Waxing Crescent Moon Meaning In Astrology

Each moon phase influences your life.

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The Moon is constantly shifting and changing. When we become attuned to the various phases of the Moon, we can unlock her hidden powers that will allow us to flow in the same cyclical patterns for greater and easier success and achievement.

Just as crops and plants follow this cycle, human beings are attuned to the moon as well and follow our own cyclical patterns depending on the moon's phases.

The moon rules women, our emotions, day-to-day activities and our own inner world that no one else sees. It impacts your life on a constant and hourly basis.


What is a Waxing Crescent Moon?

The Waxing Crescent Moon is the second moon phase. Since it's the first step after the New Moon, the moon still looks like a crescent shape. 

This moon phase occurs a few days after the New Moon. During this period the light increases from 0.1% to 49.9%. This phase will take up roughly 22% of the lunar month.

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Waxing Crescent Moon meaning in astrology

Following the New Moon, which is like our clean slate, the Waxing Crescent phase is where all of the action begins.

This is the next step toward putting your goals into motion by taking action. In other words, it’s time to have concrete plans involving the intentions we set around the New moon and get going.


This phase is sometimes referred to as the ‘rebuilding phase,’ as the moon reemerges with new, positive energies. 

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This is the moon’s first step toward fullness and a very visible shift with the emerging light. It also represents a major opportunity for creative change, growth and expansiveness.


The Waxing Crescent Moon spiritually represents our intentions, desires, wishes and hopes. It is at this time we feel motivated to push our own desires out into the world.

Just like the concept of alchemy, we are taking concrete steps toward changing our future and moving in the direction of manifesting our truest selves, ambitions and lives.

Now is the time to ask for a raise, have a needed talk with the landlord (or anyone else) or begin a new project. The energy should be there to move forward without the stress or difficulty you may have at other times.

At this point, it’s time to breathe life into your intentions and look forward to the journey ahead.


The energy of this moon phase is overt and expanding. We should take concrete action in terms of achieving plans and implementing them.

Since the light of the moon is expanding during this phase, so are revelations and knowledge about steps that you may need to take to move forward.

The most important thing about the Waxing Crescent phase is to find the motivation to make creative changes around you. As the light of the moon grows so does your awareness regarding areas of life that are challenging or impeding your personal growth along with information as to how we can solve these issues. Now it is time to focus on new solutions to old problems and most of all, get to work!

Whatever your intentions or plans are on the New Moon, this cycle is the first step toward realizing your goals and honoring the second cycle of the moon which focuses on a period of actual movement from ideas toward the implementation of your goals and expansion.


While there are six more phases of the moon before we reach the complete cycle or the Full Moon, the Waxing Crescent phase is most important because it is the time to take action and implement new ideas.  Without this phase, there can be no end result.

By following and honoring each individual moon phase you can complement your own life and experience a better state of flow while becoming more attuned to the universal cycles of movement and life on earth.

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