50 Little Things Men Do That Women *Secretly* Love

According to a mental health professional.

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I spoke to over 20 women from 10 different countries, asking them what little things men do that make women fall in love. No matter which part of the world you come from, there is an unseen bond among women, and as you can see, a lot of them value the exact same things.

Honestly, it does not take a lot to make a woman happy; it is the little things a man can do that shows he cares and is considerate. And these can make a world of difference to women.


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Here are 50 little things men do that make women fall in love: 

1. Remembering special dates and events

It would melt a woman if the man she is dating remembers the day they first met, her birthday, their anniversary, and so on.


2. Helping with chores

Yes, they are everyday boring things we do, but when he helps (he should anyway) it is very sweet. So help out with cleaning, groceries, laundry, and anything else you can lend a hand to.

3. Texting back

It takes 2.6 seconds to text back, so don't say you were too busy to text back; you possibly couldn't be THAT busy to reply to one text.

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4. Talking on the phone

We text all the time but once in awhile call her, and listen to the happiness in her voice when she picks up knowing you are calling.

5. Treating others with respect

How a man treats other people is a reflection of how he will ultimately treat a woman. So if he is nice to servers and random people on the street, you know you are winning big points.


6. Willingly embarrassing himself in public

We aren't all professional singers, but if a man is willing to belt out a tune at karaoke for the lady irrespective of his voice, it will make any woman tear up.

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7. Showing affection in public

Holding her hand, touching the small of her back, kissing her forehead... you get the picture.

8. Putting the toilet seat down

Just taking the time to do something with her in mind, even something this simple, means the world. 

9. Dressing up for her

When a man dresses up for a woman for any event, it shows that he made the effort and (depending what he is wearing, maybe a suit) makes a woman weak in her knees.


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10. Opening doors

Chivalry isn't dead! A guy who opens doors for a woman shows he was raised well.

11. Dancing

More women than men love to go dancing, but if a guy is willing to go dancing, throw in a slow song or two, she will be smiling all night.

12. Having an active lifestyle

Everyone loves good eye candy, so if he is active and fit, you can bet there will be no complaints coming from her, or anyone else.

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13. Protecting her

When a man makes a woman feel protected and safe, it gives the woman a sense of security that is rare and well-appreciated.


14. Surprising her

Every woman loves a good surprise. Maybe her favorite chocolate or tickets to her favorite band...

15. Doing something special for no reason

It does not have to be a birthday/anniversary, or a guy making up for something he did wrong. It could be something small like writing her a post-it note or doing something she loves for no reason. It makes women swoon.

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16. Taking an interest in her passions and hobbies

If she likes cello, a guy does not have to take lessons, but showing genuine interest in her passions will win you some big points.

17. Riding a motorcycle

Most women find motorcycles pretty hot, so if you have one, take her for a ride.


18. Cooking for her

A guy may only know how to make one dish, but cooking for her is one of the surest ways to her heart, even if whatever he makes is not good at all. A for effort.

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19. Meaning what you say

Anyone can say something romantic, but following up with the action shows the guy is invested.

20. Spending time with her friends

It takes a lot for a woman to introduce her besties to the guy she is dating, so if she is allowing you into her world, it means you did something right. Making an effort to hang with her friends is a good move.

21. Writing her a poem

Just the fact that you attempted to write her a poem is enough. Even better if you complete it and read it to her.


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22. Planning an event

It is usually a woman who does the planning, but if a guy plans a night out or a walk down the park, him putting in the effort is incredible sweet.

23. Being a good listener

Listening to the details of what a woman tells you is very important. Telling her about her favorite book she mentioned once will show that you care about what she has to say.

24. Being vulnerable

Most guys try to maintain a macho image in front of a girl, but being able to show your weakness is important to a woman; it shows that you are truly allowing her into your life, and she will respect that.


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25. Taking her shopping

Not all the time, but once in awhile be her shopping buddy, and help her with choosing clothes and shoes. Doing something you don't care about but you do it for her? That's a sweetheart move.

26. Prioritizing her in the bedroom

If you pay attention to her and what she likes, and do what makes her happy in the bedroom, she will definitely return the favor.

27. Compromising 

You may not always like the kind of movies she does, and vice versa, but it's essential to compromise and take turns doing what both of you like.

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28. Kissing her. Really kissing her

Women love to be kissed, so kiss her hand, her check and her lips...

29. Spending time with her family

You don't have to become best friends with her parents or her siblings, but make time to hang out with them. She may not say, but it will mean the world to her.

30. Being her biggest cheerleader

Support her goals, her dreams, her passions. Tell her you will be by her side, and mean it.

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31. Never giving up on her

Even when she gives up on herself. Women can be too hard on themselves sometimes, and that's when you need to believe in her, even if she doubts herself.


32. Playing with little kids

If you ever volunteer to babysit your friend's kids or talk to kids on the street, she will see you as so much more than just a boyfriend material.

33. Having good hygiene

Some guys can be gross, but if you take the time to groom yourself a little and put on cologne, she will definitely appreciate it.

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34. Being understanding

Yes, men and women think very differently, but make the effort to try to understand her, even if you don't. And she will do the same.

35. Cuddling

(Almost) all women love cuddling — while watching Netflix, just laying on grass on a beautiful sunny day, or while staring at the stars.


36. Being intelligent

Women swoon over an intelligent man who is aware of himself and the world around him, and who is able to have a smart conversation with her.

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37. Making her laugh

This is a given. Any guy who can make a girl laugh always scores major points with the girl and her friends/family.

38. Being dependable

Everyone is there during the good times, but can she depend on you during the bad? Will you be there for her like you promised? A girl needs to be able to count on you.

39. Saying, "You are beautiful."

Of course, say this when she is all dressed up for the night, but also say it when she first wakes up without any makeup on, or when she is sick and feels like death. Mean what you say.


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40. Being a creative gift giver

For one of my friend's birthdays, her boyfriend made her a little care package of her favorites: a bottle of wine, a DVD she had lost, sleepy time tea, a vanilla candle, stiletto heels that she looked at every time they went to the mall, and a handmade card. Tap into your creativity for this one.

41. Being real

Being authentic is such a rarity these days, so show her the real you, because that's what really matters.


42. Taking her on a trip

It could be to a different city or a different country, but traveling together shows how well you can get along.

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43. Refraining from talking about your exes

This sounds like common sense, but I can't tell you how many women complain about their dates or significant others talking about the exes. Women get that you have a past, but you don't need to keep bringing it up.

44. Respecting her

You may have differences when it comes to politics, religion, or music, but always respect the differences you have.

45. Not playing with your phone

We all have busy lives, but when you are hanging out try not to play with your phone too much. It is just rude.


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46. Giving her the passcode to your phone

This one is huge. Though she has full access to your phone, she doesn't feel the need to check it. She also gives you her passcode. Trust her with your heart, and live up to her trust.

47. Introducing her to your friends

They love her and they let her know.

48. Sending her flowers

Bonus if it is her favorite kind, but women love all types of flowers.

49. Complimenting her

On her accomplishments in life, work, and not just how she looks.

50. Loving her unconditionally

Just the way she loves you, because you are one lucky man to find a woman who truly loves you.


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Anjana Rajbhandary is a certified mental health professional and researcher. Her writing on relationships has been featured on The List, Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, and more.