9 Magical Sound Frequencies That Heal You From The Inside Out

These sounds can literally change your life.

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What you hear on a daily basis has the ability to influence your subconscious mind, positively or negatively. A sound frequency can have a big impact on the state of your mind and body.

There are those certain sounds that have been known to drive people "crazy," others that are considered "audio torture," and regular sounds that cause negativity in the human body like people chewing or even the sound of your own voice.


Then, there are sounds that help you sleep better like pink noise, as well as the 9 Solfeggio frequencies, which are sounds that consists of specific tones meant to generate physical or mental responses from those that hear them.

What are the Solfeggio frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies remove negative energy from the body using the most effective number of hertz (hz). They can be used for awakening intuition or releasing feelings of guilt you might be carrying around, as well as repairing interpersonal relationships and creating change.

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People listen to Solfeggio frequencies when they want to do things like open their chakras, enhance focus, relieve pain, reduce stress, heal themselves, or bring about any other positive changes to the mind, body and spirit.

Binaural beats also use sounds, much like Solfeggio frequencies, to promote personal growth and development. But binaural beats use only two tones with different frequencies that are played in the left and right ears and are perceived to be the same sound.

The 9 Solfeggio frequencies come from the Solfege musical scale, invented in the 11th century by a monk named Guido D’Arezzo. They were lost for some time but were rediscovered in the 1970s by Dr. Joseph Puleo.

Puleo found 9 tones that could help with healing and balancing the body:

  1. 174 hz: Pain and stress relief
  2. 285 hz: Healing the body
  3. 396 hz: Removing feelings of guilt
  4. 417 hz: Creating new beginnings
  5. 528 hz: Spiritual awakening
  6. 639 hz: Promoting positive relationships
  7. 741 hz: Awakening intuition
  8. 852 hz: Balancing spirituality
  9. 963 hz: Enlightenment



Benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies

In 1988, a biochemist named Dr. Glen Reins started investigating how sound waves affected humans. He exposed DNA to Sanskrit mantras, Gregorian chants, classical music, and rock and measured the rate of UV light absorption.

Reins found that sound frequencies produce big changes in human DNA, influencing our overall health and well-being.

The benefits of using Solfeggio frequencies are endless. Each one has its own extensive list of things it can do for our minds, spirits and bodies. But some of the most important benefits are:

  • Removes negative energy
  • Empowers you to reach your goals
  • Eradicates guilty feelings
  • Helps you overcome fear
  • Facilitates change
  • Moves you through the grieving process
  • Balances your chakras
  • Transforms your life and creates miracles
  • Repairs your organs and cells, promoting good health
  • Fixes your relationships
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Eliminates pain and suffering
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Enhances understanding, love, and tolerance

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The 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

174 hz

The 174 hz Solfeggio frequency is used to get rid of pain and stress. They also help with concentration and functionality of the bodily organs. 174 hz is most commonly used for pain that shows up in the lower back, legs, and feet.

285 hz

285 hz heals your tissue and organs and is often used to treat minor injuries and wounds found on the body. This frequency is ideal for repairing damaged cells.

396 hz

If you’re looking to get rid of guilt or fear, look no further than 396 hz. This tone can eliminate those feelings, allowing you to move forward in life. In addition, it can help you through the grieving process.


417 hz

The 417 hz Solfeggio frequency sets you out on new adventures. It facilitates changes and removes any semblance of negativity from your person and your surroundings.

528 hz

One of the most powerful Solfeggio frequencies is the 528 hz. This one activates your imagination, brings your intuition to life, and helps you set intentions. It is also known as the "love frequency" and can greatly enhance well-being, while awakening spirituality.

639 hz

If your goal is to connect with others, 639 hz can help. It promotes connectedness and mending of dysfunctional or tumultuous relationships with your friends, family, and community.

741 hz

Like 528 hz, 741 hz brings intuitive powers out, increasing mental clarity and helping you solve complex problems. An added benefit is that it provides some relief to people who have chronic pain.


852 hz

When it comes to balancing your spirituality, the 852 hz Solfeggio frequency is best. It assists in forming a connection to the universe and elevating you to the highest level of consciousness.

963 hz

963 hz is the highest of the 9 main Solfeggio frequencies, and rightfully so. It is known as the "frequency of the Gods" due to its ability to create synergy and oneness between the physical and spiritual worlds.

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How to Use Solfeggio Frequencies

The 9 Solfeggio frequencies should be used in a way that gives you the most benefit and is most effective. Here are the six steps to implement when using any of the 9 Solfeggio frequencies.


1. Find a quiet place.

To listen to the tone you choose, you must be in a place free of interruption or distraction. It should be an environment where you feel comfortable, welcomed, and free to just be you.

2. Lie down or sit.

Next, you should have a place to sit or lie down. It can be the couch, your bed, or even a spot on the floor. What’s most important is that you are relaxed and cozy. Many people prefer the lotus position when using the Solfeggio frequencies.

3. Pick the right track.

There is no particular rhyme or reason to what order you need to listen to the tones in. But you should add them to a playlist with your favorites on repeat so you can listen continuously.


4. Adjust the volume.

If you have heard the Solfeggio tones, you know that they vary from muted to loud and proud. Make sure that your sound is adjusted appropriately to find the right volume for you.

5. Be in a relaxed state.

For optimal results, you want to be totally and completely relaxed. You can listen to the frequencies while meditating or can play them as you sleep, but never play them while you are doing something that requires all of your attention like driving.

6. Rinse and repeat.

There is no limit to how often or how long you can absorb the Solfeggio frequencies. Play them as often and for as much time as you like, and practice consistency to ensure you achieve the outcomes you want.

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