The One Self-Induced Reason Some People Get Rich & Famous While Others Don't

Do you have what it takes?

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Who are the next Kardashians of the world? Who will be Tinseltown's next A-lister to grace the cover of Vogue or GQ? Who will be the next tech wizard to accrue more wealth than Mark Zuckerberg?

Could it be you? According to TikTok content creator Mandy Lyttle, it could be, but only if you possess one self-induced trait that seems to be the secret to fame and fortune.

Lyttle believes that changing your mindset could be the key to fame and riches.

The one self-induced trait that Lyttle suggested all successful famous people share: they are the main characters of their lives. “Shifting your mindset to be the main character will bring you anything you could possibly want,” she urged.


Lyttle went on to say, "You already are the main character in your experience, but when you spend a ton of energy focusing on other characters... you're making someone else the main character in your experience." In a nutshell, if you want to be a star, you have to live like it.



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Being the main character of your own experience isn't a new concept, it actually has a name — main character syndrome.

So, what is main character syndrome? It's people who view themselves as “the lead” in their own life story, focusing attention on themselves, their decisions, and their well-being over all others. 



While it’s become a fad on TikTok for seemingly great reasons — confidence, self-esteem, and internal self-awareness — it’s gotten a bad reputation in many other spheres of daily life. 

For example, oftentimes the main character syndrome can manifest itself in unpopular ways within a workplace setting. Co-workers often describe these individuals as self-absorbed and self-centered. 


While it might seem inappropriate at times to run with this change in mindset, it's not easy to maintain happy and healthy relationships if you display this self-centered attitude all the time. Would it be a wild thought to assume that the same technique making people rich and famous in today’s world is also breeding selfishness and toxic individuality

Investing time and energy outside of yourself can be a detriment to your own success. 

A rule of the universe sourced in manifestation, mental health exercises, and self-care is that focusing on yourself can radically change the way you view the world and the way it views you. For example, instead of spending an hour a day scrolling through an influencer’s content or doom-scrolling on TikTok, spend an hour doing self-care or reading something that helps you get in touch with your identity and perspective. 

Even the most popular celebrities channel this mindset. You constantly see creators, stars, and world-renowned celebrities reinventing themselves as they move through different stages in their lives. 

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As they continue to evolve and grow, they own their choices and their life, and usually the ones owning the good and the bad are the ones that continue to stay relevant.

They focus their energy on themselves. They are the main characters. 

Shifting your mindset to become the ‘main character’ can revolutionize your life. 

Psychic Kristine Carlson told us how to shift your mindset to both grow as a person and manifest what you desire in your life. “Those with a growth mindset always respect themselves… and never settle,” she explained.


Shifting your mindset to envision the life you want, one where people look up to you, respect you, and don’t think twice about underestimating you, can manifest a reality where all of that is true. 

So, how do you even go about shifting your mindset to align with what you want? It’s simple. Remind yourself of your goals and envision your life achieving them. 

Once you can truly envision the life that you want to achieve, the universe will start to reward you. What you believe will find its way to you. Nobody will hand you the life that you want, especially if you don’t believe you deserve it.



If a camera crew were to follow you around, think about what you would hide, and start having confidence in those things. 

Lyttle shared another tip for owning the main character's mindset. “Imagine that you have a camera crew following you around at all times,” she said, “what is it that you wouldn’t do… what would change about your life?” 


Whether it be skipping your morning routine or scrolling through TikTok for hours before bed, what would you cut from the story of your life? Those are the things that Lyttle urged we either have to change or own up to. Owning the difficult, hard, or boring aspects of our lives can change the way that we view ourselves. 

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Lyttle explained, “The things that you do in secret… the things that you think, ‘oh, that could never be broadcast to the whole world,’ the more you own [those] and everything about your whole experience, the more the world will start to reflect that.” 

The power of belief can manifest all the good things in your life. 

You could be the next Megan Thee Stallion; in fact, she may have manifested herself into fame all on her own. 


Many celebrities have owned up to their main character mindset. They believed in their skills, their talent, and their motivation enough that they manifested their fame. 

So, whether you’re hoping to sell out a stadium or simply want to enjoy the confidence that comes with owning your own life, adopting some “main character” energy could transform your life entirely. Just do it in moderation.


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