What It Means When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks

If your evil eye bracelet breaks, exercise extreme caution.

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If you’ve ever had the evil eye cast upon you, you know that it meant someone was sending negative energies your way in an effort to bring bad luck, misfortune, and pain to you. It is usually done out of jealousy or resentment and can wreak emotional havoc on your life.

If someone has targeted you, evil eye jewelry can be the extra layer of protection you need at the first sign of bad luck. A piece of jewelry such as an evil eye necklace, evil eye amulet, or an evil eye charm on a bracelet can ward off bad luck and block any bad vibes sent in your direction.


Wearing an evil eye bracelet is helpful in keeping the positive energy and good fortune flowing, but if the bracelet with the evil eye breaks or the evil eye bracelet falls off, it’s important that you know what it means and what to do next.

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What does it mean when your evil eye bracelet breaks?

There are several beliefs and superstitions related to a broken evil eye bracelet. The meanings vary depending on whether you’ve had it for a long time, on which hand it is worn out, what type of bracelet it was, and how it broke.

1. Evil has been successfully dispelled.

This is the most common meaning of an evil eye bracelet breaking: the bracelet has served its purpose and absorbed negativity. When the bracelet is worn on the left hand, which it usually is, evil was coming for you, but you dodged the bullet.



2. The person that broke it is jealous of you.

One superstition is that if your evil eye bracelet broke at the hands of someone else, that person is jealous of you and is casting an evil eye your way. In that case, you need to get rid of the broken pieces to protect yourself.


3. You're vulnerable to the evil eye.

Since the evil eye bracelet is there to keep evil at bay, when it breaks unexpectedly, it is believed that you might be susceptible to harm from people who send evil your way. The breaking of the bracelet itself is considered the first stroke of bad luck.

4. It’s time to let go.

When an evil eye bracelet or charm breaks, it can be a message from the spiritual world that it is time to let go of some of the things that are keeping you stuck. Perhaps the need for protection has passed and you need to move on.

5. A new season is starting.

If you’ve had your bracelet for two years or more, when it breaks, the universe might be sending a signal that it’s time to embark on a new season of life. Move forward cautiously, open to new ideas and experiences. The older the bracelet, the bigger the coming changes.

6. You're surrounded by negativity.

Some believe that if the evil eye bracelet breaks, you are surrounded by negative energy and need to be very cautious. Cover any vulnerabilities you may have and make sure you protect yourself from risks.


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7. You're afraid.

Another interpretation of the evil eye bracelet breaking is that you are fearful of a threat that has been directed at you. It might not even materialize, but nevertheless, it is causing you anxiety. The breakage reminds you to stay positive and beware of danger.

8. Expect bad luck.

If your evil eye suddenly snaps, some think it is a clear indicator that bad luck is on the way. Depending on how evil the eye is that wants to see you fall, the back luck can range from minor inconveniences to catastrophe.

9. Someone has bad intentions for you.

If the evil eye is blue and has a circle around it, the breaking indicates jealousy or ill intent from someone. If it happens to be red with a circle around it, it probably broke because someone spoke ill of you or wished bad on you. You could see some misfortune in the near future.


What do you do when your evil eye bracelet breaks?

If your evil eye bracelet breaks, the last thing you ever want to do is put it back on. Dispose of it and replace it with a new one to make sure you don’t carry forward any consequences.

To dispose of the bracelet, you can either bury it or throw it into the ocean, being sure to express gratitude for the bracelet protecting you against harmful energies. In addition, cleanse yourself to remove any residual negative energy.



Also, beware of the message you should have received when it broke. Take caution, let go of baggage, and push forward with ambition and positivity.


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