Spiritual Meaning Of Blue Topaz

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Spiritual Meaning Of Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is the most popular crystal to wear in the world, and this healing gem possesses much spiritual meaning.

Blue topaz has such a lovely color that promotes healing and enhances the spirituality of the wearer.

What is the spiritual meaning of blue topaz?

The clarity of its blue hue is what stands out the most when you look at this special crystal.

Blue topaz symbolizes trust.

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There’s nothing more relaxing than staring out at a sea of beautiful blue water, and when you wear a blue topaz stone it feels like the ocean is always with you.

Blue topaz can give its wearer a sense of perspective.

When you can’t catch sight of where the water ends, it’s impossible not to recognize just how big this world is — and just how small you are.

The blue on topaz connects you to the vastness of the world.

Like the blue of the water, blue topaz is clear and bright, so you can’t stop looking at it.

Spiritually, blue topaz reminds a person of nature where birds are chirping and the waves are crashing. Everything is calm and peaceful. And it all centers around the very blueness you see.

It’s understandable why the precious gem, blue topaz, would give off the same vibes as this scenery. After all, the icy blue shade is the most impressive part.

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Blue topaz typically comes in three different shades — pale sky blue, cool Swiss blue, and deep London blue. No matter the shade, the shining twinkle remains the same.

Just like every color, blue topaz evokes emotion within the beholder. If you’re pulled towards a certain color, it’s safe to say it gives you good feelings.

However, blue topaz is unique. It seems to attract everyone it meets. You can’t ignore the rush of emotion this color brings. In a spiritual sense, it is truly unmatched.

Spiritual meaning and history of blue topaz

Ancient civilizations first believed that blue topaz had cooling powers. These stones, or gems, would be used to relieve burns and cool boiling waters.

From there, they began to accept that the physical effects of blue topaz could be translated to the emotional side of things. It was then put to work in preventing anger and instability.

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It’s possible that just looking at this color for a long period of time will ease your tensions.

Healing benefits of blue topaz

Blue topaz promotes tranquility and harmony within and without your mind.

Some Hindu beliefs involve using blue topaz as a way to focus on meditation and spirituality.

As a result, this gem is said to ignite concentration. Your mental capacity will be at its best if and when you start to embrace blue topaz into your life.

Communication benefits of blue topaz

The mental fortitude doesn’t just stop at concentration. It’s also believed that blue topaz makes you a more effective communicator.

If you have an interview or big speech coming up, incorporate some blue topaz into your wardrobe. It will give you the attention needed to express your thoughts and ideas.

Blue topaz also signifies loyalty and love. That being said, it’s a great gift for your partner or a friend.

With roots in honesty, clarity of feelings, and deep emotional attachment, this gem will show how much you care for someone.

Nothing is short-term with blue topaz. It implies a lifelong commitment and trustworthiness that cannot be broken.

Carrying many spiritual meanings, blue topaz is one of the most symbolic and powerful gems.

By absorbing all it has to offer, you will be a more grounded and loving person.

If you’re looking to improve these areas of your life, there’s no harm in surrounding yourself with blue topaz.

It can be in the form of jewelry, clothing, and even the background on your phone. When you see this color, you will be reminded to strive for peace.

Blue topaz and gem quality

Topaz itself, can appear in many different colors — orange, yellow, pink, gray, brown, green, and of course, blue.

Because of its versatility, topaz is a well sought after gem.

The color it holds is going to play into its value. For example, blue and pink topaz is going to be rarer and have higher quality due to their intense color.

Yellow is probably one of the least expensive.

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Look at the gem in different lighting conditions.

Although you may shop at a jewelry store, put it against natural lighting to get a better idea of its brightness.

Similar to a diamond, the cut and clarity of topaz are going to impact its quality.

If the gem appears to be clean and almost see-through, it has a higher value. Keep in mind, there may be some impurities due to the color you choose.

In addition, the cut of topaz is also dependent upon color choice.

When there is a sparkle and brightness to the color being shown, it is likely to be well-cut.

For the most part, cut and clarity go hand in hand.

When one is good, so is the other. If you’re looking for a high-quality topaz, choose a color that will give you the optimal cut and clarity.

And guess what? Blue topaz is a perfect choice!

Blue topaz as a gift

Blue topaz is the symbol for the 4th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

So, it’s a good idea to give this gem to your loved one during those special occasions.

Earrings, rings, and necklace pendants are a great way to go.

But always consider how they best like to wear jewelry — you want to make sure they’ll love it.

As said before, blue topaz is also a sign of friendship.

So, if a friend of yours is celebrating a birthday or has been going through a tough time, this might be the perfect gift.

It will remind them of your presence and loyalty.

Being a symbol of peace and harmony, blue topaz is a great gift opportunity for anyone who is feeling stressed in their life (so everyone).

You don’t have to go crazy and buy an expensive piece of jewelry.

There are other ways to give this color — scarves, purses, and ballet flats are great options.

However you decide to involve blue topaz into your life and others, you’ll be happy you did!

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