44 Emotional Foreplay Tricks That Instantly Get Women In The Mood

Some women need to connect emotionally before they can physically.

Last updated on May 06, 2024

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In these modern times, there's plenty of content out there teaching men how to seduce a woman, but what about emotionally seducing one? If you pursue a woman's heart and mind, her body and soul will follow.

Romantically pursuing a woman is called "emotional foreplay". It is the art of emotional seduction without force or manipulation — it's about knowing how to turn her on.

Women love emotional foreplay — we need to be kissed, caressed, hugged, and made to feel like a goddess. We need to feel a romantic, emotional connection with the person we're with. 


Here are 44 emotional foreplay tricks to get her in the mood:

1. If you touch her soul with your eyes, her body, mind, soul, and spirit will follow. 

2. Make love to her without having intercourse right away — have nice, slow, and long periods of touching, kissing, and looking into her eyes.

3. Explore Tantra massage together, so your lovemaking can last longer and be more satisfying for both of you.



4. Chocolate is a great aphrodisiac, so try feeding her chocolate while you are in bed together. 


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5. Undress her ever so slowly, sensually, and erotically. Make her feel like a Goddess. 

6. Use a musky cologne on yourself with a smell she can't resist. 

7. Treat her like she is your one and only.

8. Take her to her favorite restaurant for a good, filling meal. 

9. Cook for her. 



10. Wash the dishes after she cooked for you.


11. Call her every night before you go to sleep and when you first wake up in the morning.

12. Open the door for her.

13. Give her a slow, sensual foot rub. 

14. Bring her a dozen roses ... just because.

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15. Reach for her hand and hold it when you're walking together.

16. Slow dance with her in the living room or take her out dancing. 

17. Kiss her passionately and erotically for no reason at all.

18. Surprise her by getting a babysitter and then take her to a hotel for one glorious sexy night of passion.

19. Create a homemade card and gift it to her with a handwritten note. 

20. Give her a romantic massage.


21. Set up a sexy bubble bath for two.



22. Hold her while you're watching TV.

23. Watch a chick flick or romantic movie with her. 

24. Fix something that is broken without her asking you to.

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25. Tell her she is beautiful and mean it. 


26. Tell her that you love her body.

27. Surprise her with a romantic vacation.

28. Wake up with her in the morning.

29. Cuddle with her in bed.

30. Make or buy her her favorite dessert.

31. Give her a diamond ring.

32. Spread chocolate all over her body and slowly and sensually lick it off.

33. Blindfold her while you make love to her slowly.

34. Write her a love poem or song. Better yet, sing it to her.

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35. Buy her something sexy and lacy.


36. Scribble sexy notes on the bathroom mirror.

37. Instinctively find her G-spot. If you don't know where it is, ask her.

38. Go down on her.

39. Kiss and caress her on the neck.

40. Sit on each other's lap facing each other while feeling each other's bodies. Stay connected like that when you make love.

41. Bring home her favorite bottle of wine on a whim.

42. Put the toilet seat down.



43. Make goo-goo eyes at each other.


44. Take care of her heart and open up to her.

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Linda Kaye is a professional love psychic medium and psychic love coach, Usui Reiki Master, and a Certified Gateway Dream Coach.