What Is Rune Casting & How To Use Them With The Tarot Cards

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Beginner's Guide To Casting Runes, Symbols & Spiritual Meanings
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Casting runes is a practice you can use for guidance in all areas of life.

Runes have become popular again, perhaps due to a peak of intrigue caused by the video games and now it's making its way into real life television shows. But runes have been around since the Norse age, and like Tarot, can be used as a tool for divination. Some astrologers use them, and others do not.  

The meaning of the word Rune is "whisper" or "secret" and it is considered an occult practice. Runes are ancient written symbols believed to have originated from the Germanic alphabet. Runes were used prior to the adoption of Latin as a written language. Runes are thought to have emerged around 150 AD. 

Counting the blank rune a full set should be 25 pieces, each playing off each other. Having a rune book or guide is helpful. 

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Runes can be used similarly to Tarot in that they can be laid out in spreads and read from the perspective on a situation or a specific question, but they make no connection to zodiac signs or planet meanings, like horoscopes and the tarot do. Runes can also be "Cast" in a traditional sense such as reaching into your rune bag and tossing a small hand full of Runes onto your casting cloth. The game Fortnite has used a type of Runes for puzzles as runes have an air of mystery about them this is lending to the concept of runes to the mainstream consciousness. 

Runes are used though for guidance in both simple and complex issues, and yes, you can use it to help you understand the astrological transits affecting your zodiac sign. Runes today can be purchased in many locations, with online shopping at a peak, there are many shops selling custom or handmade runes and larger companies too that you can order from and have your new set in just days.

There are still brick and mortar shops runes can be purchased from, a Google search can show you if there are such shops in your area.  It depends on what you're drawn to, I personally enjoy a simple set of handmade wooden runes that have been wood burned. Traditionally runes are either carved onto stone or wood for casting purposes.

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I will always remember the day I cast my runes one Summer day sitting on the grass in my parent's backyard with a burning question on my mind. The question on my mind was "Am I pregnant"? With my new rune set in hand, I cast my reading. Several of the runes representing fertility, namely Kenaz, Ingwaz, Jera, and Berkana were laid in front of me, I decided to buy the pregnancy test. My intuition was right. I was indeed pregnant.

My runes have guided me truthfully in so many instances since that day and continued to affirm my intuitive nature. I've even made my own set of Runes for personal use. I recommend sleeping with them under your pillow. I like to keep a piece of Labradorite in my rune bag. I feel putting them out every so often in the light of a full moon to be adequate for cleansing as they do periodically need that especially if you use them often!

There are many ways to lay out your rune reading.

Runes can be used in place of say Angel cards in Tarot readings as further deepening of what a specific Tarot card is indicating. Runes are used to ask for ancestral guidance and use symbols related to living a real and hearty life such as the Vikings and Norse did so you will see many symbols relating to rugged living.

Here is how to cast runes and know what each of the symbols means when doing an interpretation with (or without) your tarot cards. 

1. WYRD named for the three Norse sisters, the Norns, the unknown. 

The three Norse sisters are symbolic of WYRD. The sisters are respectfully named Urdhr, Verthandi, and Skuld, in Norse they are the past, present, and future.

Wyrd is the single blank Rune contained in most sets. Wyrd represents the element of the unknown and can show areas where the clarity is still in need. 

2. FEHU a measure of a man's worth.

Fehu represents your measure of status within the community and family. It represents hard work toward a goal. Fehu is about your independence and care of self-worth. Fehu is your income earned, revenue and what you work for. Upright it considers being fruitful financially. It is a wish fulfillment Rune in a positive position. Reversed Fehu could indicate disappointment, it could show more work is needed or work has been lacking. 

3. URUZ is the bearer of strength, health, and vitality.

Uruz represents Ox and cattle which were seen as symbols of strength, energy and wild force. Upright, Uruz indicates your strength will prevail. Uruz represents masculine energy. In a relationship, it indicates strong emotions! Uruz is also tied to personal willpower.

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4. THURISAZ provides strong protection and luck.

Thurisaz represents the Hammer of Thor, the mighty weapon Mjollnir, protector of man and gods alike. It indicates a stroke of luck! Thurisaz symbolizes using force to overcome obstacles. Thurisaz represents the Masculine force balancing with the feminine to create a third force. It can indicate destruction in order to create something new. Reversed it could indicate a loss in a battle of some sort, having your weaknesses exploited by an adversary.

5. ANSUZ stands for communication, and knowledge to be had.

Ansuz is the rune for the mouth. It refers us to the spoken word and communication and the acquisition of wisdom you may need. It can also indicate written communications of all types including exams. Ansuz may indicate a chance encounter with a person who has the knowledge you need.

It can Indicate parental types of advice. It can indicate advice freely given. In the reversed position Ansuz could indicate deceit or deal with a situation where your needs or desires are not being treated with respect. 

6. RAIDHO or RAIDO is for swift movement, and travel.

When Raido appears in a reading it indicates movement of some type, as it symbolic meaning was of a wagon or travel cart.  The movement Raido indicates could be in a literal sense like a vacation or any type of travel or figuratively it would be moving in a venture or relationship. Raido can even indicate a journey of your soul! Reversed it's one of the Runes of delay possibly accidents.

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7. KENAZ are the home fires burning where fertility is possible.

Kenaz is the Norse symbol for fire. It's not the destructive side to fire but instead, the warmth and comfort fire can afford. The hearth and home. The controlled flame more like a torch. Kenaz is a protective rune indicating a time of lessening of worries and troubles.

 Kenaz points to the masculine energy. It is the rune of creativity and protects artists and craftsmen. Kenaz is a rune for fertility and can appear in a reading to indicate a birth, either literal or figurative such as the birth of a new idea!

8. GIFU or GEBO symbolizes the best gifts in life.

Gebo's literal meaning is "Gift". Gebo has no reversed position. Gebo is almost always indicative of a blessing you will receive. Gebo indicates some type of partnership maybe even a marriage proposal. Sometimes Gebo can indicate the issue is of an emotional nature so the question and the surrounding runes are at the heart of Gebo. 

9. WUNJO are those things that bring joy and happiness.

Wunjo is another of the positive runes, Its symbolic representation is of joy and happiness. In a rune cast, it indicates a positive outcome for troubles. Wunjo is a great rune of success and shows the wheel of fortune has turned in your favor or will soon! In a love reading, it could indicate a deep and respectful love with a strong potential for lasting happiness.

Wunjo can show happiness in your work especially if the work is creative in nature! Reversed Wunjo indicates slow movement and troubles that are burdensome to surmount.  

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10. HAGALL or HAGALAZ represent forces outside your control.

Hagalaz symbolically means "Hail" and those forces which are outside your control. It is one of the primary runes for delays and limitation. It is a symbol of disruption. Hagalaz can turn up for someone considering taking some type of a risk. Hagalaz has no reversed position. 

11. NIED or NAUTHIZ means to slow it all down.

Nauthiz counsels for patience and is considered one of the three great runes of delay. Nauthiz advises you to hold back as no amount of haste will speed things up. Nauthiz always indicates passing through a difficult learning situation. It refers to a time of crossing the abyss. Emotional challenge of some nature is indicated by Nauthiz. You may be called upon to conquer fear. Reversed Nauthiz indicates you may be lacking in patience and rushing forward into a situation that could end badly. 

12. ISA tells you when things have frozen in place.

Isa is one of the three main delay runes and indicates a freeze of sorts. No movement will be had will Isa at play. Isa forces us to stop action in a certain direction. Isa in a relationship reading could indicate a breach of loyalty. Isa regardless of the type of relationship shows a cooling off. Isa has no reverse. 

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13. JERA lets you know that it's time to reap what you've sown.

Jera represents the Harvest and indicates a time when you will reap what you have sown. Looking at the surrounding runes will be helpful in determining the type of harvest. Jera can also represent legality and justice of all types. Jera shows that the harvest can't be rushed and will come but in its own time. In a primarily negative rune cast, Jera can show all is not lost. Jera has no reversed position. 

14. EIHWAZ or EIWAZ show that protective forces are at play.

To the ancient Norse Eiwaz represented the Yew tree. Eiwaz was a powerful ally to the Norse in their daily life. The Yew tree was the most important tree for the Norse people as it was the tree of Yggdrasil, the great tree which forms the nine worlds of man and spirit.

The Yew was also the best tree to make their prized longbows from. Eiwaz is a great and powerful rune of protection. If Eiwaz is in a prominent place no matter how bad things seem they will turn for the better. There is no reversed position for Eiwaz.

15. PERDHRO or PERTHRO say that deep mystery surrounds the issue. 

Perthro is a powerful rune of mystery both literally and magically. Even experts have tended to struggle with the meaning of Perthro. For divination purposes its meaning is clear, it indicates things that are hidden, secrets and the occult. Perthro can show something that was once hidden will come to light.

In a relationship reading it can indicate extreme sexual chemistry. Perthro can indicate you have a strong connection to intuitive or occult abilities. A disappointment from a broken trust can be indicated by Perthro reversed. 

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16. EOLH or ALGIZ means something new is beginning!

Eolh is the rune of friendship. It can point to a new friendship or positive new influence in your life. Eolh is considered one of the runes of protection. Eolh tells you to go with your instincts and use your intuition. In a relationship, the reversed position indicates you should hold back until you know more of the other person's character.

17. SIGEL or SOWULO symbolizes victory, and power abound!

Sowulo is considered one of the great runes of victory. Its position is of great power. Sowulo in a rune cast shows you have much potential for power in your life to effect beneficial changes. If Sowulo is cast in a reading swift victory is indicated. Since Sowulo is also associated with health if its in a mostly positive reading it would indicate recovery or a strong life force. Suwulo has no reversed position. 

18. TIR or Tiawaz is a victory in the competition, which can really be anything you want to succeed in! 

Tiwaz represents success in a competition of any sort. The rune Tiwaz embodies the competitive spirit. If Tiwaz appears in a cast you may be looking to take up a cause to fight for. Tiwaz shows you are ready to fight for what you believe in.

Tiwaz points to motivation and overcoming the odds. No matter the opposition Tiwaz shows you should be able to overcome. Reversed it indicates waning effort and loss.

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19. BEORC or BERKANA symbolizes the Mother and Child; Its considered a rune of fertility.

Berkana is the preeminent rune of Birth. Berkana symbolizes the mother and child. The birth may be an actual one or the birth of an idea. In a rune cast for a new project, it indicates a tangible result and plans should be implemented right away. Berkana shows a positive outcome. Reversed Berkana could indicate family and domestic issues however in itself does not indicate failure.

20. EHWAZ is the movement of a dwelling place, such as a relocation of home or even work.

Ehwaz is the rune of physical shifts such as moving your dwelling place. It signifies change but a change for the better. Ehwaz type of change would be deliberate and the result of planning and effort, perhaps of a gradual nature. Ehwaz can point to common sense advice that will aid you in troubles. Reversed Ehwaz does not have to mean anything negative.

If it's surrounded with positive runes then it would more likely mean the same as upright. If it's with negative runes however you are being cautioned to not implement change at this time.

21. MANNAZ signals depending on community support, having supportive assistance around you.

Mannaz in Norse represented Mankind. It is a rune of interdependence. This rune can indicate aid or advice that is honest and unbiased. It can indicate you are too close to the problem and need to step back for a broader view. Mannaz can also indicate problems with women regardless of your gender. Reversed Mannaz can show you won't receive any aid with the issue and may come up against obstacles.

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22. LAGAZ or LAGUZ means to trust your gut, intuition is key here.

Lagaz is the rune symbolizing intuitive knowledge. Lagaz counsels to pay attention to your intuition. It can indicate psychic abilities even if you are not aware of any. Lagaz is the principal feminine rune. Lagaz often will appear when your dreams should be looked too for guidance. Listen to your inner voice is the counsel of Lagaz.

Good memory and success in learning are also a focus for Lagaz. Reversed, however, Lagaz would show that you're leading yourself astray. It can indicate temptation or infidelity.

23. ING or INGWAZ is an end to worry is in sight, resolution and peace are forthcoming.

Ingwaz is almost always a positive rune. It shows relief is at hand, the force to overcome your obstacles is with you. Ingwaz in a rune cast could indicate a milestone event such as a birth, new job or a new relationship. Ingwaz points to auspicious beginnings and an end to over anxiety and strife. There is no reversed placement for Ingwaz.

24. DAEG or DAGAZ is healthy growth and hope.

Dagaz symbolizes growth and prosperity. In a rune cast, shows a time of peaceful gains.  Having Dagaz appear in a casting portends a period of increase even in a negative cast. When Dagaz appears with delay runes it indicates a softening of their effects. Dagaz shows you that a new day will dawn! There is no reversed position for Dagaz.

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25. OTHEL or OTHALA represents what you own, your valuables in life.

Othala is the rune that represents possessions. Usually things money can buy even land or buildings. It can indicate inheritance or trust. Depending on the surrounding runes it can indicate someone stingy with material possessions or alternatively a person who works very hard. Othala reversed indicates frustration often brought on by trying to rush things.

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