How 'Energy Leakage' Sabotages Your Happiness & 7 Peaceful Ways To Stop It

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What is energy leakage? Let me explain.

It sabotages your happiness. You may feel tired mentally, physically, or emotionally. Perhaps you feel listless, unfulfilled, unmotivated, or passionless. Also, feelings of confusion, frustration, or being stuck appear in some areas of your life.

Sometimes, even if you’re in a good mood, things can shift on a dime which can be disconcerting. All of these situations can dramatically affect your level of happiness.

What’s really happening when you leak energy?

Everyone has their own vibrant life force energy, which is also called prana or life force. On any given day, you have opportunities to take in energy and expend it as well, which is completely normal.

The simplest way of explaining energy leakage is that more energy drains out than comes in — causing an imbalance and a feeling of being depleted. This happens when there are situations in your life that are not the best for you or cause you to overextend yourself.

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Here are nine things that cause energy leakage.

1.  Lack of sleep or illness.

Obviously, getting enough sleep is essential for good health since that is when your body does its healing and replenishing of energy. When you are tired or under the weather, your energy is not at its strongest.

2. Anger and outrage.

If you find that you are often angry, feeling outraged, or easily offended, this can be a large energy leak and minimize your happiness. This is not to say you can’t feel these feelings. However, if you spend a lot of time in anger, that uses up a tremendous amount of prana.

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3. Overworking and multitasking.

When your work life is crazy busy and you can barely take a break, chances are you are depleting your energy. The same is true for multi-tasking or trying to do too much. It’s been proven scientifically that you are more productive when you take regular breaks, and that multi-tasking is far less effective than you think.

4. Social media overload.

Too much screen time and scrolling are known contributors to anxious feelings. There is too much opportunity to compare yourself and feel less than the people you follow, which impacts your confidence. Low self-confidence diminishes your happiness and creates energy leakage.

5. Watching the news.

While some people feel it's important to keep tabs on the news, like social media, it can easily increase anxiety. If you are a news junkie and feeling stressed out, know this is where you are losing energy, as you take in all that often sensationalized negativity and fear-based information.

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6. Unhealthy relationships.

Any type of abusive relationship is sure to deplete your energy as you struggle to get through difficult situations with your partner, family, boss, colleagues, or even friends.

If you are a people pleaser, don’t have solid boundaries, or rarely speak up for yourself, these circumstances can be exhausting on many different levels. Giving your power away can be debilitating.

7. Addictions.

This one goes without saying - addictions diminish your life force. Whatever your vice, if it’s a habit that interferes with your finances, health, or relationships, is draining you and slowing down the quality of your life.

8. Not making time for yourself.

Regardless of how busy you are, you need a bit of solitude or alone time to stay connected with yourself. If you put everyone else first, you will wear yourself down and no longer be a good employee, parent, partner, or caregiver.

Without time to refuel, you will likely crash and be no good to anyone, especially yourself.

9. Disconnected from nature.

When people are too busy to spend time outdoors, the quality of their life force is weakened. You are a part of nature and holding yourself separate can be a subtle type of energy leakage.

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7 Ways to Stop Energy Leakage to Regain a Positive Energy Flow

To stop or avoid draining your life force, strive for a greater balance between the energy you use to live your life and the energy that comes in to replenish your system. These seven methods address the different types of leaks listed above.

First off, please be kind to yourself in this process. If you have more than one area that needs attention, this list could be daunting, so take them one at a time.

You will build strength and feel better by moving forward slowly with positive intention, rather than trying to heal everything at once which is bound to fail. Give yourself a chance to succeed and find more happiness.

1. Make health a priority.

 Do the best you can to eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. While this seems obvious, many people don’t recognize the impact of not attending to your health. If you don’t know what type of exercise would be best or the right way to eat for your body, hire a professional who can help.

Addressing addictions is also part of taking your health more seriously. There are many support groups that can help you deal with addictions when you feel ready to make a change.

2. Find ways to handle your emotions.

There are plenty of methods that can help you deal with unresolved anger that’s taking over your life. Traditional therapy is one route that can offer you better-coping mechanisms and help you dissipate strong feelings. Learn to properly process emotions, so that you won’t get drained by them.

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3. Get real with your to-do list.

The more realistic you are about what you can achieve in a day or a week, the less energy leakage you’ll experience. When you make a daily list that five things or less, you set yourself up to complete the items and feel good about yourself.

There may be some changes you have to make for this to work, but you will quickly see how worthwhile this effort is. Ditch that wildly long list and be more realistic, so you can win and enjoy greater life balance.

4. Put your phone down.

Looking less at your phone or devices instantly helps you retain more energy. Endless scrolling can be addictive, whether it's social media or the news, but neither is a positive influence.

If you want to use your phone, try an app like Insight Timer which is loaded with guided meditations and mindset programs to lift your vibration and spirits. 

5. Walk away from toxic relationships.

When you are ready to get back to yourself, start by leaving someone behind. If you have a friend who drains you by complaining, being demanding or rude — limit your time with them or consider ending the relationship.

This isn’t as simple with family or a spouse, so get professional support to learn powerful methods to take care of yourself in difficult situations. Your workplace can also be toxic, so think about ways to better handle the drain. Reenergize by taking a 5-minute walk, listening to a short meditation, or something inspirational.

6. Carve out “me time".

It may not be easy, but one of the best ways to stop energy leakage and feel rejuvenated is to make sure you get time to yourself. This kind of self-care is vital to renew your life force and feeling happier.

“Me time” can include exercise, meditation, journaling, anything creative, being outdoors, and spending time in nature. Just walking on a woodland trail or sitting by the water can leave you feeling remarkably refreshed and alive. Spending as little as 5 minutes in the sunshine can lift your vibration quickly.

7. Become aware of your energy.

Greater awareness of how you are feeling, and then doing something about it before you are drained is a game changer. Anyone can feel low energy or exhausted at times. However, recognizing that your energy is low creates the opportunity to take action and regenerate more quickly. Paying attention to your energy is vital.

Now that you have seven ways to turn around energy leakage, which one will you try first?

Just remember to take your time, so that you have a real chance of raising your vibe and feeling happier.

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