How To Make An Awesome Sex Tape (And Everything You Need To Think About FIRST)

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Those who want to know how to make a sex tape should have a look over the next few paragraphs and learn There are many couples who film themselves while doing it and it's actually nothing new.

However, their film didn't reach the eye of the public or the porn industry because they were smart about it. Some Hollywood stars had their sex tapes released to the public. Whether they wanted this to happen or not, we can't know.

It is vital that you trust the person with whom you are filming such an intimate moment. A trustworthy partner can't be found that easily. Remember, you've got to trust them not to do anything stupid if your relationship ends badly.

So making a sex tape starts with trust. If you don’t trust your husband/boyfriend to not share it, it is better not to do it.


Nobody knows your partner better than yourself. Think about his/her character and analyze if he/she would betray you.

The results of such a homemade sexy porno featuring you and being released might not be that fun in the long term. In addition to this, it's important to talk about ownership. In case you and your partner are not married, it is important to keep it somewhere safe.

There are no other more important rules on how to make a sex tape. Trust in one another is the only important rule both partners should consider. The rest is are really just technicalities. Sex is still sex, only, in this case, it's in front of a camera. 

Equipment Needed:

Before we get to the juicy bits of making a homemade sex tape, as in what to film like oral sex, positions and where to finish. A high-quality home movie is all about a good camera with some decent lighting and sound.

  • Camera: Thankfully most smartphones these days have pretty incredible cameras, so you just need a tripod or some other implement to keep it fixed and in place. However, maybe you don't like the idea of it being on your phone at all as it can be copied easily. If this is the case, then your best bet is to try using an older camera that puts all the video onto a physical tape.
  • Lighting: The next most important part of making your sex tape is the lighting. You can pay for a ton of lighting equipment, but the best, cheapest option is to just direct bedside lamps at the area you are filming. Easy.
  • Sound: If you don't use a camera that also captures sound, then things are going to start getting complicated. My advice is to use a camera with built-in audio recording functionality when making your homemade porno.

How To Make A Sex Tape In Terms Of Filming?

This takes just a little bit of planning. Make a list of all the angles that you guys already like while watching sexy porn. Then you're going to set up the camera and lighting so that you capture these angles. It's literally that simple.

While filming whatever comes to mind at the time can be fun, but it often means one of you holding the camera and getting a lousy shot. Sticking to a schedule is certainly a little more boring, but it is totally worth when you see the finished product.

How To Make Your Sex Tape Look Professional?

Well, that's if you want it to look as professional as possible. I'm not talking about being so professional that you are taking light readings, using different gels, reflectors and all that.

What I mean by professional is slightly different. While filming sex without any plan whatsoever can be fun, it usually isn't particularly fun to watch later because you just watch this dark footage that's constantly shaking.

However, if you can make an effort to "perform for the camera" and be aware of it so that you can make the sex look better on screen, then you're going to make a sex tape that you'll want to watch hundreds of times, instead of just once and deleting it.

How To Enhance Your Performance:

A camera filming your entire intimate performance might cause a little bit of anxiety. We all know sexual performance can take a hit when anxiety is involved.

The worst is that you know you're good in bed, he/she knows it as well, but what about that damn camera? It can be a huge distraction at times and, worst of all, take away from your performance.

The easiest way to deal with this is to just have a glass or two of wine and if your man needs it, he should try popping one of those little blue pills beforehand too.

Make A Role Playing Sex Tape:

If you enjoyed making your sex tape, but want to take it to the next level, then you should start thinking about role playing with your man. It can open up a huge avenue of different homemade sex tapes you can make. Here are a few different ideas:

  • You dominant, him submissive
  • Him dominant, you submissive
  • Cop and criminal
  • Schoolgirl and headmaster
  • Pornstar and naive starlet

Once You've Made The Sex Tape:

Once you've made the sex tape, then you're going to need to store it in a safe place. For most people, this is your computer. Make sure to always password protect it too.

One final time, I'd just like to remind you how important it is that there is a strong level of trust between both you and your man if you do decide to make a sex tape. For many people, if their homemade porno gets out into the world, it can be life-ruining.


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