What It Means When You Find A Black Feather

Consider yourself protected in the presence of black feathers.

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When it comes to luck and fortune, if you hear the word "black" in front of anything, it is usually seen as a bad omen. Some examples are black cats, a black heart, the Black Plague, and so on.

Negative superstitions and beliefs aside, black is a powerful color, especially if it comes in the form of a black feather.

In the spirit world, just as with a white feather, finding a black feather is an important sign of things to come.


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In general, feathers have different spiritual meanings based on their color, the type of bird they came from, and even how you come across them.

What does a black feather symbolize?

A black feather symbolizes a season of change and transformation, in general. They carry messages of hope and optimism, and are a sign of protection and security.


But black feathers also symbolize a few other things.


Black is the color of death, but not in a bad way. The things that didn’t serve you are dying right before your eyes. It is a signal that you are about to level up, are growing and developing, and re ready for the next stage of life.

You are beginning to believe in yourself and trust yourself more. The black feather represents the death of your ego and a transition into who you truly are.


In many cultures, black feathers are representative of wisdom. You have been on a journey through life, experience the ups and downs and have learned important lessons.

You have all the knowledge within you to make bold, informed decisions. You have taken what you need from the past to guide your future and are leaving all of the baggage behind.



You might be surprised to find that black feathers are good luck when it comes to your energy. They tell you that any negative energy will dissipate along with the weight it carries.

The black feather is sending a message of hope, faith, and joy, reminding you that you have one life to live and should make the most of it.

Protection and safety

Black feathers also represent spiritual protection. Any fears or anxiety you have about your fate or the future should start to fade away with the knowledge that you are connected to the divine.

Your guardian angels are nearby guiding your steps. Those angels are watching to make sure you are headed in the right direction.



The spirit of freedom is something attached to black feathers. It is a sense of soaring above the clouds and seeing the world from a new perspective.

The things that have been holding you back no longer have power over you, so you are ready to live life on your own terms.

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What is the spiritual meaning of black feathers?

Spiritually, black feathers also carry a lot of meaning. In Native American culture, they are indicative of power, authority, and wisdom. They also signify an ability to overcome any obstacles you encounter.

Black feathers also hint at a spiritual awakening in process. You are shedding the "you" of yesterday and emerging with a renewed lease on life. It is a good time to tap into your spiritual gifts.


Some believe that black feathers are sent by our ancestors as encouragement and as a reminder to trust our own intuition, letting you know they are okay.

What It Means When You Find A Black Feather

Finding a black feather lets you know that you are divinely protected.

If you find a black feather around your home, know that your angels are protecting your home, sending you protection from negative thoughts, or negative influences around you.



Finding black feathers can also be symbolic of your ability to persevere in life. It tells you that everything you need is within your reach.




When you see black feathers in your dreams, the meaning depends on the context.

Perhaps you have a big life choice to make, and you are being reminded to use caution. Or, maybe danger is afoot and it is a sign to take heed.

But whether the black feather you find brings a blessing or a lesson, it is an important clue on your pathway to wholeness and happiness.


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