Your Weekly Horoscope For May 29 - June 4 Is Here For All Zodiac Signs

We are ready for summer to arrive.

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The week is May 29 - June 2023, and the transits are packed in so tight that there's enough madness and mayhem to go around. And somewhere amidst the chaos, we'll be able to recognize love, romance and big dreams, too. We've got a full Moon in Sagittarius coming on June 3, so get your intentions ready, because Sag energy is directed; aim that arrow for what you want. With the power of Moon trine Mars backing that Moon up, we are sure to find success.


We may find that because of transits like Moon opposite Jupiter, or Moon opposite Mercury, we run into a few difficulties during the week where communication is concerned. This could happen at work, or in a lover's quarrel.

It's not as if we're destined to fight with our romantic partners, but we are sort of 'slated' to figure things out, which means that we are going to be handed opportunities to learn new things about these people that can either make or break the relationship.

There's a very good chance, however, that whatever it is that we will learn, we will accept. Acceptance plays an important role for all of the zodiac signs this week, thanks to the transits of Moon trine Venus and Mercury conjunct Uranus.


So, if we find that we are feeling both determined and doubtful, let it ride; it's OK. We are allowed to have two feelings at once. This week brings those feelings together in a way that we can all deal with them much better. If at first we don't succeed, try, try again, as they say. This week is for setting intentions and going for them. We may miss the target at first, but that's what second chances are all about, and we will have those second chances, this week.

The weekly horoscope for May 29 - June 4, 2023:


Quick moves bring fast results for you this week, Aries, as you see that if there's one person who can create the atmosphere of success, it's you. You are swift to action and ready when needed. There's nothing much that intimidates you and the transits seem to be backing you in courage and in nerve. You'll need that nerve; some had to do the job right, and once again, it's you.

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If there's one thing you do NOT want to do this week, it breaks someone's heart, but you feel as though the news you have to deliver to the person you love most is not going to go down well. You need change and you need it now, and you are willing to take your partner with you along for the ride, but are they up for the challenge? This week is going to be very telling for you; is your partner up to really being...your partner?


Praise comes naturally to you this week as you are the one person who seems to be coming through with the necessary goods, be they emotional or physical. You are the person who tends to the needs of others and you make them feel good for the first time in a long while. You love being there for your friends, and your generosity will help you to elevate your own mood. You give and because of it, you receive ten-fold.


Life feels pretty dang good to you this week, as you seem to be getting a lot of romantic attention, and come to think of it, that's exactly what's been missing in your life. This week makes you feel as though you could wish upon a star and have your wish come true. Get ready for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, as it is ready to hear your requests. Go for it, Cancer. Dream big.

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You have the opportunity today to live out a very important dream of yours, and you will also realize that it's one of those 'strike while the iron is not' moments. You can do much good today, for yourself and for others if you trust your gut and just dive on in. Hesitation will definitely cause delay and you might lose momentum. It's not impulse that you need to act on this week, Libra, it's timeliness. Stay aware and keen.


Childlike wonder has you feeling somewhat refreshed during this week as you will be finding new ways to devote your time. This could mean that you find a new interest or it could be something as huge as taking a chance on a new love. There is nothing in your week that scares you, even if it's exciting or unknown. You feel brave and a bit daring, and as it stands, everything you engage in will bring you fun and joy.


You have come to realize that if you don't make your move, not only you will lose, but someone else will miss a truly beneficial opportunity, and you won't let that happen. You'll be emptying all of your hard-earned wisdom during the week of May 29 - June 4, because you sense that this new opportunity is both fleeting and important. It's time to jump. Leap of faith, or knowledge that it will all work doesn't matter. Time is of the essence.

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Swift decision-making is the only way you're going to get what you need during this week, Scorpio, as you may notice that everyone around you is dragging. You don't have the time or the patience to wait for everyone to decide what's going to happen, and so you very obviously take matters into your own hands. You trust in your ability to take the reins, and you would be right; you are doing the right thing.


Your feeling, this week, is one of the cool resolutions. You know what you want and you also realize that you are alone in this desire. That's OK because you don't feel you need the approval of others in order to make your dreams come true. During the Full Moon in your Sun sign, you will feel ultimately strong, if not alone. You are someone who can deal with solitude; you make it into your palace. Nothing gets you down this week.


What may be fairly obvious during the week of May 29 - June 4, is that you seem to have a magical aura about you; it's as if your charm has kicked in big time and you've got this odd new power of seduction on your hands. That will definitely come to be utilized as the romantic interest in your life might need a little prodding in order to come out of their shell. You can do this, Capricorn. Don't be surprised if you end up really enjoying this week.


While you may end up breaking a few plans during the week, you still find that you have so much to do and that you're actually able to do more when you're alone. You have a lot on your mind, and none of it is too heavy that it drags you down, however, you do need to think certain important things through, as there's much coming up for you this summer. Big changes are in store, and you'll spend much of this week in preparation for them.


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You see this week as the hinge on which so much of your future depends. There is something that you need to complete this week, and it's work-related. It might even be the kind of completion that lets you know it's time to quit this job. You feel as though you want more out of your life, and you'll see that the transits of the week push you to make big decisions. What you do now will echo throughout the rest of your life. Choose well.

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