3 Zodiac Signs With 'Lucky In Love' Horoscopes On May 10 Thanks To Venus Sextile Node

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zodiac signs luckiest in love may 10, 2023

What brings about feelings of luck in love for three zodiac signs on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, comes from a new sensation: the one of being totally healed. When we are in pain and either healing from heartbreak or some negative circumstance we know requires time enough for us to get past it, we rarely think about what it will feel like when we finally are past it. 

We dwell on the moment ... we feel our pain through our healing days, and as it gets lighter and more bearable, we rarely see an actual ending. Instead, we believe our pain will become lighter or light enough not to notice it at all.

On May 10, however, we are looking at Venus sextile Node, and this transit brings on the closure, the true healing and the recognition within us that this pain is now 'over.' During Venus sextile Node, we can see we have made room for new love and experience in our hearts. We are no longer locked into this obligation we create for ourselves, where we bear the burden of heartache for some time.

The time is now, and on May 10, three zodiac signs will declare ourselves free from the heartache that has dominated our lives for so long. Today is the day we open to new love and romance, and we do it with a clear conscience and a new and welcomed enthusiasm. We want to try. We WANT to try again.



Three zodiac signs will feel this in the gut, as Venus sextile Node relies on instinct and being truthful with ourselves. We are here to feel good about life, which means we make a space in our hearts where love can return.

We've learned many lessons and are no longer naive. We are both self-protective and willing to take chances so on May 10, during Venus sextile Node, Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio will do just that. These three zodiac signs are up for healing.

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Three zodiac signs with luckiest in love horoscopes on May 10, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You have seen enough turmoil in your life to know it's truly the little things you appreciate most and you are here to strive for the positive. On May 10, you will experience the magic behind the transit Venus sextile Node as it delivers the final judgment on an old relationship and its associated pain.

The verdict is out: you no longer need this pain to define you, and now that you know it, you can move on and experience great new love, as that is what is in your life at present. You aren't going to bring your old baggage with you into this new relationship, but you wanted to make sure you could live up to that promise. Now with Venus sextile Node in the sky on May 10, you feel as though you are finally free. You feel as though your soul can fly ... you are healed, Taurus.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You have never been able to fully accept that the pain you've carried around has ever really left you, but you are also aware that you keep it alive. You are one of those 'torch-bearers,' someone who continues to reminisce over a lost love, and during Venus sextile Node on May 10, you will realize this kind of activity is futile and self-destructive.

Today is the day you remove your excuse. You are no longer going to blame the past for your present behavior. While we all know we are the sum of our past experiences, you also know that you've acquired enough wisdom to understand when it's time to release yourself from the burdens that have kept you from experiencing real love. Today is when you unburden yourself and let yourself have the love you deserve, Gemini.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

On May 10, you will stop beating yourself up. Only you, Scorpio, know what that means because you have been holding yourself accountable for something that has not only had enough time to heal but is now something you need to release to move on with your life. The transit of Venus sextile Node is here to wake you and put you back on track — even you know it's time.

You have wanted more than what you've allowed yourself to receive, and you feel the love you so desperately need is something you've stood in the way of getting. Today breaks down those restraints and lets you see that you really are someone who can be loved and that all you have to do is let it happen. Today is the day you leave your way, Scorpio, as you are finally healed and ready to move on.

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