The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Pisces, According To Astrology

Honor your divine gifts and you are guaranteed to receive even more.

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Much of the work that you began last year will continue throughout this year as the 2024 Pisces lucky day horoscope encourages you to really step into knowing your full worth so that you never underestimate or undersell yourself again.

This began significantly once Saturn entered your zodiac sign in 2023 and was intensified as the North Node crossed into Aries. You can still be both empathetic and empowered, you can be sensitive yet still hold healthy boundaries, and you can be tuned into the world of the divine yet still enjoy your rich human existence.  


As the North Node shifted into Aries, it brought the focus to your second house, which rules over finances and self-worth. This is the place that will encourage you to take more pride in who you are and what you are capable of as you develop a deep respect for your natural gifts and what you've worked hard to create. You don't always feel like you must keep life a secret or hide just how talented you are.

By having a healthy sense of empowerment, you will allow yourself to shine truly. When the North Node shifted into Aries, the South Node moved into Libra. Libra rules your eighth house, which is your sector of transformation and change and in this placement, you may feel like you have a loss of control over events in your life. However, that is only because you and your path are being guided so closely by the universe and the divine.  


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Let yourself release control over thinking you must figure everything out or handle all aspects of your life. Instead, you are being guided to step into an energy of complete worthiness so that you can smile as you see each change of the path or redirection happening for your highest good. This is a year in which you'll see career expansion, new opportunities and an incredible boost to your financial abundance.

In this process, it's only because you are finally learning you don't have to hide your light, and you certainly don't ever have to pretend to be less than you are. When you own your power and your divine connection to the universe — you then stand to inherit everything you've ever wished for.  


Luckiest day in January: Saturday, January 20 

January begins as Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius, ruler of your career sector. Sagittarius and Pisces are two of the most philosophical and spiritual zodiac signs, which means that you are always on a journey to feel like your career is also connected to your purpose. You are always willing to learn to do better, and now, as Mercury stations direct, you will also be in the place to start acting on those new job offers that will start rolling in because Mercury rules all aspects of communication. In Sagittarius, that means that you will either be hearing back from jobs you've previously applied for new offers or finally pursuing what you know is meant for you.

Try to embrace an energy of fearlessness as you set your sights high, and remember that you deserve everything you desire.

Luckiest day in February: Friday, February 23 

Asteroid Pallas rules over intuition, wisdom, and the ability to fight for what matters the most to you. In February, Pallas shifts into Sagittarius, which means that it's your career sector that will be highlighted. While many zodiac signs are going to be guided to do more internal work at the start of 2024, you are being urged to jump right into your new beginning.  


While Pallas is in Sagittarius, reflect on what it feels like you are meant to do, and then continue to pursue it by honoring your inner wisdom and sense of justice. With Mercury in Sagittarius in January and now Pallas, you may also have to stand up for yourself against a coworker or continue to advocate for what it is you know you deserve. Just remember to keep shining bright because light will always triumph over darkness.

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Luckiest day in March: Monday, March 11 

In March, Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Aries. This is a greatly beneficial transit as Mercury doesn't just rule the words you write or speak, but how you talk to yourself. In Aries, its focus is on finances and creating abundance in your life, something the North Node is assisting you with as well, but it's also a time when you are being urged to build up greater respect for yourself.  

With Mercury in Aries, be mindful of your boundaries with others, where it feels like you are being treated unfairly or less than you deserve and return to your inner sanctum of truth. Don't be so concerned about being labeled as mean, as it's only those who profited from your lack of self-respect who will be upset by your growth. When you take a pause and honor yourself, you also set a new standard for everyone else in your life.


Luckiest day in April: Friday, April 19 

There are so many lucky moments for you in 2024, but April may truly be something special as the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse rises in your house of finances.



Expect a significant financial turnaround in April, especially if you've done the work of knowing what it is you deserve. Although this will be an offer that contains a significant amount of wealth, it still may feel like you must leave your comfort zone to accept it truly. Remember, what comes in now is just honoring all the work you've already put in.  

As the Solar Eclipse in Aries occurs, it won't just benefit your bottom line but also bring new and exciting changes to your life. Solar Eclipses bring external change, whereas the Lunar Eclipses focus more on internal shifts within your emotional self. Remember that having a lack of control isn't always a negative thing, especially if it means you are being handed a significant upgrade in your life.


Luckiest day in May: Thursday, May 2 

The Full Moon in Sagittarius rises in May, bringing a monumental moment in your career to fruition. Think of promotions, raises, new offers you didn't even have to apply for and the recognition you deserve. This is partly why there is also such a focus on self-worth and respect this year, as you mentally need to be in the place to fully receive the amazing gifts that are in store for you and the confirmation that the plan the universe has will always far outweigh the one you had for yourself.  

As you prepare for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, reflect on the New Moon, which occurred in the middle of December in 2023. There was a seed planted around this time, either as a dream, an intention or the beginning talks of a promotion. Since then, you've been working to honor what you truly bring to the table, and as the Full Moon rises, all the rewards for your hard work will begin to filter into your life, changing it in the most amazing ways possible.  

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Luckiest day in June: Saturday, June 29 

June is the one month of the year in which there is not a strong focus on your career or new opportunities, and that is because you will be focusing on enjoying all you've created — and relocating as part of the upgrade in your life. Jupiter, the planet of luck, shifts into Gemini at the end of May, while the New Moon in Gemini peaks in June. This is a brand new energy in your home sector and will have you using that new financial abundance to upgrade your home or relocate for your career.  


Allow yourself to be grateful while also still remembering that this is precisely what you have always deserved. By honoring your space within the universe and what you are currently being called to focus on, you will undoubtedly continue to rise and make the most of each moment. Any sort of expansion, move, or renovations, even if it's simply redecorating at this time, are favored, so allow yourself to trust you're on the right path and enjoy all you have created.

Luckiest day in July: Tuesday, July 9 

Asteroid Pallas was significant in February as you began to honor what it was that was important to you in your professional life. Since that time, Pallas moved through its retrograde journey, and now, in July, it will station direct in Scorpio. Scorpio energy represents new opportunities, adventures and travel as you expand into a brand-new version of life. With Pallas here, it also means you are honoring your intuition more deeply and standing up for what you know you deserve. 

While Mercury will enter its pre-shadow phase in Virgo this month, calling your attention to more personal matters, use the first few weeks of July to embark on new opportunities in your life. It's a fantastic time to travel, to check out a new place to live or to start researching how to continue furthering your education or spiritual pursuits. Toward the end of the month, let yourself slow down a bit so that you can be present for whatever arises, trusting it's all meant to bring you in a new and positive direction.

Luckiest day in August: Friday, August 9 

August is dominated by Mercury retrograde in Virgo and then Leo. However, the bright spot is the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio. You may have to revisit some past themes in your life, especially those that are personally or romantically related. However, because of this period of slowing down and observing more, it seems you're ready to return to a dream that you had put on the back burner for a while. The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio highlights an idea, dream or pursuit that you're once again ready to set an intention to manifest.


This is a powerful energy, especially during Mercury retrograde, because it means that you are now ready to listen to your own heart, honor your truth and focus on how you can take back control of your destiny. You will still have to surrender to the universe around this time. Still, you also will start looking at a new project, career or even a dream like becoming a yoga instructor as you start working towards becoming serious about transforming into the person you've always known you were meant to be.

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Luckiest day in September: Tuesday, September 17 

September brings fresh new energy as Mercury is now direct, and you are feeling more confident in taking action and focusing once again on what you want to create. Venus, the planet that rules finances and real estate, shifts into Scorpio and highlights your house of luck. Whatever dreams, ideas or new opportunities that cross your path are significant now.

Not only will you see a chance to increase your financial wealth or even receive an inheritance, as the Libra energy can bring in that, but you may genuinely be looking at relocating right now. Your career is taking you off in a new direction, or you just realize that life is short and so you should spend as much time as you can doing what you genuinely love.


Allow yourself to feel full of possibilities right now, and make sure you let yourself take any important risks around this time as well. Risk is truly subjective, and while you may be getting more comfortable with the divine flow of life this year, you still need to let yourself realize as amazing as life has become, it's about to become even better.

Luckiest day in October: Wednesday, October 2 

October brings the Full Moon in Aries— not an eclipse, but still made more powerful because this is where the North Node is in the current cycle of eclipses. The Full Moon in Aries brings to fruition what was planted around the Solar Eclipse in Aries in March, so you may be ready to claim what is divinely meant for you.

Your finances should be abundant around this time, so expect a check or payoff to be on its way. With Jupiter stationing retrograde in Gemini, you may have to pause on any plans to relocate or move your house as you are urged to focus on where you are at this moment. 


This isn't the universe telling you that something isn't right, but it's a matter of wrapping affairs up where you are right now before moving on to a new chapter. If you have felt called to advocate for higher pay or a promotion, the Full Moon in Aries will help with that as well, as you'll have a healthy idea of what it is that you're worth around this time, which means others will, too.

Luckiest day in November: Friday, November 15 

November brings a surplus of Scorpio and Sagittarius energy, helping you to reflect on and make some big moves in your career once again. As the Sun shifts into Sagittarius, expect some significant changes coming in as you are urged to work for what it is you want and advocate for the changes you need. If you've been holding back on applying for new positions, November is a lucky month to do that, as the Sun will help inspire and strengthen action taken in your professional sector. Still, it's best to do it at the beginning of the month before Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius.  

Mercury, the planet of communication, will station retrograde in Sagittarius as the year ends, mirroring the energy you began 2024 with. Sagittarius is all about your professional life and finding the greater meaning and purpose in what you do. As Mercury stations retrograde, use this time to settle old contracts, review work arrangements and do all you can to ensure you can have a clean slate in December. If you need to put in your letter of resignation or make any big adjustments for the future, you can wait until the end of the month to do that, as it will help close out an old cycle.

Luckiest day in December: Saturday, December 7 

As December begins to dawn, Mercury will station direct in Sagittarius and help you end the year on a positive note. Although you may be busy with holiday festivities or finalizing plans for a relocation, you can still generate positive momentum in your career. Reflect on how far you've come this year and how much more you can advocate for what you are worth, practice healthy boundaries and respect yourself and your divine gifts.  


So much has changed for the positive that now it may be more about tying up loose ends and wrapping up career matters before the end of the year. Mercury in Sagittarius can help you do well on any projects and promotions or grants that you may be focusing on, as it will improve your communication skills. Remember that you deserve every ounce of success that is coming your way right now, so continue to do the best you can, even if you make some waves while you do. There is no point in pretending you're less than you were when you were simply destined for more.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.