What It Means If You Have A Blocked 'Soul Star Chakra' — And How To Open Yours

The soul star is our connection or gateway to the broader universe.

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As an energy healer for more than 17 years, I've been reading and studying energy healing, energy bodies, and the chakras for a long time.

I've noticed that information on the seven major chakras is plentiful, increasingly available, and becoming commonplace. However, there's much less written about the soul star — aka the 8th chakra. It's also referred to as the soul star chakra, Vyapini in Sanskrit, or universal heart.


Yet, the soul star is the seat of the soul. It's central to our purpose, life mission, and connection to a greater spiritual and universal consciousness. In other words, it's foundational.

What is the soul star chakra, or eighth chakra?

Chakras are wheels (vortices) are energy or light that run along the spine within an energy envelope called the central light column.

Each chakra supports the balance, health, and wellness of the whole: mind, body, and spirit. In contrast to this more common conception of seven chakras, there's a 12-chakra system. The latter system includes the soul star among five additional chakras externally located to the physical body.


The 8th chakra has an additional important function. It connects us to other dimensions or worlds, including those used in past-life regression, shamanic healing, psychic trance, and mediumship.

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The soul star is our connection or gateway to the broader universe, the cosmos, or "all that there is." It is the seat of our subconscious mind and it interplays with our dream space.


Since both the soul star and crown chakra relate to spiritual connection, there is some confusion about what is each chakra's specific purpose and how they differ.

The crown chakra represents your individual or ego-based relation to the spirit and the cosmic universe. From the crown chakra perspective, you see yourself as separate entities, and through the crown, you connect and receive guidance.

In contrast, the soul star is the point where that dualistic nature morphs into one. You and "all that there is" completely merge. According to Cyndi Dale, it can assess the Akashic Records and Shadow Records.

The soul star's frequency is (1074 Hz) and its color is white, or the presence of all frequencies of visible light.


What does the soul star chakra represent?

The soul star chakra represents our connection to the divine and the higher realms of consciousness. It is often associated with spirituality, enlightenment, and the expansion of our awareness beyond the physical realm.

This specific chakra acts as a bridge between our individual selves and the universal consciousness, which allows us to tap into universal wisdom and receive guidance from higher beings. It is believed to be the source of our soul's purpose or divine mission.

The soul star chakra is also closely associated with the concept of oneness and the recognition that we are all interconnected. It reminds us that we are not separate individuals, but rather, integral parts of the divine whole. Through this chakra, we can experience a profound sense of unity with all beings and the universe at large.

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Since the soul star is this point of transformation, it's sometimes considered the seed and origin of the seven lower chakras that relate to us as an incarnated entity. Its energy and influence are infused throughout all our energy bodies, and, therefore, throughout our entire existence.

When the soul star chakra is balanced and activated, it brings a deep sense of inner peace, divine connection, and alignment with our higher selves. Your higher self is what some would refer to as your "real self," "true self," "authentic self, "or the "knowing self."

How do you know if your soul star chakra is blocked or imbalanced?

If you find yourself ungrounded, feeling disassociated from the earth, confused, spacey, lacking purpose, "blowing in the wind," unsettled or directionless, your soul star chakra may be blocked.

One way you can tell is if you feel disconnected from your spiritual self or have a lack of connection to higher realms of consciousness. That is, you may find yourself feeling out of touch with your intuition, inner guidance, or spiritual practices that used to bring you a sense of connection. There might be a persistent feeling of being disconnected from something greater than yourself.


You may also be struggling to find a sense of purpose or meaning in life, feeling lost or directionless. You may find yourself lacking a clear path or a sense of guidance, which could make it difficult to make decisions or take meaningful steps forward. It may feel like you are wandering aimlessly without a sense of purpose or direction, which can lead to frustration or a sense of being stuck.

You may have feelings of isolation, disconnection, or a sense of being disconnected from the universe and others may also indicate a blockage.

What causes a blocked soul star chakra?

As with any other chakra, having your soul star chakra block could be caused by several factors.

The most common reason for a blocked soul star chakra is having unresolved emotional or psychological issues. Past traumas or negative beliefs can create energetic imbalances.


Another way a blockage can occur is from the excessive focus on material concerns and a lack of attention to spiritual growth or self-reflection. A disconnection from nature, a lack of connection to a higher power, or neglecting spiritual practices can also contribute to the blockage.

Societal conditioning, cultural beliefs, and expectations that discourage spiritual exploration can hinder the openness of the soul star chakra. Even a lack of self-awareness or an unwillingness to engage in inner work and personal transformation can hurt your flow of energy from one chakra to another.

How do you know if your soul star chakra is healthy and balanced?

When your soul star is balanced, you have clarity about your purpose and why you chose this incarnation. Hence, it can clarify and orient you on your soul's purpose.

It can help you break through your limiting beliefs. Your authentic self is more easily revealed and can accurately steer us when the soul star is balanced and clear. Thus, you move through a meaningful life with conviction and ease.


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How To Open & Unblock Your Soul Star Chakra

1. Energy Healing/Integrated Energy Healing (IET)

IET is an energy healing modality that accesses high-frequency life force energy. The "Soul Star Clearing" is one technique. The technique helps the client recall their mission and clears impediments. It allows practitioners and clients to access deeper and more intuitive information and messages.

2. Meditation

A variety of meditations clear and/or allow you to access guidance from the soul star. Typically, these meditations employ breathwork and/or some form of energy channeling. Some even use self-guiding techniques.

3. Crystals

Use crystals for clearing energy such as Selenite and Quartz. A combination of energy healing and crystal wands can create a powerful and focused clearing force.


A few good crystals for the soul star chakra include: Kyanite, Phenacite, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Lithium Quartz.

4. Tuning forks

Use tuning forks with a resonance of 1074 Hz to entrain the soul star chakra. If you're searching for a mission with more meaning or doing vision work, make sure your soul star is clear so you can access its wisdom.

5. A healthy crown chakra

Maintaining a healthy and balanced crown chakra is crucial as it directly impacts the functioning of your soul star chakra. When your crown chakra is blocked, it can create challenges in accessing and activating your soul star chakra.


Ensuring the well-being of your crown chakra is essential for facilitating the flow of energy and harmonious connection between these two important chakras.

Difficulties in accessing the soul star chakra can arise when there are blockages or imbalances present in the crown chakra, emphasizing the need to address and maintain the health of both chakras for optimal spiritual and energetic alignment.

6. Daily affirmations

Keep positivity in your life by using affirmations throughout your day to connect you with your soul star chakra. The soul star will put you in touch with your authentic self and on a path that will be rewarding.

Popular affirmations include:

  • "I trust my intuition."
  • "I am connected to the cosmic energies."
  • "I am free of karmic residue."
  • "I am aligned with my soul’s purpose."
  • "I am connected to my higher self and personal power."

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Patricia Bonnard, Ph.D., ACC is a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) leadership coach, certified Martha Beck life coach, and Master/Instructor Energy Healer.