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Mom Says Her 6-Year-Old Claims They Were Siblings In A Past Life — She Had A Vision That Matches His Theory

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One woman on TikTok talked about the topic of reincarnation and shared her personal experience of the time when her son claimed that they were related in a past life.

Reincarnation is when a person or a soul is reborn into another life. It's a debatable subject — there are people who strongly believe in it and people who don’t believe in it at all, but no one really knows the truth. 

Medium Christel Miles says her son claimed they were siblings in their past lives.

A medium — a person who can communicate with spirits and the dead — posted a video on TikTok where she talked about her 6-year-old son. 



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In the video, Miles mentioned that she doesn’t usually talk about spiritual topics with her son because she doesn’t want to impose her beliefs on him, so she was surprised when he brought it up first.

“My son told me one time, 'you know that you and dad and me, we’ve been brothers and a sister before,'” she claims her son said, bringing up the topic of reincarnation.

The woman was shocked to hear something like this from her son and thought back to a psychic vision she had years ago.

Miles had a vision years ago which might prove her son’s claim to be true.

The woman talked about her vision where she saw herself and two other men. She said, “I saw two men fighting in what seemed like a tavern. I could tell that I was a woman, but I didn’t care. I was like, ‘let them fight it out.'” 

After she heard her son’s story of them being related in a past life, she thought back to this vision — thinking that the two men could be her husband and her son while the woman was her.

Mulling it over for a bit, she believed that her son’s claims were true, and that would explain her psychic vision.

Many people were quite interested in the woman's past life story and wanted to know more about it.

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One user wrote, “How cool! I love that your son remembers & is sharing with you!”

Another person wrote, “That is very interesting!! And could be true! That’s the best part!”

People also shared similar experiences that they've had.

After finding out about the woman’s past life story, people felt compelled to share their experiences, sharing stories of what their kids told them.

One user commented, “My son used to talk about his ‘other mom’ that died in a fire all the time. My daughter likes to talk about ‘next time’ she is going to be my mom!!”

Another person wrote, “My son is six! And he told me he had a different mom and she was very beautiful but she was killed by the bad man.”

Some people also shared the personal experiences they had.

One person commented, “I had an extremely powerful connection to my daughter who passed away at 4 ½ [years]. A medium told me we keep reliving our lives together & switch roles.”

While reincarnation can't be proven to exist, these visions and speculations are still most definitely worth exploring.

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