5 Massive Benefits Of Getting Just A Little Bit Of Sun Every Day (And What To Do If You Can't)

Getting outside for a Vitamin D boost has several wide-ranging benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional health.

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“Get out in the sun and take your shirt off,” my wife Adi commanded. This wasn’t foreplay, this was a directive, “You need to expose your skin to the sun at least once a day so you can soak up that lovely Vitamin D.”

To any guy out there who has been married, you know the drill. You have two choices when your wife asks you to do something:

1. Fight it and make life difficult until you finally relent and just do what you were asked.


2. Just do what you’re asked to do and ask as few questions as possible to eliminate the rather lengthy reply.

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Whenever I ask Adi a question about one of her health protocols, she always replies the same way: "Do you want the long version or the short version?"

The following is what I surmised from asking for the short version of her reasons I should get some sun every day.

5 Reasons You Should Harness The Power Of Vitamin D By Getting Out In The Sunlight Every Day

In the fast-paced rhythm of contemporary life, we often overlook the fundamental elements that profoundly impact our health. One such indispensable factor is Vitamin D, often dubbed the “sunshine vitamin,” and its profound connection to exposure to sunlight.


Let’s talk a little bit about the importance of getting out into the sun to soak in that oh-so-important sunlight each day.

1. Early morning sunlight activates your body's functions.

Our journey towards holistic well-being begins with a simple yet powerful ritual — soaking in the early morning sunlight. This daily rendezvous with the sun is not just about catching rays; it’s your passport to a Vitamin D boost that can transform how your body operates.

Picture this: the warm glow of the rising sun touching your skin, your eyes meeting its brilliance. This direct contact acts as a switch, activating your body’s systems to function at their most optimal.



As we delve deeper into the nuances of this morning routine, let’s uncover the profound impact it has on our overall health and vitality. Welcome to the radiant embrace of sunrise wellness.


2. Sun-kissed alchemy stimulates Vitamin D production.

Vitamin D’s uniqueness lies in its synthesis within our bodies, facilitated by exposure to sunlight. When our skin is touched by the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, a transformative process occurs, converting a skin compound into Vitamin D.

This intrinsic mechanism is a boon for our overall health.

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3. Vitamin D is fortifying for your bones and beyond.

Vitamin D’s primary responsibility is regulating calcium and phosphorus levels — crucial for maintaining robust bones and teeth. The repercussions of Vitamin D deficiency extend to conditions like osteoporosis and rickets, affecting both adults and children.


Recent studies suggest a broader influence, connecting Vitamin D to immune function, mental health, and cardiovascular well-being.

4. Sunlight is nature’s most effective source of Vitamin D.

While fatty fish, egg yolks, and fortified dairy products offer dietary Vitamin D, natural sunlight remains the most effective and natural source.

Just a few minutes of sun exposure several times a week significantly contributes to maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels.

5. Vitamin D offers protection. from cancer.

Beyond bone health, maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels may play a pivotal role in reducing the risk of cancer.

Research suggests that individuals with higher Vitamin D levels are far less susceptible to certain types of cancer, underlining the profound impact of this essential micronutrient on overall health.




Read that again.

Higher Vitamin D levels = less cancer. This is something everyone needs to know.

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Sunlight Supplements: A Light in Winter’s Embrace

Ok, many of you are going to say that you simply don’t have time to get out into the sun every day. I would say, there is nothing more important for your overall health than getting your eyes on the sun each day.


However, recognizing the challenges of obtaining sunlight, especially during winter or busy schedules, alternatives come to light. In such cases, supplementation becomes a valuable ally.

Acknowledging the constraints of a modern lifestyle, it’s crucial to address Vitamin D needs proactively.

In instances where natural sunlight is inaccessible, be it due to weather or time constraints, supplementing becomes imperative.



Sunlight is free, and these other things cost money. I like free, but... if you’re telling me that you don’t have time, here are some options you can try.


I’ll start with the cheapest first because that is what I would ask my wife when she brings me these new ideas: Which one is the cheapest?

4 Ways To Make Sure You Get Your Vitamin D Fill Without Stepping Outside

1. Everlywell Vitamin D Test

Let’s start at $49. I’m speaking your language, aren’t I? Before we even start it’s a good idea to know exactly what your Vitamin D levels are.

Heck, you might be a sun junkie and not need any or you might be a vampire, who knows? Either way, more than 50% of people are deficient so let’s check.

This is a super simple way to check your Vitamin D levels. It’s an at-home test — so it’s convenient. You just collect a tiny blood sample (did I lose you at “blood?”), and everything you need is in the kit.


The best part? You get to know your Vitamin D status from the comfort of your couch. The results are easy to understand, and they tell you if your levels are suboptimal, adequate, or elevated. Plus, it’s certified by legit labs, so you know it’s the real deal.

You even get insights and tips to keep your health on point. This is how we stay on top of our wellness game.

2. Myoxience Essential Fatty Nutrients

Now we know what your baseline Vitamin D levels are and we can begin to boost those levels. A supplement called Myoxience Essential Fatty Nutrients is like a powerhouse for your bones and heart. So, it’s got the good stuff — 5000 IU of Vitamin D3, the kind your body makes from sunlight, and Vitamin K2, which is like the bioavailable rockstar version.

Studies vouch for its safety and effectiveness in keeping your bones and heart in top-notch shape. Plus, it’s free from all the not-so-cool stuff — no wheat, gluten, soy, or any of those artificial things. Just one capsule a day, and you’re good to go.


Begin here and once you start to see how important this Vitamin D game is, you will soon level up.

3. Sperti UVB Home Phototherapy Lamp

So, Adi is the one who finds new things to help our health in your house. One day I came home, and she told me she found a real “game-changer” — the Sperti UVB Home Phototherapy Lamp.

She was right. It’s like having a slice of sunshine right in your living room! Imagine feeling revitalized and healthier by just flipping a switch.

This lamp is all about conquering sun deficiency without leaving the house. It’s the indoor sunshine solution we all need. It’s a little pricey, but I have to say, it’s worth it.


Our 21-year-old son had really low Vitamin D levels and after a few months of using this everything changed for him. Just five minutes every other day, no warm-up needed — it’s like a mini-vacation for your well-being. Plus, it’s sleek and compact, so no space struggles.

Picture this: your own sunshine corner at home.

4. Hooga Red Light Therapy

Adi brings me lots of game-changers. This was another one she said was essential and, incidentally, it’s important because you use this in conjunction with the Sperti UVB Home Phototherapy Lamp (more on this in a moment).


It’s like my secret weapon for feeling on top of the world. First off, the vibes it gives off are pure relaxation and rejuvenation — it’s like a cozy spa day at home. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about feeling good; it’s backed by science.

This lamp is like a superhero for your skin, boosting collagen and promoting healing. And don’t get me started on how it tackles those pesky wrinkles — seriously, it’s like a fountain of youth in a lamp. The best part? It’s dead easy to use.

Pop it on for a quick session, and you’re done. Trust me, this red-light therapy lamp is the essential tool everyone needs for a daily dose of wellness and a radiant glow. You won’t know how you lived without it. For real, and I’m not even that into this stuff — Adi is — but, I want to stay married, so…

So, let’s take this hack to the next level — using a red-light therapy lamp alongside the trusty Vitamin D lamp. It’s like a dynamic duo for your health!


Here’s the deal: the Vitamin D lamp is all about soaking in that essential sunshine vitamin, right? It’s like giving your body a burst of natural goodness. Now, enter the red-light therapy lamp — it’s like the ultimate sidekick.

While the Vitamin D lamp is busy boosting your mood and overall health, the red-light therapy steps in to work wonders on your skin, promoting collagen, and healing. It’s a tag-team effort — one for your inner wellness and the other for that radiant outer glow.

Using both is like giving your body the full VIP treatment. Trust me, it’s the power combo you never knew you needed.

In conclusion, embracing the sunshine remains the gold standard for Vitamin D synthesis. However, recognizing the realities of modern life, we must be proactive in ensuring our bodies receive this crucial nutrient.


Whether through natural sunlight or thoughtful supplementation, let’s strive for the right balance to illuminate our path to optimal health.

Happy sunning!

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