How The 9 Most Influential Astrology Transits In June 2024 Will Affect You

The most impactful June 2024 astrology transits will shape the upcoming weeks and beyond.

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June is for falling in love — at least from an astrological perspective, because June 2024 has some amazing astrological transits in store for us! Since June 2024 is mostly influenced by Gemini season with Cancer season bringing up the end, these transits will have an even bigger influence on the collective as most of them are in the Gemini-Cancer axis. So look forward to some fun times and new friendships during the month!


How the 9 most influential astrology transits in June 2024 affect you:

1. Mercury enters Gemini on June 3

This transit is going to be lit! After all, Mercury isn't known to prefer Taurus, but it's right at home in the zodiac sign of Gemini. So when Mercury transits to Gemini on June 3, expect fireworks in the arena of ideas, inspiration and a few crazy pranks and adventures.


Mercury in Gemini will have a more profound impact on air signs, though all signs will also experience a sharpness in their intellect that will enable them to detect the truth from lies and know who's trying to pull the wool before their eyes. You can start journaling your hunches and insights to help you process these lightning-fast impressions at a more sedate pace.

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2. New moon in Gemini on June 6

June's new moon is in the zodiac sign of Gemini and will occur on June 6. This is more good news for air signs since it's right in the heart of Gemini season. So any wishes or desires you have can be more easily manifested at this time.

In general, though, a Gemini new moon is great for devising creative plans and improving your connections and friendships to help you achieve your goals. 

@racheljesien ✨🌙 Embrace the Magic of the New Moon in Gemini on June 6, 2024! 🌙✨ Join Rachel Jesien, the Hudson Valley's Celtic Pagan priestess, as she guides us through the transformative energies of this New Moon. This celestial event is a powerful time for setting intentions, embracing new beginnings, and connecting with the duality within us. 🔮 Key Insights for the New Moon in Gemini: Embrace Change: The New Moon in Gemini encourages us to be flexible and open to new ideas. Let go of old habits and welcome fresh perspectives into your life. Clear Communication: Gemini rules communication, so use this time to express your thoughts clearly and honestly. Journaling or speaking your intentions out loud can be particularly powerful. Connect with Others: This is a great time for socializing and networking. Reach out to friends, join new communities, and share your ideas. Intellectual Growth: Pursue new knowledge and skills. Enroll in a course, read a book, or explore a new area of interest. 🔮 Additional Wisdom: Perform a cleansing ritual to release stagnant energy and welcome fresh beginnings. Create a vision board to visualize your goals and aspirations. Meditate on your twin nature, balancing your light and shadow selves. Let the enchantment of the New Moon inspire you to embrace transformation and growth. 🌟✨ #WitchyWisdom #WestchesterPagan #CelticMagic #NewMoonInGemini #HudsonValleyPriestess #PaganRituals #WitchLife #GeminiMagic #DivineGuidance #AstrologyMagic ♬ Autumn festivals, shrines, inns, mystical Japanese-style ballads(1326612) - Yuuki Hirose

Just remember: as long as you keep things light and fun, this moon's blessings will flow easily into your life!

3. Mars enters Taurus on June 9

Mars, the planet of drive and determination, transits from Aries into Taurus on June 9. That may feel like a bummer astrologically, but Mars in Taurus has its own gifts if you meet it where it's at. For one, this energy works best when you are patient and methodical about your plans and goals. Second, Mars in Taurus blesses you when you think from the perspective of stability and not optimistic hope. The latter can color our vision with romance, but the former will make sure we are not building castles in the cloud.

If you feel called to, work with red jasper during this period to lean into the positive manifestations of this transit. You can also carry a Rudraksha stone, a powerful stone in Hinduism, in your pocket for protection if you can find one.


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4. Venus enters Cancer on June 17

The Venus in Cancer transit begins on June 17, which is good news for everyone because Venus has a friendly relationship with Cancer. But this also means that people who are only interested in 'hitting and quitting' will have a hard time finding takers. Instead, the energy is more inclined towards genuine friendships and budding relationships that grow organically and make you slowly feel at home with each other.

If you feel called to, Venus in Cancer is perfect for home makeovers and also refreshing your wardrobe with more comfortable picks that are still stylish.

5. Mercury enters Cancer on June 17

Whelp! Looks like Mercury is in a rush this month because we'll have a second Mercury transit in June 2024, specifically on June 17 when Mercury enters Cancer after being in Gemini for a mere 14 days. But since Cancer season will be upon us on June 20, this is a good transit for the upcoming season.


Our collective attention will suddenly move away from excitement and adventures when Mercury moves to Cancer, and will be more keen on figuring out how to make our and our loved ones' lives better. Honesty is important for this transit, so if you can't tell the truth for whatever reason, set better boundaries or don't say anything at all.

6. Vesta transits to Leo on June 19

Vesta in astrology brings the light of devotion and ignites our soul fire. So when Vesta moves to Leo on June 19, don't be surprised if you suddenly have no patience for people who try to control your life or force their opinions on you. Your natural instinct to follow your heart will be heightened under its influence, and most people will experience a boost in their confidence levels.

But Vesta in Leo is not an energy to be wasted on the unworthy. So make sure you carefully choose who you socialize with and where you shine your light with more care. If you are multi-talented, it's better to focus this energy on the one or two areas you are especially fond of so you can reap the best results.

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7. Sun enters Cancer on June 20 and Cancer Season begins

Finally, the Sun will make its monthly transition from Gemini to Cancer on June 20, thus kicking off Cancer season in earnest. When this happens, allow yourself to be still as the cuspal energy flows through you. The days after June 20 will be more steady and easy to engage with.

With Sun in Cancer, you will benefit from focusing on long-term plans, your relationship with your loved ones and family, and doing something for your community that makes it a better place for everyone (including you). It's the season of love, care, and kinship!

8. Full moon in Capricorn is on June 21

As usual, we will have a beautiful full moon lighting up the sky this month, too, on June 21. As a full moon in Capricorn, it's the perfect time to make pledges to yourself that will aid your career and public standing. This includes letting go of unnecessary burdens and relationships that always drag you down and dim your light.

So plan a ritual around that time. And if you want to manifest something, make sure to find out the exact time of the full moon in your part of the world and arrange to do the ritual right before the moon is full or exactly then. If you wait until the moon officially enters its waning phase, you may have less-than-stellar results.


9. Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 29

The last transit of June 2024 is Saturn retrograde on June 29. This is an important one, so prepare yourself for it in advance. Saturn retrograde in Pisces will bring up questions and insights from your subconscious that can help you heal and understand your place in the world if you lean into it. Saturn Retrograde starts in June, and it will be a change in tune 🪐❤️🙏🏼🌱🙌🏼 #saturn #retrograde #timeline#pisces #pisces♓️ #neptune #timetravel ♬ original sound - Valkyrja Vörðr

But don't be too optimistic about this transit. Saturn is one of the malefic planets in astrology because of its associations with hard work, discipline and restrictions, so Saturn retrograde in Pisces may bring out the villains from the woodwork who are bent on taking away people's rights, forcing them to conform to their tiny ways, and refusing to acknowledge another's religious or spiritual freedom to do as they please.


As long as you lean into your intuitive insights and work on soul healing, you will discover the true faces of those previously pretending to be benevolent. This will give you the power to make a change because how can you fix a problem if you don't even know it was lurking below the radar?

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