6 Crow Spiritual Meanings

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6 Crow Spiritual Meanings

Like most people, I always associated dreaming or seeing a crow with death and darkness, and never contemplated that this totem animal carried a spiritual meaning.

I saw these birds as scary and signs of bad luck. My assumptions were based on only seeing them in movies when something bad was about to happen or happening.

In nature, crows are beneficial to the environment. These meat-eating birds eat just about anything. Crows even help farmers keep annoying pests in check.

What do crows mean spiritually, when you see them in a dream or in real life?

Spiritually crows have even more meaning and significance.

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Contrary to popular belief, crows are good omens. These spirit animals can symbolize many positive things when you see or dream about them.

What a crow symbolizes:

  • Mystery
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Power
  • Intelligence

Crows give off a mysterious aurora because they seem ominous. You never know what to expect from a crow and that lack of predictability makes them mysterious.

Crows are wise and intelligent because they purposely make their nests in very high trees to get the best view of their surroundings.

The crow spirit animal seeks to do a little extra work for the most benefit.

Crows are courageous because unlike other birds they hunt for their prey which takes power and strength.

What do the colors of the crow mean spiritually?

Spiritual meaning — black crow

Black crows symbolize transformation.

Just as the night represents the transformation from day to night, so does the black crow.

To get to where you want to go, you must go through the darkness to reach the light.

Transformation does not happen in your comfort zone and the black crow intends to make you uncomfortable so you can achieve that transformation.

Spiritual meaning — white crow

White crows signify justice. If you have done good or bad the white crow comes to tell you that your future will reflect that.

Similarly, to karma, the white crow comes to tell you that what goes around comes around. The spirit animal wants you to act just so you can have a bright future.

Spiritual meaning — gray crow

Gray crows symbolize your shortcomings. Gray crows serve the purpose of reminding you of how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

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Spiritual meaning — red crow

Red crows warn of a quest for freedom that’ll be less than peaceful.

The red crow means violence is near and you will likely have to fight for your rights or that cause you are advocating for.

Just because the crow is red, does not necessarily mean that the fight for freedom will end in bloodshed.

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I know it’s shocking to believe that all crows aren’t black. The majority of crows are indeed black.

The remaining population of crows is white, gray, or red.

The crows that aren’t black are extremely rare, so many people don’t get the opportunity to see them in person or be aware of their existence.

What does it mean when you dream about crows spiritually?

Seeing a crow in a dream can mean a variety of things.

It could be a sign that a new beginning is nearing, wisdom is needed, or that a life or death situation is coming soon.

The best way to identify the meaning behind a crow in a dream is to know what they are doing in the dream.

Check out the meaning behind 6 things a crow might be doing in your dreams:

1. Seeing a flying crow in a dream.

It means that it is time for you to let go and be courageous enough to be vulnerable. It is time for you to gain all the freedom that comes with vulnerability, so you too can be weightless enough to fly just like a crow.

2. Dreaming of a crow chasing you.

Such a dream means that it is time you stop making bad decisions and running away from the consequences.

Eventually, all your actions will catch up to you.

The crow wants to tell you it is time to come clean and be honest about your wrongdoings so you no longer have to run away.

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3. A crow on your arm or shoulder in a dream.

This signifies that you are finally gaining enough emotional intelligence to understand what is going on in your life.

You are now well equipped with the wisdom to overcome or accomplish what you desire.

That crow on your shoulder is like a spiritual chip on your shoulder.

4. Dreams about a crow on fire or emerging from the fire.

Indicates a spiritual rebirth is on your way. You are about to embark on a new beginning in life, where the old you or your old passions will no longer be the same.

5. Having a dream about a crow biting you.

This dream means that you are harboring anger towards someone.

The crow is reminding you that you are strong enough to deal with them, even though it might hurt right now.

6. Catching a crow in a dream means death.

There will be an unfortunate death in the future, that no one was expecting.

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