What It Means Spiritually When A Bird Poops On You

Most of the time, it's a good omen.

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If you’ve ever had the opportunity to witness someone being pooped on by a bird — or worse yet, had bird droppings land on you — it is definitely a negative experience. Though the chances of being violated in that way by a bird might seem as likely as being struck by lightning, it’s a lot more common than you think.

Birds symbolism varies depending on the type of bird, whether the bird is flying in front of you or behind you, what color it is, any other aspects of the bird's behavior, and what old wives’ tales you choose to subscribe to.


But a bird pooping on you carries much spiritual meaning, despite being unsavory.

What does it mean when a bird poops on you?

Many cultures believe that birds bring spiritual messages and are guardians from that realm. The fact that birds in the sky can soar through the air makes them a symbol of freedom and liberty.

So, generally, if a bird decides to relieve itself on you, it is a sign of good luck.

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Being pooped on by a bird is a good omen, telling you that you are going through a spiritual cleansing. You are being freed from the bounds of negative energy. There is a spiritual awakening in progress, and you can be assured that you are about to receive good luck and fortune.

The specific meaning changes based on what time of day it happens, where on your body the excrement lands, and whether the bird poops on your car or your physical person. Several cultures attach their own meaning to it, but you would be hard pressed to find any bad omens associated with bird feces.


In the Catholic faith, if a bird plants its droppings on you, good things are headed your way. Birds are considered "angels in disguise" and if they bless you with a "deposit," it might be time to buy a few lottery tickets.

Turkish Culture

Turkish traditions also believe that when a bird poops on you, it is bringing good luck akin to winning the lottery. It tells you that the tide is turning and whatever misfortune you have experienced is about to come to an end.


Italian Culture

Italians see bird droppings falling onto you as a direct message from God that you are about to be in place of abundance and positive happenings. You should see the birds’ actions as a gift from above.


Hindus have a multi-faceted belief about bird droppings. If you’re lucky enough to have a pigeon poop on you, good stuff is in order, but if it is a crow, you could be wading in troubled waters or be on the verge of massive spiritual growth.


Consistent with other cultures, Islamic religion dictates birds to be extensions of God and the universe, sent to bring great news and positive energy to your life.

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7 Spiritual Meanings Of A Bird Pooping On You

1. Spiritual enlightenment is in progress.

Birds’ perceived connections with the spiritual world leads them to deliver spiritual messages. A bird pooping on you signifies a need to start your spiritual awakening. Get back to the roots of who you are and reconnect with the universe.

2. You're receiving divine message of inspiration.

If you are experiencing hard times, the bird pooping on you is a sign that change is coming. It is like a stork bringing new possibilities and experiences to your life. In particular, a hummingbird hints at finding love and happiness.

3. Prosperity is in your future.

Money problems can happen to anyone, and if you are a victim, know that financial abundance is at your fingertips. Life is full of ebbs and flows and if you just keep the faith, money will start flowing in your direction.

4. You're loyal in your dealings with others.

Bird droppings on you are symbols of a relationship that is loyal and thriving. It might be a sign telling you to be cognizant of your relationships with others to keep them strong or repair areas of weakness.


5. You're in good health.

You might not have been feeling well, but you should know that you will return to good health. A bird pooping on you lets you know that those concerns will soon be over, and your health and well-being will remain intact. Let go of those worries.

6. You're at a crossroads and on the path to your purpose.

A bird pooping on you can mean that you are at a turning point in life and are aligned with your divine purpose. It is not the time to give up, but instead, you should keep pushing, knowing that your dreams are within reach.

7. It is a sign of bad luck.

We know that a crow can be a bad omen symbolizing loss or sickness. It is a sign that you should prepare for bad news and take steps to protect yourself and your wellness.


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