10 Foods That Will Actually Improve Your Sex Life

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We’ve all heard the term “aphrodisiacs” and know that it roughly has something to do with foods that can increase your sex drive.

When you think of one of these mystical super foods, it's fairly common to associate chocolate, oysters, or even spicy chili peppers as some of the most common ways to increase lust and desire for sex or becoming entangled with your partner.

But what exactly is an aphrodisiac, and just how does eating some strange food make you get hot and bothered for a romantic tryst?

As crazy as it seems, there is definitely some science behind why certain foods are great for sex while others are not fantastic. And there are even some that are total downers.

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Why should you eat aphrodisiac foods to increase your libido?

For years, many researchers believed that eating aphrodisiacs only worked due to the placebo effect on the brain. That is, people thought they were getting foods that increase their sex drive, and therefore they did.

But it would seem that some of these foods actually do make our brains produce chemicals when they’re eaten, and those reactions may actually give you an edge in the bedroom that goes well beyond just the placebo effect.

As we mentioned, one of the most popular aphrodisiac foods is chocolate, for obvious reasons. Who doesn't love it? Chocolate has long been associated with sex, and it’s one of the gifts that apparently keeps on giving — romantically speaking, at least.

When people eat chocolate, it produces hormones and endorphins in your brain. And these particular hormones, when you eat enough chocolate, at least, can make you feel like you’re in love.

So while some foods can increase your sexual arousal, it’s important to know what foods will make sex with your partner special and which ones are good for you. Whether you’re looking for date night dinner ideas, or it’s just a spur of the moment passionate encounter, these aphrodisiacs are sure to make your evening hot.

Here are 10 foods that can improve your sex life and increase your libido.

1. Seeds and nuts

Almonds and walnuts contain melatonin and other necessary healthy fats and nutrients that are required in the production of sex hormones. Without these critical nutrients, one can experience depression and can negatively affect mood, desire, and focus.

Almonds are fertility boosters that have been described as a sexual stimulant, but have also been found to reduce infertility and miscarriages. These nutrient-dense nuts also provide critical minerals such as selenium and zinc, and provide a great source of vitamin E.

2. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and lemons can boost your confidence and performance in bed. According to several studies, vitamin C has been found to improve overall sperm health in men and decrease the risk of infertility in both sexes.

Citrus fruits provide a boost to your cardiovascular system, but they are also packed with antioxidants and glucose for improved focus, enhanced mood, and decreased impact of stress hormones that can kill an erection and the moment.

3. Berries

Berries can be one of the most sensual foods — for both men and women. Strawberries contain high amounts of folate and vitamin C. The powerful nutrients found in berries carry cardiovascular effects to enhance your thoughts, actions, and performance.

How creative you are with your berries may indicate how creative you are sexually. Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries all make perfect teasers that can drive your partner over the edge. You can dip those berries in chocolate for added stimulation.

4. Dark chocolate

Eating chocolate may be music to your ears and send you to a state of bliss. Dark chocolate is a sensual food that can not only trigger the mood but also the brain chemicals needed for sex.

The brain chemical serotonin can directly produce feelings of pleasure. Dark chocolate also contains arginine and flavonols that can create a Viagra-like effect.

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5. Avocado

Avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Avocados are loaded with healthy fats that will stimulate fat loss, balance hormones and pack a powerful aphrodisiac effect.

Avocados are a superfood for your brain, heart, and, most importantly, the blood vessels in those sexy areas.

6. Olives

Olives are another one of those foods that are healthy, amazing, and will help make you sexually eager. Olives are packed full of wonderful antioxidants, and even the Greeks used to think that they could increase a man's virility.

Olives are full of the good kind of fats that are super-healthy for your heart and help increase blood flow and overall well-being.

7. Oysters

Casanova, the famous lover of yore who dined on 50 oysters for breakfast, might have been on to something when he suggested that these shelled foods were great for getting your bedroom stamina up a bit.

Oysters actually contain rare amino acids and do, in fact, trigger the release of sexual hormones. So, if you're looking to get passionate, you might actually want to toss some of these back.

8. Spicy chili peppers

Looking to heat things up in the bedroom? There's nothing better than literally making things spicy.

Eating spicy foods triggers your brain to create endorphins which can, in turn, speed up your heart rate and make you sweat. These are also symptoms of arousal, and getting your body amped up can get you right in the mood.

9. Honey

Honey is a sweet treat, but it can also be delicious in helping to get things going between you and your partner. Honey has high levels of boron, which help regulate hormone levels in your body. Honey can also give you a natural energy boost, and, if you buy local, stave off plant allergies!

It's a superfood for more than one reason due to its antibacterial properties, and a mystifying one at that since it literally never goes rotten. Scientists discovered Egyptian tombs with jars of honey that were safe for consumption.

So, you'll be healthier, have fewer allergies, and even feel naturally more energetic.

10. Coffee

Caffeine is sure to get your blood pumping and your heart beating fast. It increases blood flow to your body and the stimulants can mimic the signs of arousal, making you ready for sex.

Studies have even suggested that this particular drug is actually great for getting women in the mood for sex. So men, if you're looking to convince your woman that you'd like some time together between the sheets, pour her a cup of coffee (or lower-caffeinated tea, if it's late!) and let the magic happen.

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