The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Best Horoscopes On Friday, April 8, 2022

Happiness begins within.

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After the energy shift of yesterday began with the fated connection of Jupiter and Neptune, today brings a bright sense of positivity that radiates into all areas of your life. Everything just seems better today. How you see yourself and how you see your life just feels more hopeful. It is as if you are seeing how great good is, and not letting yourself dwell on the difficulty. Part of this is due to the eleven-day connection between Jupiter and Neptune, but today Jupiter also joins up with the North Node in Taurus which represents fate.  


This is an incredibly active portal of time that you are heading into, and today’s sense of optimism will help you clear out all those scenarios that take away from how you truly want to feel about your life. 

The Moon will cozy up to Uranus in the afternoon giving you a chance to focus on your personal and home life. 

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This may be especially activated by Venus in Pisces which is all about unconditional love and quality time. Use this chance to open up to those in your life that mean something to you and express your deepest self.  Whatever and whoever you feel strongly about during this time is also part of the future that you are beginning to write about now.  


Today’s energy is also helpful as there may have been strains in your relationships or personal life recently, and this will help you feel hopeful enough to know that it can be improved if you put in the work to do so. 

Mars and the Moon cross paths later in the day strengthening this energy by encouraging strengthening between your feelings and your actions.  

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The three zodiac signs who have the best horoscopes on Friday, April 8, 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Today should bring some unexpected surprises your way. While it may seem that this gift is about joy in the present moment, like winning concert tickets or scoring a last-minute date, there is something bigger here at play. The North Node of the Moon moved into your sign in January and since then you have seen all sorts of changes start happening in how you think about things and what you align with.


Today offers a chance though to be guided towards what is meant for you. This is more than just relationships, even if that may be affected too. It is about you being guided to the place in the world that you are supposed to be. Both internally and externally so that you feel satisfied and at peace with your life.

Look for signs and synchronicity everywhere right now because whether it is a chance encounter while you are out or someone completely unexpected coming into your life, whatever happens now can affect you for years to come. It is all about realizing that sometimes you do not know best, and when you do that, you allow something greater to start leading the way forward.  

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2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


You are really feeling a strong pull of energy recently, which also means that you are holding a very strong presence in your life too. Even if you are quiet, or feeling emotional, there is an intensity about you that few would be able to ignore. And in today’s case, not even the universe can stay away. Jupiter in Pisces tangles up with the North Node today giving you a chance to express the parts of yourself that you normally hideaway or reserve for certain people.

But this expression of yourself, whether it is a creative venture, new vlog post, or a poem from your heart will affect your life in a bigger way. Right now, you are being primed for an incredibly abundant time of your life, but that also means that things will be changing for you as well. You may have to edge your way into the spotlight even if you prefer to be behind the scenes. This is part of the magic that is coming in right now.

It is not about being someone that you are not, but truly allowing whatever you feel or create to have the effect that it is truly meant to. Let yourself dream big, but do not forget to live big too.

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3. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You could use a little bit of good news right now, and with the Moon in your sign all day as it crosses paths with both Uranus and Mars that should happen. No one wants to have their home environment not feel settled or secure, but for you, it is almost detrimental as it can feel incredibly challenging if it is not.

Part of the process that you are in right now is letting go of trying so hard that what is meant for you can start to rise to meet you. But that does not mean that some peace on the home front would hurt either. Today should bring some greater understanding and time to just be, even if you are past quality time, you should at least be able to relax and coexist peacefully without any chaos or drama.


You can take some quiet time to yourself today which can help you better plan, but if it feels more like a resting day then you should do that. You will not lose anything by just taking it easy today. With Jupiter in a fellow water sign today, you may find that the universe is trying to get your attention too through signs, pay attention and let it help rebuild that sense of hope that where you are headed is truly better than where you are leaving.

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