The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Scorpio, According To Astrology

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2024 lucky day horoscope for Scorpio symbolism

You have made it through two of the most transformative years of your adult journey as the eclipse cycle in Taurus and Scorpio has recently concluded. This brought in a phase of internal growth along with the changes that you couldn't help but take note of in your relationships. By embracing what arose, you receive the confirmation you need to understand just how powerfully your beliefs shape the reality of your life.

Now, as the Nodes of Fate shift into Libra and Aries, you are looking for softness, understanding and freedom, and you want to have this era marked by ease and no longer by struggle. The North Node will be in your twelfth house of intuition and dreams, while the South Node will light up themes of time and dedication as you find yourself wanting to enjoy more of your days, whether this is simply your routine or feeling at peace within your life.

This energy will be the driving force behind each decision you make in the year ahead as you want more time to become the most valuable commodity you can possess. Within that space is also where the greatest energy will affect you as Sagittarius, the ruler of your second house of value and finances, becomes the dominant force of luck within your life in 2024. By embracing your inner worth, you will devote your time to what and who is of most value to you, which is also what will bring the financial abundance you seek.

While changes will continue in your life, especially once Jupiter shifts into Gemini, you need to begin within yourself and make sure that you're not allowing anything that isn't in complete alignment with your soul to continue. What you agree to is what will continue because it's equal to the vibration you are sending out.

So, to attract different, create more financial abundance and find the luck you seek, you first need to honor your inner self and become unapologetic about what you will accept — and what you won't.  

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Luckiest day in January: Monday, January 1 

January begins with dominating Sagittarius energy. Mercury, the planet of communication, started its final retrograde of the year in December of 2023 but will finally station direct on the first day of the new month and new year. Mercury is the planet of communication, contracts and agreements, so you have been directed to focus on those you've previously made in terms of finances, self-worth and what you want this new era of your life to be based on. 

As Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius, it's important to reflect on what has changed but also what you are still hoping you can review or bring changes to. To make the most of the changes you desire and the abundance you see as being able to make all other dreams possible means you also have to be honest with yourself about what you really want. There is no more hiding in the shadows, so it's time to step into the light fully.

Luckiest day in February: Tuesday, February 6 

While January brought you an opportunity for truth, reflection and adjustment, February will ask that you become impassioned for what you want to honor and create in the year ahead. Sagittarius energy often creates the need to be more mindful of what you are spending, as you are encouraged to save for the dreams you want to bring to fruition — but you also need to understand that time is just as much a resource as money is.  

Asteroid Pallas governs wisdom intuition and often indicates that you will need to take a stand for what you believe in. In Sagittarius, it lights up themes related to finances, self-worth and value, so use this first to make sure you are honoring your inner worth and then focus your energies on what is most important to you. If you don't validate yourself and your dreams, then you're only leaving it in the hands of others.

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Luckiest day in March: Friday, March 29 

Asteroid Pallas stations retrograde in Sagittarius, which draws your attention away from what you know logically to what your emotions represent instead. This is a time to make sure that you haven't been overthinking or overcomplicating the process you are in by trying to stay only in your head. You are a water sign, which means to honor yourself, you first have to honor your emotions. Try to spend some time in solitude this month reflecting on emotionally and soulfully the most important aspects of your life. You also can help this process by remaining aware of your feelings in each situation and trying to draw yourself out of what makes sense and into what feels right.  

While the eclipse cycle has moved out of Taurus and Scorpio, they will still be providing you with moments of growth and change, which begins in March as the Libra Eclipse activates a greater desire for freedom and to make the most of each day. This can have you rebelling a bit against any routines or structures that feel monotonous or outgrown. Still, it will ultimately help you embrace that Sagittarian lens of what is most important to you.

Luckiest day in April: Monday, April 15 

March began as a month to reflect more on your inner self while you started to reflect more on how to create a life that you are positively in love with. April brings the First Quarter Moon in Cancer, a time to set an intention for the new chapter that you want to move forward into. Cancer rules your house of luck, abundance, expansion and travel, so pay attention to these themes as they arise. Remember, don't just set an intention for what seems logical, but what truly feels like it sets your soul on fire.  

The Aries Eclipse will also occur in April, helping you to bring about a catalyst moment in your life as the deepest part of your subconscious is illuminated. Until you honor your inner truth, nothing else will matter. Even if you accumulate a full bank account, lucrative investments and a gorgeous house, if you're not honoring what is most important to you on a soul level, then you will forever be looking for more.

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Luckiest day in May: Thursday, May 23 

The Full Moon in Sagittarius rises in May and helps bring an important moment to fruition. Sagittarius isn't just about finances or making time for those aspects of life that bring you joy and fulfillment, but also your self-worth. When you have a healthy level of self-worth, you no longer allow yourself to be in situations where it is compromised. Although that often brings dramatic changes to your life, it's one you must honor because you must set a new precedent for how you will be treated and what you expect the universe to deliver. 

Jupiter will also shift from Taurus and your house of relationships to Gemini and that of transformation and inheritances. This aspect of your life is known as the eighth house and governs over the concept of other people's money and can often indicate some monetary gift that you will receive. Because there is so much Sagittarius energy ruling your path this year, it's important that if you do receive an inheritance or gift, you save it and hold off on making any big decisions until September.

Luckiest day in June: Monday, June 17 

Venus may rule matters of the heart, but it also governs finances and real estate. While you may be trying to hold off on any big purchases, specifically a home, until things are clearer in September, you may start looking in June. This wouldn't be a move just to have a bigger home, but something that allows you not only the freedom you're now craving but also to be able to live your life in more alignment with what you desire. 

Venus in Cancer activates your ninth house of luck, abundance and travel, so you may also find yourself preparing for travel or looking to make plans this month. If planning an adventure, try to get everything set by the end of the month so that you won't be affected by Mercury retrograde over the summer.

You can also use this as inspiration to reflect on if you would do anything differently if you knew you could not fail. Let yourself fall in love with life again in June, as you remember what goes into not just feeling happy but also lucky to be precisely where you are in this moment. 

Luckiest day in July: Thursday, July 11 

July ushers in the energy of Venus in Leo, ruler of your career sector, so your professional life will be the main focus this month. Venus was in Leo for its retrograde for an almost unprecedented five months in 2023, so you may see common themes arise from that time for greater reflection.

Although Venus does shift into Leo, highlighting career matters, Mercury will be retrograde in August, retracing its steps into this fire sign, which means rather than a new career, you will be reflecting, reviewing and changing the one you currently have. If you are being drawn to apply for new positions or start anything new, try to do it in the first two weeks of July to make the most of the positive energy and not put yourself at risk for things going differently than you had imagined they would.  

With finances playing such a big part in your journey this year, along with the value of time, embrace conversations around this time that have to do with raises, promotions, greater work-life balance and relocation if they could improve your overall quality of life. July is when you can make the most of a divine opportunity to begin to change things for the better genuinely.

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Luckiest day in August: Wednesday, August 28 

Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo, which involves the community that surrounds you before moving into Leo. Mercury retrograde in Virgo and then Leo will be about you spending August reflecting on the beneficial connections you have in your life, along with ensuring your value is being honored in your career. You have done a great deal of reflection this year in learning what you genuinely need from life in order to feel happy and fulfilled, so make sure you take the opportunities the universe presents to you this month to level up.  

Mercury will station direct in Leo at the end of August and will bring some lucky developments in your career where you are likely to see new offers or a pay increase. This will also mark the beginning of a significant period of growth in your life where you may be looking to relocate or strike out more on your own to embrace that soul freedom you've been working on developing this year.

Luckiest day in September: Wednesday, September 4 

September is all about newness, expansion and getting yourself out of whatever rut you've been stuck in. Dealing with matters of finances and what is of value in your life isn't always the most fun, but it is part of establishing the foundation for the life you are looking to build. Now, it's time to start making those big moves. Mars, the planet of action, ambition and passion, shifts into Cancer, ruler of your sector of luck and expansion, making this one of the luckiest months of the entire year.  

You are now free to do whatever you are dreaming of with the total support of the universe. Whether it's applying for new jobs, starting your own business, negotiating on salary or benefits, buying a home — or simply just traveling. There is absolutely nothing keeping you where you are right now. Instead, everything in the universe is urging you to take a chance on yourself and seize the new beginning you've been dreaming of.

Luckiest day in October: Thursday, October 17 

Venus, ruler of finances and real estate, will shift into Sagittarius, bringing a benefit to your savings and offering you a positive time to sell a home or business. Venus in Sagittarius helps you to honor the true value of your skills, efforts, or property so that you can be compensated fairly. While much of the energy at the beginning of the year was about honoring your inner self-worth before declaring your value to others, take time in October to check in with yourself to ensure that you are genuinely honoring all you are worth. 

From October until the end of the year, it is primarily Sagittarius energy that will rule the luck you attract, which means not only will you be feeling more financially abundant, but you are also making decisions that will benefit you more in the long run rather than instantaneously. Focus your plans on the long-term success you desire to ensure you are making the most of each opportunity.

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Luckiest day in November: Saturday, November 2 

November is a month for conversations and negotiations as Mercury shifts into the fire sign of Sagittarius. This is an energy that you should be fairly skilled at working with by now, and so it's also time to negotiate on the price of a new home, sell your existing one, or make other essential financial decisions. Be wary around this time, especially during Scorpio Season, of someone trying to lowball you or not honor what you're worth. The universe will often send tests for you to see just how much you've grown, so it's important not to back down.  

While Mercury is in Sagittarius, the Sun and asteroid Juno will be in Scorpio, helping you to move from a place of authenticity. Mars will also move into Leo in November, which means this may be the best month to make career changes if you desire greater growth in this area. You'll be more motivated to apply and will come across as a highlight capable in interviews. With Leo and Sagittarius energy both present, don't be afraid to say your salary requirement is even higher, as it's likely it will be accepted.

Luckiest day in December: Sunday, December 1 

It's important to pause and reflect on the journey this year has represented as the New Moon in Sagittarius rises at the beginning of the month. This should help you feel on more solid ground with your financial house and also make you feel better about yourself as you have honored your internal worth and value. Focus on setting an intention for less struggle and more ease in this new chapter of your life. Reflect on what you've learned and allow yourself to have fun, especially if you've just recently received a pay upgrade.  

You may feel a slowdown in your professional life in December as Mars stations retrograde in Leo. This usually is a time when you are questioning your purpose or the decisions you've made up to this point. There is always room for improvement, but instead of trying to make a push for the end of the year, allow everything to be what it is and take a position of observation instead.

Because this year was about your finances and self-worth, you may not have made the career change you hoped for, but don't worry because that is mainly what next year is about. For now, it's enough to celebrate your growth and recognize how once you knew you deserved more, the entire universe conspired to help you bring your dreams to reality.

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