What It Means To Have Your North Node In Scorpio

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The Lunar Nodes, also called the Nodes of Destiny, provide a glimpse into your direction in life and what ultimately motivates you to reach your goals.

The North Node tells you what you need to do to evolve into a more confident version of yourself. Meanwhile, the South Node represents and also tells a story of your past lives and how those experiences tie into the lessons you need to learn now.

The North and South Nodes are linked and sit directly across from each other in the birth chart. Understanding both signs can give you insight into how to understand yourself better.

The zodiac sign your North Node is in will paint a picture of what drives and inspires you. Looking at the house it inhabits further shows how the energy will be channeled. Finally, the aspects it makes to other planets can weave a story that can tell a lot about our current mission in life. 

Scorpio North Node and Taurus South Node dates

  • Oct 5, 1956 – Jun 16, 1958
  • Jul 10, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977
  • Feb 2, 1994 – Jul 31, 1995
  • Aug 30, 2012 – Feb 18, 2014
  • Mar 21, 2031 – Oct 14, 2032

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The Scorpio North Node is here to learn how to let go, accept what they can’t control, and free themselves from a perfectionist mentality. Natives with North Node in Scorpio have to be more willing to receive love and support from others since their hyper-independent nature might not be helpful if they find themselves in positions where they need others for help.

Meanwhile, the Taurus South Node provides the unconscious knowledge to unlock the essential tools necessary to thrive in this lifetime.

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They have mastered their karmic contract in the past, so the abilities that are ingrained in them from their previous experiences can allow the North Node to receive support from those around, them and develop stronger relationships with friends, partners, and themselves. The South Node brings the message of love and empowerment to the North Node.

North Node in Scorpio traits

Those with North Node in Scorpio are perfectionists, fearless, devoted, and fighters.

Without a doubt, this is one of the stronger placements for the North Node. Scorpio is a sign linked to transformation and their ability to learn and master anything presented their way makes them formidable.

However, with a lot of power comes the need for proficiency and patience. North Node needs to become more familiar with taking things slow and not feel overwhelmed with the need to see results instantly. They are perfectionists and need to learn that mistakes can happen.

Those with this placement can hold onto grudges. Allowing themselves to forgive and let go is necessary and can help them in their climb to the top.

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South Node in Taurus traits

This placement can be pretty popular, charming, helpful, and vindictive. Of course, they could become extremely critical of others, especially when the relationship has crumbled.

South Node in Taurus is ambitious but they might need a little push to get them to pursue their dreams. They tend to doubt themselves, so they have to tap into their inner badass and remind themselves that they can do whatever they put their minds to.

Socializing comes easily to them since they have mastered this in a previous incarnation. As long as South Node feels balanced and confident, they could allow their North Node side to succeed.

Scorpio North Node / Taurus South Node life lessons

Those with North Node in Scorpio must learn to release and not be held back by the past. To grow and experience life so they will not be tied to the experiences or people who hurt them in previous relationships. Having a vindictive attitude will not serve them in any way since it can't help them move forward.

Master what you love to do and focus on the things that can bring happiness. This North Node placement is here to experience and feel free to pursue what they love. 

Not being afraid to love unconditionally is another key thing for this placement. This is linked to letting go of what is no longer working for them. They should be willing to learn to communicate their feelings instead of holding them inside. This can allow for stronger relationships in the long run. 

They should be more accepting of mistakes and know when to learn from them in order to continue growing.

In the pursuit of their passions, the South Node in Taurus side of this placement is a reminder not to get too fixated on the material. Creating a healthy relationship with money and material wealth is important. They should not link their self-worth to how much they make or have.

Cultivating their relationship with themselves and nourishing their ego will help their North Node feel a lot more empowered.

Understanding when to let go is essential for both placements. Knowing how to pick your battles, apologizing, and asking for forgiveness will help strengthen personal and business relationships.

South Node should not nitpick or be too critical of others and themselves.

Finally, it's important to focus on being good people and playing nice. Ruled by Venus, it is easy for those with this placement to bring out their inner diplomat. Choose love, not war, especially in personal relationships.

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