to only like stronger scents over softer or floral scents. I also learned other useful things about perfumes. Here are some cool facts for perfume use:

You’re not actually supposed to drown your pores in your preferred scented liquid.

That’s overkill, and you mess with your skin’s natural pH level, which is one of its tricks to keep you healthy as your body’s first line of defense.

Different bodies smell better with different perfumes.

What might smell good on my skin won’t necessarily smell good on my mother’s skin, and vice versa. The word perfume is derived from the latin words “per fumus” which means “through smoke”.

I personally think that’s a fitting explanation and label for this type of product. Like smoke, your perfume scent remains in the air you and others breathe even if it’s not easily visible.

Too much perfume, and it becomes intoxicating like smoke.

Too little perfume, and it’s hard to notice a scent. The origins of perfumery can be found in Egyptian culture. They used it for daily wear, religious ceremonies, and burials.

You can’t really know which specific perfumes will work best with your own skin.

Everyone has their own personality and their own zodiac sign in the same way Egyptians used to believe perfume was the sweat of their sun god.

So, I think it’s possible to know which perfume/scent works best for you according to your personality and zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign gives certain traits and I think different perfumes work better to showcase those unique astrological personality traits.

So, I compiled a list of perfumes that I love or that have been created by designers that I love and think would make perfect signature scents for each zodiac sign.

1. Scorpio — Tonka/Vanilla

Scorpio is a sign that exudes strength and is known for leadership but can also be soft when needed. As a woman under this sign, you need Dior’s Poison Girl, because it embodies your entire personality. There’s beauty, femininity, darkness, elegance and fun colors in the bottle just like in your infamous personality at first glance.

When you open it, the soft and yet strong scent of vanilla is revealed in the same way your nurturing gets revealed when people get to know you. To get this perfume as a gift, you can buy it at Dior.com for $80.00 (or less if you look elsewhere on the internet).

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Virgo is a sign of orderliness and purity. As a woman under Virgo, you need Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf because it highlights your classic womanhood. The bottle is refined and elegant in its design.

The bottle is pink, a classic color representing womanhood...classically. To get Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf for the price of $150.00, you can go to Sephora’s website and luckily, this expensive perfume can be found for cheaper prices at other websites.

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3. Pisces —  Mediterranean Bergamot


Pisces girls, you’re at home in the water. Your emotions are deep and always changing. The perfect perfume for you is Versense by Versace because it features hints of Mediterranean bergamot.

Your signature scent should be reflective of who you are and what makes you feel most alive, the vast and beautiful ocean. If you want to buy this perfume, you can find it at Kohl’s website for $89.00 (and like with the previous perfumes as well as the coming perfumes you can find it elsewhere for less).

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4. Cancer —  White Jasmine

Cancer, a fellow water sign, is also known for purity of emotions and depth. A white jasmine scent would be perfect to highlight that vulnerability in your Cancerian personality. For you Cancerian girls, the Gabrielle by Chanel perfume would highlight your inner self while adding a touch of elegance to the home you love.

Not only does it have a feminine floral scent, it also comes in a bottle that is simple yet beautiful, just like Cancer girls. If you want this beautiful perfume from a timeless designer, your best bet is to go to Chanel’s website and get it for $135.00. 

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5. Gemini —  Sorbet

Versace makes this list yet again. But this time to represent our ever-changing Gemini girls. Gemini, you’re very well-liked by most and, at times, very disliked by some as you get accused of having split personalities.

You need a strong scent that is polarizing and Sorbet is that scent. You can get Versace’s Yellow Diamond, which features a unique Sorbet scent, at Sephora’s website for a price range of $28-$57 (because some of the other places are too expensive).

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6. Libra —  Bluebell


Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is a perfume that I’ve loved and lost (because I used it up and had to throw it away). This is an airy and clean perfume perfect you Libra girls because of those characteristics.

It’s light and fresh just like your perspective on anything that goes on in the world. It features a subtle bluebell scent and it’s this floral scent that keeps it clean. If you want to get this as a gift, you can find it at Ulta Beauty’s website for $100.00.

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7.  Sagittarius — Peony

I love peony as a scent and I used to have a cream that I would use daily with that scent. It’s a unique scent that pops out at you, which is why it would be good for you Sagittarius girls. It represents your wild and independent nature. A good perfume for you, which features peony, is Stella by Stella Mccartney. You can get it at stellamccartney.com for $52.00.

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8. Aquarius —  Aquatic Jasmine

Another one of my old loves is Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani. It features a variety of jasmine scent and so that flower makes the list again. Being reflective of water and having a more eccentric scent than a floral perfume would, I thought it would make the perfect signature scent for you Aquarian girls. You girls need a perfume that is reflective of you as weird water-bearers. 

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9. Capricorn — Wood

Capricorn girls, you’re both grounded and forthcoming like a gun. So, you need a perfume that reflects those two traits. For you girls, a signature scent like Juliette Has A Gun’s...Not A Perfume...designed by Romani Ricci is needed.

It’s woodsy scent makes it grounded and its name gives it the kick only a Capricorn girl can deliver. You can find this perfume as part of a collection for the Juliette Has A Gun brand on their website by the same name, at the price of $135.00. 

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10.  Aries —  Raspberry

I think Michael Kors is my new and current love as far as perfumes go. I’ve owned at least four now. One of my all time favorites is Sexy Ruby, which I bought as part of a collection of three perfumes.

It has a strong scent of raspberry without it ever being overbearing and it’s perfect for you Aries girls because it’s passionate and in your face...or nostrils. You can find it at michaelkors.com for $112.00. 

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11. Taurus —  Oakmoss

Of course, the classic brand Chanel has made another appearance on this list just like others. Chanel #19 is the perfect perfume for all of you Taurean women because it’s earthy both in appearance and scent.

The aesthetic of the perfume itself is a warm color that avoids flashiness and the scent is oakmoss. This perfume is the perfect representation of your stability and practicality, Taurus. If you want to buy this perfume, you can get it at Chanel’s website for $94.00.

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12. Leo — Mandarin

Of course, my love Michael Kors, appears on this list again. My favorite perfume at the moment is 24k Brilliant Gold...literally. It has a distinct yet subtle mandarin scent that I love wearing.

Everything about this perfume, from the bottle to the scent screams for you Leo girls’ attention because it’s a flashy and brilliant as you. You can find this at Target for $52.00 

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