The Most Controversial Astrology Placement (And What It Means If It's In Your Chart)

Ancient astrologers considered this placement an evil omen.

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According to TikTok’s @metzilmazatl, who describes himself as a Hellenistic astrologer and Human Design reader, there is an astrology placement that is "so evil" that if an astrologer found placements in this part of the sky, ancient astrologers were advised not to read the charts.

What is the Via Combusta placement?

“This placement is the last 15 degrees of Libra and the first 15 degrees of Scorpio," Ezra said in a TikTok video, who explained that the term translates to ‘burning way,’ or ‘fiery way’ in Latin.




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When the term Via Combusta was coined it was considered an ‘evil’ omen.

According to Ezra, ancient astrologers considered this a malefic, or troublesome, placement, thought to bring bad luck because of the fixed stars located in this portion of the sky. 


"Someone with their Sun in Libra would experience a Fallen Sun and someone with a Moon in Scorpio would experience a Fallen Moon,” Ezra explained.

It's true that the Sun in Libra is not considered the best placement as it is at its fall in the sign (as opposed to at its exaltation, which would be in Aries). The Moon in Scorpio, likewise, is considered at its fall. This simply means neither planet is comfortable or operates at its fullest in that particular sign. That said, all planets are assigned to signs they may be considered exalted in, fallen in, at their detriment, or at home. This simply shows us the relative strength or weakness of the planet. If it is "weak," it is not "bad" — it just means you may have to work harder to attain that planet's full potential.

Most astrologers today do not believe in "evil" planets, although there are certainly some that are more challenging than others without a doubt. When the term Via Combusta was first realized, society was far more "evil" — or rather, primitive — than today as individuals had less personal power, if any. There were crusades, openly corrupt rulers and inquisitions, and some populations faced certain prejudices, not to mention a far shorter span of life and a lack of medicine or medical attention.

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While Horary astrologers may attach significance to Via Combusta, modern astrology places little significance on this. 

Horary astrology is an ancient form of astrology that is based on the time a specific question is asked as opposed to looking at a birth chart. A chart is cast for the current moment that answers the question, typically in a yes or no fashion. If the Ascendant or Descendant of the chart falls at the Via Combusta placement, between 15 degrees of Libra through 15 degrees of Scorpio, the chart is considered ‘burning up,’ or too unpredictable to read. Some horary astrologers believe the Via Combusta in horary means there is nothing you can do about the problem or situation you are asking about.

Astrology and astrological interpretations change as humanity evolves and we become more self-aware and aware of our surroundings, so don’t let this term scare you if you have planets located in the Via Combusta. While it is important to realize the flaws in our personal charts, it is also important to look at our strengths and put our focus there so we may, in fact, make the most of what we have.

Everyone’s natal chart encompasses 360 degrees, so 15 degrees of Libra through 15 degrees of Scorpio falls somewhere in everyone’s chart, whether you have planets located there or not.

The Sun passes through the Via Combusta every year from roughly the 9th of October until the 7th of November, although it can change by a few days. During this time we are typically focused on our need for others versus our need to be free. Scorpio in general can be a more intense time of the year, bringing up some deep-seated emotions.


Watch for any Sun aspect that hits planets in your chart between 15 degrees of Libra to Scorpio. Does this trigger anything? If it does, don’t expect disaster.

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