The Perfect Valentine's Day For Your Man, Per His Zodiac's Venus Sign

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If you are having trouble trying to figure out what to do for your partner for Valentine’s Day, you might find out where Venus is in their astrological birth chart.

Venus is the planet of love, and your beloved will appreciate you activating his love planet.

This planet may be a better clue to making your Valentine’s Day more successful than just knowing their Sun sign. 

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The energy of Venus must be activated for a perfect Valentine's Day

The Sun is the indicator of a person’s life force. This energy is strong because it represents their general personality, drive, and outlook on life. Venus, on the other hand, is one of the most important planets for attracting love in life.

Activating the energy of Venus is essential if any relationship is going to work because it is one of its binding aspects of it.

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How to make Valentine's day perfect for a man, based on his Venus sign

1. An Aires Venus loves to play

The naïve aspects of this placement and understanding the childlike nature of your lover will inspire you to be mischievous on Valentine’s Day. Playing video games, being a little “goofy", and giggling are okay with them. They will join you making the day a big success.

2. The Taurus Venus is a little more serious

You will make them happy by giving them something “shiny."

Taurus likes to acquire stuff and if you are a gift giver there is no other Venus that will appreciate you more. They are not short on romance but having a little something to give them will make them swoon!

3. A Gemini Venus likes to stay busy

They are puzzling enough but on Valentine’s Day, you will have the upper hand if you are willing to have a day with lots of activities. Dinner, a movie, and checking out the latest nightclub are just fine with them.

They will not get bored and you will be happy with the results later.

4. Cancer and Venus are compatible

Cancer and Venus go hand in hand because the moon, the planet of emotions, goes well together on Valentine’s Day. Appealing to an emotional Venus means nurturing and being very attentive to them today. Cooking a great meal or going out to a nice restaurant is a must.

Hugs, kisses, and affection are welcomed.

5. A Leo Venus is into drama

Being romantic and very complimentary can bring you big benefits. Acknowledging they are the greatest (more than usual) is just what is needed for a happy Valentine’s Day.

6. A Virgo Venus needs TLC

They are not sure that you really, really, really, love them so remind them of it over and over and over again. It may not appear they appreciate it, but they do on this special day. Chocolate is good too!

7. Look sharp for a Libra Venus

When your special person has a Libra Venus, you need to look sharp today, their knees will get weak, and their eyes will savor the moment.

They want others to see they are refined because they are with such a good-looking person. Wining, dining, and being seen with other socialites are exactly why they love you so much.

8. The Scorpio Venus does not like games

It’s serious and Valentine’s Day is the time when you need to show you are just as intense as they are by being romantic.

Staying home and modeling some new lingerie might not be a bad idea!

Passion and joy will follow.

9. Sagittarius Venus is sporty

A sporting event, workout, or run is just fine with them.

A protein shake is sexy because you can never be too healthy. The night could get sweaty!

10. A Capricorn Venus likes it formal

Being formal for a Capricorn Venus is okay and the more formal you are the sexier. This Venus will spend some money on you tonight and acting the part is a good strategy for passion. It might be the night the big question is popped.

11. An Aquarius Venus likes things to be unusual

Plan something unusual for your Venus in Aquarius companion. No other Venus will think you are crazy to spend your date feeding the homeless or going to a science lecture on robotics.

Crackers, cheese, and carrot juice for dinner are okay because who needs food anyway?

12. A Pisces Venus embraces the ethereal

They are okay with some champagne and sitting outside under the stars.

Their dreamy, unrealistic perception of you should be validated on Valentine’s. Speculation of their imagination of what happens next is yours to happily anticipate.

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The importance of Venus & Valentine's

Astrology is not just about a person’s Sun sign because it is only 10 percent of the total chart.

The moon and rising signs make up another 20 percent of the chart.

Venus is considered a personal planet and does not get the attention of the sun, moon, and rising signs but ignoring it is not good when it comes to relationships. Venus also is one of the most important aspects of why we are attracted to others.

If you know your birth chart and the chart of your lover, it can be a cheat sheet for your relationship.

You just need to know their birthday to find out where Venus resides in their chart. It does not provide all of the answers but it can help.

This planet can help you understand your partner’s perspective and your own when it comes to love.

Thinking ahead and being creative on Valentine’s Day is wise for any romantic partnership to last.

Venus is the planet of value, socializing, refinement, and love. There is no reason you cannot make this energy work for you this Valentine’s Day.

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John Cappello, M.B.A.,is a practicing psychic medium, astrologer, author, and radio talk show host.