The 'Law Of Attraction' Rule Only The Happiest People Know

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We’ve all been raised with the American Dream in mind, which teaches us if you work hard, you will eventually build success and earn tremendous amounts of money. And this idea infers that making a lot of money makes us happy.

As a result, it gives us the equation that hard work will eventually lead to us finding happiness.

Yet, what if this were a faulty equation? What if feeling happy first would allow us to attract all the success we ever wanted, and not only that, but rather that this success would come easily to us if we didn’t strive to reach it?

That is exactly what Law of Attraction principles teach us.

The shocking truth is: When you struggle, you block your own goals.

Law of Attraction teacher Abraham likens the process of manifestation to a boat in a stream. You can either let your boat flow downstream on the river, or you can struggle to guide it upstream.

Whenever you feel at ease and allow yourself to go with the current, then you are floating toward your goals.

However, when you struggle really hard to make something happen, you are working against the current and are actually blocking your goals from manifesting.

Our emotions are the key to understanding what direction our boat is going. Simply put, if we feel negative emotions, we are struggling. If we feel a positive emotion, we are going with the flow.

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So what does this really mean in day-to-day situations?

Let’s say you are trying to find a partner. Your search has not been successful because you don’t feel that you can connect on an intimate level with any guy.

You would like kids and feel anxiety because your physical clock is ticking. So each time you go on a new date, you bring this underlying anxiety with you.

Dating becomes a struggle and something that produces fear because with each failed date your anxiety mounts. In this situation, even if you are excited about each new person you meet, the main emotion you bring to the date is fear or apprehension.

In essence, emotionally, your boat is fighting the current.

So how do you turn this situation around?

You step away from the situation entirely and make yourself feel better.

This may mean not dating for a while until you can feel better about the situation because, in your current emotional state, all the partners you are going to attract are mismatches.

The interesting thing about Law of Attraction is that you don’t really have to feel good about dating, but that you just have to feel good period. You can feel good about ANYTHING to shift your vibration.

For me, hiking does the trick. I love being out in nature. It is grounding and I feel at peace. So when I have moments of not feeling good, I lace up my hiking shoes and head for the trails.

As I walk, I can hear the conversation in my head shift. At first, I may be aggravated and moody, but after a short time of making my heart pump and taking in the scenery, the chatter becomes more mellow and grateful.

This subtle change in my emotion is what allows me to relax and turn my proverbial boat down the stream. This is the state where I allow manifestations to enter my life. It’s in this state that, quite possibly, the man of your dreams may cross your trail.

Of course, most of the time, taking one hike is not going to let you shift your entire anxiety about dating.

The key is to fill your life with moments of happiness as much as possible.

This means choosing activities that give you joy and creating a life that you love, no matter whether a man joins you or not. From that place, you can dissolve your anxiety about dating.

The good news in all of this is, is that we are in control. No one can take charge of our happiness except for us.

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Here are a few simple Law of Attraction tips to create happiness in your every day:

1. Check in with your emotions. 

Make it a habit throughout the day to ask yourself: “How am I feeling right now?”

If you are feeling emotions you enjoy, then you are on the right track. If you notice that you are feeling anxious, fearful, or depressed (or any other emotion you don’t enjoy), it’s a sign that you are far from flowing downstream. If you have a hard time remembering to check-in, you may consider setting an alarm on your phone.

2. Simply notice the emotion, without getting caught up in it.

It’s easy when we are upset, and notice that we are upset, to create a downward spiral. You know you don’t want to feel upset, yet you do, so you judge yourself.

Step back from this, and simply label the emotion you are feeling: “I’m feeling upset.”

3. Take charge and create change.

At the moment that you become aware that you are feeling negative, either allow yourself to feel the emotion without judgment and then move on or chose an activity that you know will make you feel better.

So for example, if you are feeling upset about a fight, rather than stew on it, watch a comedy or read a book. This will interrupt your negative emotion and will enable you to shift your energy.

Once you feel better, you can address the fight in a more relaxed frame of mind and come up with solutions that you might not have been able to see while angry.

4. Feel good as often as possible.

Don’t wait for any life circumstance to make you feel better. You can create happiness right here, right now and you don’t have to wait for anyone to grant it to you.

Start by creating a happiness list of activities that make you feel good. You can start by downloading my free Guide to Creating Your Personal Happiness List

Having this list handy helps you consciously choose activities you know will make you feel good and is especially helpful to consult when you feel yourself slipping into a negative funk.

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So remember: You are in control of your own happiness and, contrary to what our culture might teach us, feeling at ease, joy and excitement will help you reach your goals.

Selina Schuh is an educator, author, speaker, and owner of Empowered Living Strategies. Read her book Becoming Your Own Knight In Shining Armor. You can follow her on  Facebook.

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