Mercury Retrograde In Taurus 2023: Meaning And Effects

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Mercury turns retrograde from April 21 to May 15, 2023. This represents the first retrograde of 2023. Typically occurring three to four times a year, each year Mercury retrogrades in a different element, and this year it retrogrades in earth signs with the first one Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

The next three weeks may be a period where things seem to slow down and in some cases can come to a standstill. In other ways, however, we can accomplish a great deal.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus

The planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus, which rules love, money, beauty and our values. On a personal and collective level, these are the issues that will be most important during Mercury retrograde in Taurus. During this three-week period most of us will be focused on the following.

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Relationships and love

During this retrograde cycle, we may be reassessing our relationships, including what we give to others as well as what we receive. If the relationship is basically stable it is likely there will be few problems. If the relationship is not stable, however, this period could signal an ending. Alternatively, issues could be worked through and get resolved.

Money and finances

Taurus is the sign that rules the second house of money and earned income. During this retrograde many of us may be going over our finances, making adjustments and looking toward our financial future.

Personal values

Venus not only rules love and money but those things we value. During this time we will be assessing our own values and determining what we value the most. Is it love, money, work or something else? As a collective, we will also be determining our values as a society.

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What to do (and not to do) during Mercury retrograde in Taurus

During the time Mercury is retrograde don’t get married, start a new business, begin new projects or begin anything you hope will become permanent. Don’t purchase high ticket items, important gifts, paint, or anything you expect to be there for a long time if you can avoid it. Retrograde Mercury is not the time to start new projects, but rather finishes up the old, and redo, re-organize or re-work something you are already working on. If you start new projects at this time, they will likely not work out as planned.

The most important things to do are to expect and prepare for inevitable slowdowns, delays, miscommunications, interference with travel and travel plans and appointments, and the breakdown of machinery, situations and even relationships at times.

If your car has been limping along and you have been putting off a repair, know this is the likely time it will become obvious that you have to fix it. If your computer is slow or having problems be sure and back up everything important. If you are in a relationship that is tottering on the brink of ending, this may well be the period that can occur, and often does. Of course Mercury retrograde is a wild card, and it is hard to know exactly what to expect.

Retrograde Mercury is part of the natural cycle of life and it is not anything out of the ordinary as it occurs so often. Everything serves a purpose and the purpose of a retrograde Mercury is to slow down a bit, reflect, rethink, re-do, re-plan and reorganize and reconsider. It is in fact a period of correction.

Often during a retrograde, thinking changes direction and a more appropriate course of action can be mapped out. New information can come out that must be considered.  Sometimes secrets are revealed, and at times a hidden truth may come out into the open.  This may not always be what your want to hear, but it can set you free.

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