20 Heavenly Signs From The Universe That You Might Be Pregnant

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Most women find out they are pregnant several weeks after conceiving. But people that believe in the spiritual realm say there are signs from the universe that come way earlier.

Whether spiritual or religious, people around the world believe that some things they experience are the universe’s way of foretelling or sending messages.

It could be a vivid dream about someone you miss or a physical sign like lightning and thunder. Whatever your beliefs, universal energy has been relied on for guidance for a long time.

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Whether you are pregnant and don’t know it yet, or have a serious case of baby fever, here are signs from the universe about pregnancy, indicating that you may already be with child or could be in the future.

20 Spiritual & Psychic Signs From The Universe About Pregnancy

If you’re wondering whether or not motherhood is in the cards, look no further than the world around you. Pay attention to your thoughts and environment. A baby girl or boy could be on the way.

1. You have babies on your mind.

For some odd reason, you have taken a keen interest in all things baby lately. Every time you hear the word "baby," you think about what yours would look like.

You pass kid’s clothing stores and imagine your future children in cute little pink or blue outfits. You’re even starting to find maternity clothes adorable. The universe is telling you it’s time.

2. You get excited when you see babies.

The thought of interacting with a little one makes your heart skip a beat. You are patient and kind to them, and don’t even mind when a baby cries anymore.

You wouldn’t mind heading to the park, the bouncy place, or the pumpkin patch on a couple of weekends out of the month. This is a sign from the universe that a pregnancy is looming.

3. You dream about babies.

Dreaming about babies is pretty common. It is the body’s way of having your subconscious get you ready to get pregnant.

In the dreams, it doesn’t matter if the baby is sleeping, eating, or relaxing in your arms. It is one of the strongest spiritual signs of pregnancy in your future that you can receive.

4. You're ready to do new things.

You are sick and tired of the same routine, day in and day out. You’ve reached your goals at work and at home, and you’re ready to start a new chapter of life.

Bringing a child into the world might be the change you need. You have a lot to give and are ready to share it with your own baby.

5. You have a million baby names in your head.

Baby names just keep popping up in your mind. The universe is letting you know to get prepared because you might go through pregnancy soon.

Not only are you thinking up baby names, but you’re also judging the names your friends and family chose for their own children.

6. Strangers are asking you about babies.

People you don’t know keep talking to you about babies. They may show you pictures of their kids or ask if you have any. These are signs that a baby is in the near future.

Don’t be surprised if they seem to try and convince you that pregnancy is beautiful. Some will make inappropriate comments about your biological clock ticking or suggest fertility treatments.

7. All your friends are having babies.

Having kids changes everything. You and your girlfriend used to hang out daily but now have totally different lifestyles. She is all about her new baby and you are looking for a new wing-woman.

And it’s not just her. Suddenly, everyone is having babies and you are feeling left out and lonely. The universe is sending a message to tell you it’s okay to move to the next phase of life.

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8. You're taking better care of yourself.

You are newly obsessed with your body and your health. You are working out on a regular basis, and you make good food choices.

Universal energy inspires you to change your habits in preparation for a new life. Pregnant women everywhere understand that a healthy mom equals a healthy baby, and you have a head start.

9. You feel pregnant.

You keep getting the feeling that there is something inside your stomach. Your garbage can is full of negative pregnancy tests, and you imagine that you felt kicks from your unborn child.

You are not crazy, nor should you get frustrated. This is a sign that you are willing and ready to get pregnant and the universe will oblige.

10. You are softer and more tender.

Have you been more sensitive than usual? Are you emotional in situations that never used to bother you? Babies require compassion and tenderness, and you are getting yourself ready.

But in early stages of pregnancy, you can be physically tender and sore. Muscle and body aches that happen out of the blue can be hint that there is a baby on the way.

11. You see pregnant women everywhere you go.

You know how you get a new car, and you suddenly notice there are a lot of cars just like yours on the road? Seeing pregnant women everywhere you go is a direct message from the universe.

Now that you subconsciously want to be pregnant, the signs are coming up all around you. They say pregnancy is contagious — and you’re getting a lot of exposure right now.

12. Everyone wants you to get pregnant.

Your husband wants a baby. Your best friend thinks you should have a baby so you can have play dates. Your mom keeps talking about how badly she wants to be a grandmother.

Don’t shoot the messengers. This could be the best season or circumstance to bring a new bundle of joy into your family. If it makes sense and you are ready, start to plan for your new baby.

13. You're being more responsible.

Your wild and reckless days are over. You’re mature, settled and financially stable. The universe has provided you with abundance and security, and you are ready to share your resources and time.

You have many life lessons to share with others and want to start with your children. You are ready to experience the magic of pregnancy and childbirth.

14. You get baby stuff by mistake.

You get coupons in your email for baby items. You have no need for diapers, bottles, formula or cribs, but somehow every retailer got the memo and started sending you discounts.

You’re walking in the store and there is a woman handing out baby food samples or special discount baby clothes. You are starting to notice baby stuff infiltrating your life.

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15. You talk about babies... a lot.

There was a time when you paid little to no attention to babies in the same room you were in. You saw them as little more than a mom’s accessory.

Now you have to get a look at them and tell everyone what you saw. You are constantly babbling about how cute this baby was and how smart that baby is.

16. You dream about being pregnant.

Dreams about pregnancy are just as common as dreaming about babies. Some women go through pregnancy symptoms and experience the birth of a child all while sleeping.

Having these pregnancy dreams is an omen that you could end up that way. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you, but take heed.

17. 'Nine months' keeps recurring in your life.

You turn on the television and your favorite show is taking a nine-month hiatus. Then you ask a random woman in the store how long ago she moved to the neighborhood, and she says “nine months.”

This specific time frame is no coincidence. The universe is sending a clear signal that nine months will have a lot of significance in your life.

18. Your intuition is on point.

You are firing on all cylinders right now. You can trust your gut because you are making all of the right decisions.

The universe is showing you that you know what’s right for you and can make solid choices. If you want to have a baby, go for it.

19. All the songs you hear are about babies or pregnancy.

You hear songs about pregnancy or babies on the radio more often than usual. You never noticed how much music had these references until now.

Maybe more songs about having a baby are being played. More likely, you are on high alert because you want to experience motherhood and these songs are just confirming your desires.

20. Babies have taken over your television.

You have never seen so many shows, movies, and commercials about babies. Everything you watch has an image of a baby with bright eyes and chubby cheeks.

If it’s not the baby, it’s the happy, smiling pregnant mother without a care in the world. You know what breast pumps, baby wipes, and diaper bag you want already.

At the end of the day, having a baby is a personal choice.

Choosing whether or not to have a child or if it is the right time is the sole choice of the woman. No matter what signs are there, not getting pregnant and/or giving birth are totally up to you.

No one but you can tell you what to do with your body. When it is time for you to have a baby, it will be the right choice because it will be your choice.

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