Years in Practice

6-10 years


New York NY 10010 - United States



Additional Expertise

Author, Career Coach, Consultant, Teacher, Trainer

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"When an opportunity knocks, open the door and say, 'Welcome, I've been waiting for you.'" - TR

About Trent Rhodes

Trent Rhodes is a Career Development Consultant, Literary Artist and Metaphysician, empowering clients to become their highest self-image in personal and professional life. He challenges those at the cusp of awakening to take the next step and transform at their edge.

Experienced in the Gestalt-style coaching methodology, he blends the powers of the subconscious mind, which he calls "inner technology," with modalities including Reiki, meditation, martial arts principles and the power of words through writing and speech.

Trent also connects with men on the path of embodying divine masculinity, serving as a private mentor. His campaign, TheDivineMasculine.co presents the layout for his philosophy on how men can manifest their native energy based on ancient wisdom in the contemporary world.

As an educator, Trent writes extensively on life experience as the true classroom. His blog CrownOfMind.com and books provide learners with a source of insight on how to guide one’s own education.

Trent is an autodidact, initiated into his spiritual path at the age of 16. Through connection with the God-source, self-study and life experience he’s synthesized metaphysical laws, alchemy and ancestral wisdom with practicality for 18+ years.

Trent achieved a bachelor’s degree in marketing and master’s in management. He received his coaching education in a 9-month program with Coaching for Transformation, a Law of Attraction Certification from the Global Sciences Foundation, and Etiquette Certification from IAP Career College.

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