How Pluto Retrograde In Aquarius Affects Each Zodiac Sign From Now Through October 11

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius is a time to get in touch with your subconscious and be mindful of what your truth (and that of others) seems to be.

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On Thursday, May 2, 2024, Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius, pulling you into the depths and accelerating your personal growth. Pluto retrograde in Aquarius horoscopes shows that this is a time for each zodiac sign to get in touch with the subconscious, to be mindful of what your truth and that of others seem to be and to challenge yourself to tune into your divine authenticity. 

Pluto brings to the surface not what you necessarily want, but what you need to continue evolving into the person who can live a life true to your soul. In this process, an excavation occurs where you are guided to honor what is so you can have more power to create what you want. In many ways, Pluto retrograde in Aquarius exposes the darkness, so that you may finally step into the light. 


As Pluto is still preparing to enter its Age of Aquarius, it will backtrack into Capricorn from September 1 to November 19 before officially shifting into Aquarius until 2044. In this space of moving ahead, yet being called back at the same time, you aren’t only discovering the secrets of what can help you in this new Pluto era but also finally feeling like the lessons of the past are behind you.

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius 2024 horoscopes for each zodiac sign


aries pluto retrograde in aquarius 2024 horoscope


Pluto retrograde in Aquarius inspires you to reflect on the social circles that surround you as you realize that many of your priorities and needs have shifted. This can inspire you to branch out and start focusing on those relationships that truly nourish who you are and the life you dream of living. 

As this is also the place in your chart where wishes are fulfilled, it’s important to focus more on building the new than trying to recreate the past. As you upgrade who you invest your time and energy in, you will also feel more support in making the recent changes that you are seeking.

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taurus pluto retrograde in aquarius 2024 horoscope


Aquarius energy governs over your house of career, which means not only are you going to be awakened to your deeper purpose, but you will also be encouraged to change how you approach your professional life during Pluto retrograde. Because Aquarius energy carries themes of technology and business along with artificial intelligence, you will want to reflect on how you can merge this new era of business with fulfilling a deeper soul purpose within yourself. The energy of Pluto retrograde in Aquarius brings an upgrade and shift within your professional purpose so that you can find long-lasting success.


gemin pluto in aquarius 2024 horoscope

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius will bring you powerful opportunities to reflect on the choices you’ve made for your life, along with new chances to step out of your comfort zone so you can live a life more aligned with your dreams. This may bring up issues of how you have self-sabotaged in the past or let fear govern your choices but remember anything that rises to the surface is only meant to be moved through. Don’t let anything stop you from living more expansively, and that also means not stopping yourself from following your dreams. Excuses are often only subconscious fears coming up, so it’s important to believe in yourself so fervently that you take each and every chance to make your dreams a reality.



cancer pluto retrograde in aquarius 2024 horoscope

Pluto stationing retrograde in Aquarius teaches Cancer that change is truly unavoidable as it is the only constant in life. Pluto retrograde gifts you with an incredibly potent opportunity to transform your life and relationships, but you must not give up or back down from uncomfortable situations. Everything that you want is possible, but to achieve it, you will have to persist and carry on — even if you’re still uncertain of where it will all lead. 

Be honest with yourself about what you want in your life, which can also include your romantic relationships, as you need to ensure that you are only putting energy into what you want to grow – and not what you don’t. Embrace the transformation process and trust that if anything does leave your life, it’s only to create room for something better.


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leo pluto retrograde in aquarius 2024 horoscope

The universe is guiding you to reflect on the rules you’ve followed in your romantic life and whether or not they are genuinely a part of your inner truth during Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. Aquarius seeks to create its own path in life and Pluto brings the truth to the surface, so understand that there is nothing you have to do during this time, especially when it comes to your romantic relationship. Instead, you are being given the green light to become aware of what you really want from love, and then pursue it with your whole heart. You may gravitate towards a nontraditional aspect of commitment or relationship dynamic but it’s all about creating a relationship that genuinely feels good to your soul.



virgo pluto retrograde in aquarius horoscope

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius brings you the lesson of the importance of prioritizing yourself, which includes themes of self-care, boundaries and even how you structure your days. Pluto does bring transformation, and in Aquarius, it is helping you to focus on the new ways you can incorporate freedom and autonomy into your days by having you prioritize your well-being and dreams over doing what others may want from you. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish but a requirement of being able to live a life that feels authentic for you. It also emphasizes the mirror effect of when you start to show up for yourself better – so do those in your life.


libra pluto retrograde in aquarius horoscope


Make time to reconnect with who you wanted to be before you were told who you should be during Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. The energy of this transit brings you the opportunity to reflect on the dreams and visions you had for your life before you faced certain challenges or setbacks as it’s meant to help reconnect you with your inner dreamer. 

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius helps you to be more innovative and rebellious in creating a life that isn’t just honoring your needs but also brings an enormous joy to your life. When you finally let go of thinking that life has to look a particular way to be deemed good or successful, you give yourself the opportunity to follow your own unique path which is precisely where you are meant to be.


scorpio pluto retrograde in aquarius horoscope


Pluto in Aquarius liberates you from anything that is (or even appears to be) holding you back from what you really want. At this point in your life, it brings about not only greater healing of all you’ve been through but also the freedom to create what you really want. This will bring about major transformations in your home and family situations — but on the other side of those changes is the life that you have always wanted. When you feel free to be yourself, enjoy what resonates with your soul and even create your own home, you end up creating a deep sense of abundance that you have always desired. You deserve not just to be happy, but also to be free to live however you wish.

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sagittarius pluto retrograde in aquarius horoscope


Honest transparency is the ability to clearly express yourself, your needs and even your dreams so that you can achieve success. As Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius, it will inspire you to reflect on how you communicate with others, which is a direct reflection of how you communicate with yourself. Truth is especially important for you, as any truth you hide from others is also one that you are hiding from yourself. So let yourself honor what you really want from life, regardless of what that might mean, so that you can be more honest and transparent with others. Whether this is in your relationship, or even career, honesty and transparency are the key to creating the success that you want in life.


capricorn pluto retrograde in aquarius horoscope

Pluto in Aquarius asks that you align your inner worth with your ability to increase your finances as your professional life expands. Aquarius energy governs over your self-worth and personal wealth, but it also carries themes of innovation and honoring the desires that you’ve had for your life. You may be reflecting more on working for yourself or even expanding ways to build your business and increase your finances. Instead of just thinking about wealth coming from one role, try to embrace a more multidimensional purpose to generating wealth, knowing that will allow you to live a life of value and continue to create the abundance you desire.



aquarius pluto retrograde in aquarius horoscope

There is a deep process of self-growth that you have been moving through as Pluto has begun its new era in Aquarius, bringing to light the importance of knowing what it is that you want from life and how to show up as your most authentic self. During Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, you may have hidden desires and dreams come to the surface that would highlight the changes you would need to make in your life. 

At this point in your life, you will see that you must allow yourself to move through the process of transformation first before you can see positive shifts begin to occur in your life, and a big part of that is being honest with yourself about what you really want. You set the tone for what you receive in your life, so that is also where you must begin in order to create the professional success or relationship that you have been secretly dreaming of.



pisces pluto retrograde in aquarius horoscope

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius brings an important reminder that you can’t be afraid of growing into who you are meant to become and still accomplish your dreams. There is an opportunity here not just to move through some inner healing but also honor your intuition more deeply, which is the catalyst for living a life of greater alignment and spiritual meaning. 

You will find greater meaning within yourself and the situations in life that surround you which will help you evolve into a more conscious being. Because of this, there will be dramatic shifts in your professional life and relationships. But as long as you allow yourself to remain open to growth, this period should also be one of greater opportunities and achievements.


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