15 Unique Pieces Of Jewelry Women Love Most

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Are there gifts more classic than jewelry? While giving her flowers on a romantic holiday may get you brownie points, there's no doubt that great gifts for her should be something she truly enjoys.

And for the woman who loves a fine piece of jewelry, you've come to the right place.

No matter the occasion, giving jewelry never goes out of style. It’s romantic and personal, and there are so many ways you can find something special.

Whether it's earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, the right piece can change everything. You can also be bold and expensive, delicate and inexpensive, simple or complex. But find a standout piece she’ll save for special occasions.

This may mean a simple pair of hoops or a great new charm bracelet, but whatever you decide to give her, she'll be sure to love it.

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Here are 15 unique jewelry pieces women love most:

1. Enchanted Disney Snow White Earrings

Inspired by Disney's Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, live happily ever after with Snow White’s bow in sparkling diamonds and a red garden.


2. Simbi Haiti My Choice Special Edition Charm Bracelets

For the pro-choice woman in your life, this beaded charm bracelet — which is handmade in Haiti — is a critical affirmation. 


3. Natalie Mills Lilly Pink Crystal Earrings

These stunning dangling earrings stand out from the rest and are detailed with 2-layer rows of pave set cubic zirconias, then detailed and finished with a unique cut pear shape pink synthetic gemstone on top.


4. Cloud Haven Confection Necklace

For the candy lover in your life, this sweet design features a variety of candy heart beads and is accented with freshwater pearls.


5. Wild Cloud Sea Turtle Wood Studs

For the eco-conscious woman, these mini sea turtle earrings bring a little happiness into your life. And for every purchase, the company plants one tree.


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6. Nür Snake Chain Anklet Bracelet

This delicate 18k gold-plated anklet is timeless and classic.


7. Mejuri Editor Hoops

For the woman who loves simplicity, sophistication, and gold, these hoops will become an essential part of her wardrobe. They have just the right amount of glam and style to take from day to night.


8. Missoma Mini Star Moon Charm Hoops

These mismatching Gold Mini Star Moon Charm Hoops with huggies, cuffs, and studs curate your perfectly imperfect ear. They feature a star charm on one and a moon on the other, but these gold hoops are great for the woman who loves earrings in this style.


9. Aurate Connection Bracelet

Worn around the wrist as a reminder of individualism whilst celebrating harmony, this connection bracelet features interlocking loops along a gold chain. 


10. Personalized All Heart Bangle Set

Your love holds your relationship together, just like this set of sterling silver bangles that stays linked with a heart. Both the bangles and the heart are hand-formed, and each bracelet of the bunch can be stamped with her name or a date that's special to you both.


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11. Helzberg Diamond Claddagh Ring

Give her a unique diamond Irish ring as a promise of love, loyalty, and friendship. The Claddagh’s distinctive design features two hands clasping a crowned heart, with the two hands representing friendship, the crown signifying loyalty and lasting fidelity, and the heart symbolizing eternal love.


12. Uncommon Goods Zodiac Ring

Every zodiac sign is represented with these handcrafted, 18k gold-plated bronze rings. The signature zodiac symbols are paired with a cool, textured look to make each piece unique.


13. Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18k Gold Thin Diamond Ring

This ring is both simple and elegant, and is made of diamond, 18k gold, and can be stacked on other rings. It's perfect for a woman who loves simplicity.


14. My Story Twiggy Mrs. Ring

For newlyweds, what better way to celebrate your new wife than with this gorgeous ring? It's made of diamond and 14k gold, so you really can't go wrong.


15. Blingo Classic Jewelry Case

What is jewelry without an adequate jewelry case? This Blingo Classic case can travel with you, keeping your jewelry safe, secure, and remarkably tangle-free.


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