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The One Way To Protect Yourself From Misfortune In The Chinese New Year

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In celebration of the Chinese New Year, a content creator shared some helpful tips for specific people who may be experiencing more bad luck than usual during this year.

In a TikTok video, Erica Wu revealed that doing a specific thing every day for the year will help protect against experiencing any mishaps.

Wu urged people to wear red every day to protect themselves against misfortune in the Chinese New Year.

"This is your reminder that if you were born in the year of the Dragon, according to Chinese tradition, you'll actually bring more misfortune and in order to protect yourself, you're supposed to wear red every single day," Wu warned in her video. According to the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year — also called the Spring Festival — falls on February 10 and celebrates the year of the Wood Dragon.

Chinese zodiac signs are represented by 12 animals, in comparison to Western astrology signs which were named after constellations in the sky. The year of the Dragon falls on the years: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012. And for those born during those years, 2024 is supposed to be your year. 



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"The year one encounters the animal sign of their birth is usually a life-changing one, and it often coincides with Jupiter's return in one's natal chart," writes Vicki Iskandar, a Chinese metaphysics consultant who offered predictions based on Chinese zodiac signs.

However, Wu explained that while this year could bring good luck and fortune, there's also a possibility that people born in the year of the Dragon could experience quite a few low points. She claimed that by wearing red, no matter if it's a necklace, bracelet, socks, underwear, bra or shirt, can act as protection against anything nefarious.

"My mom actually told me the other day, which I did not know, all of these red items need to be gifted to you. You can't buy it yourself. So send this to your friend, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your mom, and tell them to buy you something red," Wu advised.

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Showing off the red bracelet she had on her wrist, Wu shared that her mother had gotten it for her from a Chinese market, and it had a dragon emblem on the side.

"Whatever you celebrate, Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, whatever it may be, I hope you have a great holiday. And don't forget to wear red!"

The tradition of wearing red has always accompanied the Chinese New Year.

According to Chinese legends, a beast named Nian would come on Chinese New Year’s Eve to devour villagers, livestock, and crops. To protect themselves, the villagers would leave food outside their doors in the hopes that Nian wouldn't hurt anyone.

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However, the villagers soon learned that the beast was scared of the color red, and ever since, began hanging red lanterns and spring scrolls with couplets to keep the beast away for another year. Red is also the traditional color of the Han — the dominant ethnic group in China — that signifies good fortune, luck, vitality, celebration, and prosperity.

Especially during the Chinese New Year, the country’s people adorn themselves in red apparel to boost luck and ward off evil spirits. People also continue the tradition of hanging red lanterns, banners, and paper cuttings in their homes or offices, as well as filling red envelopes with money to gift to children and elders.

As for predictions for the Year of the Dragon, Thierry Chow, a Hong Kong-based consultant, told CNN that those born in the Dragon years should be on the lookout for more bad luck than usual.

Woman Explains The One Way To Protect Yourself From Misfortune In The Chinese New YearPhoto: TRMK / Canva Pro

"For those who are born in the Dragon year, you would experience more rocky luck and a bit more limitations with work, relationships, etc, in general," Chow told the news outlet. "It’s a good year to stay low-profile and humble. The higher profile you try to be, the harder it’ll hit you."

So, if you haven't already, have someone close in your life buy you something red to ward off those evil spirits and protect your energy during this Chinese New Year! 

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