10 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Quietly Drain Your Energy

Energy maintenance is critically important.

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Ever had one of those days where the energy just isn’t there? One big realization over years of ups and downs running my business was how vital energy maintenance was. Not skill, not talent, not ideas or connections. Energy. It took self-awareness to see that even subtle things can block off energy. Now, I actively avoid some habits to keep my energy high. 

Here are 10 seemingly innocent habits that quietly drain your energy:

1. Criticizing others

Criticizing others hurts you. Because we’re all connected — you didn’t get the memo? Chill on bringing others down, and your energy will return like a Tesla battery.


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2. Taking unhelpful thoughts seriously

Thoughts come and go like tides. You can’t escape them, but you don’t need to jump in because you’ll get pulled out to sea. Learn to let go of those thoughts that make you feel bad. They never help.

3. Not getting enough sunlight 

Fear-mongering about getting in the sun was misguided. Most don’t get enough sun. It’s the giver of life — literally. The sun will gift you energy as it does for plants and happy raccoons. Get your face in that stuff.

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4. Relying on approval outside of yourself

The moment you look for someone else to make you feel good about yourself is the moment you lose all internally generated power. Forget approval. Do it for you regardless of what others say or do.


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5. Dopamine smashing

Many things give us dopamine — the "motivation chemical" — including a good laugh and being chased by a crazed monster in a video game. The trouble is raising dopamine levels artificially for sustained blasts. Sure, enjoy a quick feel-good YouTube video. But if you binge and burn out your receptors, you’ll become numb to true dopamine sources. That’s why you lack energy sometimes.

6. Staying sedentary for more than 45 minutes at a time

The body was not made to sit about like a bored manatee. If you can, weave walking and stretching into your creative framework. Take rests, and break it up too.

7. Losing sight of a larger purpose

We can only extract so much energy from tending to our immediate, more selfish concerns. This is why identifying a bigger WHY will fuel you because you become the hero in your own movie. What’s your big why, bro?


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8. Eating insulin-spikers

Foods that spike your blood sugar, and therefore insulin, always lead to an energy crash. That’s why you’re sleepy after a pasta or white rice lunch. Stick to higher protein and avoid high-carb foods before you need a clear head.

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9. Trying to be perfect

Aiming for quality is important. But trying to avoid mistakes in your process is inherently stressful. You tighten up like a tin toy truck, and your creativity goes out the window. Be ok with imperfection and move on.


10. Constantly thinking about yourself

Self-conscious thinking is an energy suck. Instead, focus on helping others and place your mind on your goals, systems, and dreams. Your attention is off you, which is like receiving a free energy pump.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.