There Are 3 Main Types Of Spirituality — How To Know Which One Is Right For You

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There are many different types of spirituality. People who practice spirituality can be heart-centered, dogmatic, intellectual or a combination of these types of belief systems. 

Most spiritual mindsets believe that there are many paths that lead to the same destination, or point of awareness. There is no one spiritual mindset that is better or more important than another.

Spirituality is a personal journey. Others may help you on the way, but it is ultimately a solo experience.

Spirituality recognizes a higher power that each of us is connected to. It is an awareness of existence beyond this earthly experience.

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There are three types of popular spirituality mindsets: 

1. Dogmatic Spirituality

Dogmatic spirituality promotes rules, leaders and teachers.

Dogmatic spirituality is a strict belief system. An example of this is when people call themselves spiritual, but believe things must be done a certain way.

They might believe the Law of Attraction only works one way, or there is only one true way to practice yoga. Another example is believing spirituality and religion can’t go hand-in-hand.

Dogmatic spirituality can be helpful when one’s faith is wavering. The individual can hold tightly to a spiritual belief system, such as Karma, until they find, or regain an open-hearted mindset.

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2. Heart-Centered Spirituality

Heart-centered spirituality believes one’s outer world is a reflection of their inner world. It focuses on self-reflection and self-love.

Being heart-centered means that you believe there is a connection between all things: If one suffers, we all suffer. Equally as powerful is each individual’s joy; each of us has the power to bring joy to the world.

Heart-centered spirituality emphasizes allowing energy to flow, versus the impossible attempt to control outcomes and people.

It is empowering, in that it teaches observation of emotions.

3. Intellectual Spirituality

A seeker practices intellectual spirituality. This can be fun and exciting as new practices and theories are learned.

The focus is on understanding the intellectual content versus getting lost in the experience.

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How to blend the three popular spiritual mindsets using the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the perfect opportunity to see how these three mindsets can support or work against each other.

Intellectual exploration of possibilities delivered humanity to the concept of the Law of Attraction. We continue to explore and potentially improve our understanding of this and other universal laws.

Dogmatic spirituality has helped humanity create rules to follow when attempting to find predictable outcomes with the Law of Attraction. In the dogmatic mindset of spirituality, there is a belief that you have some control of how, when and why something is going to happen.

Open hearted spirituality is where we freely create with the Law of Attraction. We understand that joy brings joy and the form doesn’t matter, it is the vibration or emotion that attracts like energy.

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Open-hearted spirituality focuses on the feelings, not so much the how, when or why things happen.

Most of us weave in and out of these three types of spiritual practices.

At our best, we are opened-hearted. There is a place for intellectual and even dogmatic spiritual practices to keep us evolving on our spiritual path.

Too much of the intellectual or dogmatic spirituality can close the door to miraculous events.

A balance is great, but if in doubt, lean towards the open-hearted spiritual lifestyle.

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